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Lal Kitab And Family Happiness

Saturn is also known as Shanaishchara which means slow-moving. Saturn means slow in Hindi. It stays on for two and a half years in one sign. Saturn takes thirty years to circle around all the twelve signs. House means permanent dwelling, where family, kith and kin live permanently in peace. In astrology, house has been associated with Saturn. Saturn makes one build house. It makes one build house repeatedly and it is Saturn which demolishes the house too. It again builds house when Saturn will be exalted. In Libra, houses will be constructed again and again but when the Saturn is debilitated (that is in Aries), houses collapse; earthquakes come. A similar thing happens with other planetary conjunctions.

When Saturn is in the ascendant (in the first house)- Native becomes poor if he builds or arranges to build house. Everything is ruined: the reason being that the Saturn sitting in the Aries becomes debilitated. However it is auspicious to build house if there are no planets in the seventh and tenth houses: The reason being that the exalted sign of Saturn sits in the seventh house and its own sign Capricorn sits in the tenth house. Saturn exerts full influence for there being no other planets.

When Saturn is in the second house- Here is available the friendly sign of Saturn which is the sign of Venus. Venus is ruler of pleasure and affluence. Hence it confers auspicious effect. Build a house whichever way, it will bestow good effect only.

When Saturn is in the third house- Mercury’s sign Gemini is sitting in the third house. Mercury is an impotent planet. And Saturn too is an impotent planet. Hence three dogs should be kept as pets. This facilitates construction of house. Dogs bark in the vacant house which means that the house becomes clean. It becomes unmanned. It is an adage that dogs bark in an empty house.

When Saturn is in the fourth house - The fourth house is itself the house of land and house. It is not favourable for building one's own house, maternal grandfather's house and in-law's house. The lord and significator planet of the fourth house is Moon which is ace enemy of Saturn. In this condition, trouble and problem starts at in-laws as soon as one starts to dig the foundation for a house. The one who builds house as well as his in-laws get into trouble. Therefore he, whose horoscope has Saturn in the fourth house, should not build house. In-laws come into trouble because seventh house is for wife and fourth house becomes the house of wife's father and hence the house for in-laws becomes fourth.

When Saturn is in the fifth house - Sitting in the sign of Sun, Saturn, which is son of Sun, confers ill effect on son as soon as a house is built. But the house bestows very favourable results if the son builds the house. However if building house is very necessary, it is advisable to build house after completing 48 years of age. Bring a buffalo at home and feed it and leave it after marking it. After that start building the house.

When Saturn is in the sixth house - The Mercury's sign of Virgo is friend of Saturn. Building of house after completing 39 years of age is advisable. The relatives of daughter are ruined if one builds house before that.

When Saturn is in the seventh house-Already constructed houses will be available and they will be favourable. Carefully keep the threshold of the oldest house if house is sold, as many houses will be built again.

When Saturn is in the eighth house - This is house for sign of Mars that is Scorpio. The death will start to circle as soon as house building will be started. Eighth house is the house of death. Saturn will affect according to the position of Rahu and Ketu.

When Saturn is in the ninth house - Native should start building house if his wife or mother is pregnant. If he makes house from his own earning, it confers ill effect on father. Father's death is certain if native completes three houses.

When Saturn is in the tenth house - One earns a lot of money until he buys or builds a house but the native becomes poor soon after the house is ready. The house will remain incomplete if Saturn is weakened for some reason.

When Saturn is in the eleventh house -The house will be built after 55 years of age. Keep in mind that if the native will live in a house with entrance on the south side, he will live in poor health and will die painfully.

When Saturn is in the twelfth house - Saturn, snake, Sun, monkey never make their house or hole but will learn to build it now which means the house will be built on its own without true desire for it and will be auspicious for the native. Even if Sun is sitting with Saturn, native should not stop construction of house. Let it be built. Rectangular house with every corner at 90 degrees is favourable.

The Effect of Planets

The planets from house 1 to 9 in the horoscope show their effect on the right hand side of the house and planets sitting from 10 to 12 show their effect on the left hand side of the house at the time of entrance. The 7th house shows the situation of house and its joy and sorrow.

Example - If Saturn and Sun are sitting in the 4th house the right hand side of the house while entering into it will show Sun (grain, jaggery or sunshine) and on the left hand would be the room for box, iron and wood. If the native has an uncle, he will certainly die in the Saturn's room. Similarly if Sun is in the house number 2, the night of a sick will pass crying for water.

From the point of view of varshaphalam, if Saturn is auspicious due to its relations with Rahu and Ketu and is aspected or is sitting with Rahu, Ketu then it will construct house repeatedly. But if it is with Rahu and Ketu, it will ruin the house or will demolish it.

House started with Pushya nakshatra and completed within this nakshatra happens to be very auspicious. It is good to donate and give feast to people on completion of the house.

Special Mention - It is necessary to observe for forty days the effect of burying a pot full of Moon's objects at the centre of the land after demarcating its boundary before starting with the foundation of house on it. Saturn shows its good or bad effect from the day of burying the pot to the day of Saturn in the horoscope. Soon after noticing the inauspicious symptoms such as illness, court case, fight or infamy, dig out the pot and drown it in running water. In favourable effect will go away. To build house at such a place will not be beneficial for the native. The family will be doomed. The house certainly gives its effect between 3 and 12 years from the day of foundation.

What type of house should be?

The following precautions are necessary for the house started in auspicious time and favourable omens.


1. Observe the corners of the piece of land in aggregate - the land with four right angles is the best for building house.

2. Octagon - gives disease, is inauspicious

3. Polygon with eighteen angles - destruction of gold and silver and jewellery.

4. Three or thirteen angles - trouble on brothers, causes death, punishment.

5. Pentagon - trouble to son, doom.

6. Inflated in the middle like belly of fish - trouble to generation that is grandfather three, father two, alone himself, childless.

7. The woman becomes widow if the wedding takes place in a house which looks like an armless corpse.

8. Other houses are good.


Having observed the corners, the area of walls and inner area of rooms excluding the area of foundation should be observed. For this, the area of native's palm should also be taken into consideration. His hand may be 11,16 or 17 inches, the measuring unit should be his hand palm.

Method: Length.+ Breadth X 3 -- 1/8

If length be 15 and breadth be 7 then 15 + 7X3- 1/8=65/ 8 and remainder 1.


• If the remainder is 1, 3, 5, 7, it is auspicious but if remainder is even number such as 0, 2, 4, 6, it is inauspicious.

Remainderone - Jupiter, in house number 1 of Sun; the house will tie auspicious as royal honour.

Remainder two - Jupiter, in the house number 6 of Venus; render poverty. Take remedial measures of Ketu 6 or Jupiter + Venus (6).

Remainder three - Mars in the house number 3 of Jupiter; Like lion, good sitting place, good for shop and trade but inauspicious for ladies, children; good for childless. Sow plants of yellow flowers for Jupiter in case the native has children. Persons who have children should avoid such house. That would be better. Lonely lady should keep away from children; then there will be no trouble.

Remainder four - House number 4 of Moon: Two square meals become difficult to earn. Remedy for Moon + Saturn.

Remainder five - House 5 of Sun; peace like cow; wife and children get happiness.

Remainder six - Sun, house 6 of Saturn - parents, children and friends lose happiness, one wastes time directionless. Remedy for Sun + Saturn (6).

Remainder seven - House 7 of Venus - excellent.

Remainder eight - Mars + Saturn House 8; the dwelling of death. Remedy for Mars + Venus.

Main Entrance

In the East - excellent; entry of noble persons; happiness; total joy.

In the West - second best.

In the North - superb; happy journey; rituals; strong desire to improve one's own prospect in the ether world.

In the South - jinxed; lethal for the female native and the unmarried.

Remedial Measures: Donate goat every year or now and then. Donate the objects of Mercury in the evening. This will prevent illness, sorrow and losses.


• Air entering the house directly from the street will create problem for children. The last house of the lane, beyond which there is no way, will also not be favourable. Children and wife will be doomed. The sluggish influence of Rahu and Ketu confer ill effect on the house. Troubles: Either will be blind or will remain unmarried. Will suffer from joint pain.

• The head post during sleep in the night should be in the East.

• The mind works during the day (solar phase), the soul works during the night (lunar phase); therefore it is, inauspicious to sleep with leg in the South or East, Excellent actions, be it through head, leg or hand, should be done towards North.

• The paraphernalia of the house will be favourable only when sitting room is with the east wall, kitchen with south or south-east wall, worship room in the north or east, treasure or wealth is kept in the south or south-west. Drawing room will be excellent if it will be in the western corner.

• While coming out of house, water source should be on the right hand and the kitchen should fall on the left hand or towards back.

• If there is peepal tree near the house, it should be looked after. Its roots should be watered, otherwise the area to the extent where its shadow falls is doomed. A little milk poured with reverence into a nearby well is good. Otherwise doom follows if it is polluted. To water keekar tree before dawn every Saturday for 40 Saturdays itself saves from ill effect.

• Every corner of the house is fixed for some planet. This includes objects related with planets. Native's losses increase if the objects of enemy planets are placed at a place fixed for some planet. For example if we put iron box, almirah etc then the effect of Moon will go down.


1. In a house if there is an ingenious oven (bhatti) which is operated during occasions and is closed with earth afterwards but spot remains fixed, then whenever a child with Mars house 8 will be born, the whole family will be ruined.

2. If idols of god will be installed in the house after pran pratishtha, the native will be childless. Normally after birth of child of house 7 of Jupiter, photo or painting of god is not unfavourable.

3. If, in the right side of the house, there is a dark room where air cannot enter except through the entrance, lighting earthen lamp in that direction will end the generation and the hurdles will block the road to progress. If roof of such a room has to be replaced, lay down first another roof upon it and then remove the previous roof.

4. Native will talk uselessly if there are secret pits in the house to keep jewellery and cash money but nothing is kept m that. Put almonds, dates or sweet items in it and fill it with earth.

5. If there is no kuchcha place in the house, keep objects of Venus there. Honour, respect, health and wealth of domestic woman will grow due to this.

6. The direction of South is inauspicious for male and female both.