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20. 02. 2019
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Lal Kitab And Happiness Of Having Children

Like the phonetic sound of Om the striking word Ma (mother) is as sacred as holy river Ganga. Mother's affection has no boundary; she observes God in her child. Every mother becomes Yashoda for her child and every child symbolize Krishna Kanhaya, The opportunity to become a mother glorifies the life of every woman. The experience of that period is filled with joy, excitement and surprise. It happens to be the greatest achievement for every parent to have a child.

But here are some unfavourable circumstances too. What would be the condition of those mothers and sisters who are bereft of joy of progeny and whose houses crave for child’s babbling? They regularly suffer from verbal, assault at their home and society. They are branded as infertile women! Is there no way to have the joy of progeny? There are so many remedies in mantra-tantra-yantra and astrology but reverence and total confidence is required for their accomplishment. If one has complete confidence and devotion in God, observe ‘santan gopal sadhana’; the desire will certainly be fulfilled.

Dhanyoapi grihathashrmah. The glory of grihathashram among the four ashrams (phases), namely bramhcharya, grihastha, vaanprastha, and sanyas, has been established even by rishis and maharishis. Even gods take birth on the earth again and again to enjoy grihasthashram.

Joy and sorrow, winning and losing, recognition and de-recognition, victory and defeat, rise and fall, honour and dishonor-all reside in mind. It is the mind that disturbs the man. Mind is erratic and moving. For a long time I have spent my life like a wanderer. I met several people in connection with astrology and rituals. I have seen someone sad on account of his health while the other is miserable for lack of wealth. One is sorrowful for not having a job while the other is sad owing to troubles at the work. One is aggrieved due to loss in trade; the other is worried with expansion of business. One is sad on being childless, the other is upset with an unworthy child. Someone is cheerless despite being married, while someone is concerned for not being married. Someone's wife is impious, while someone's husband is immoral. The meaning to say is that everybody is bothered for one or the other reason.

Many sisters often break into sobbing while showing their genitures. Someone has no child while the other has four daughters but no son. Family has made her life difficult to live. Husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law keep on coaxing her night and day. When they tell about their plight to me, my heart melts down with emotion.

They have complete faith in me. They observe god-in- person in me as astrologer and expect me to perform some miracle so that I can remove their entire trouble. I advise to such harassed daughters to observe 'santan gopal sadhana’. I have seen success of this experiment thousands of times. There is no better remedy for those who are childless.

If children die soon after death, in that situation some remedies may be followed such as -

Soon after conception, a red thread should be tied around the wrist of the pregnant woman. Untie the thread after child's birth and secure it around the child's wrist and tie around the mother's wrist another thread. Take special care that this thread is kept tied for 18 months.

Observe worship and devotion of Ganeshji, provider of Riddhi-Siddhi.

Offer everyday some part of meal to cow and such animals. Fill one pot with milk and another with sugar and let the pregnant lady touch it before birth of the child. This will ensure painless delivery of child. Gift the two pots containing milk and sugar at some temple after the child's delivery.

Donate salt or salty items on your birthday.

Feed stray dogs with sweet breads prepared in the earthen oven.

Your child will start living by keeping a pet she-dog who has delivered only one puppy.

Neither adopt your elder brother's son nor arrange his daughters wedding at your own expense if you are childless.

Arrange to donate the objects of Saturn through the hands of nephew and niece if your are childless due to inauspicious effect of Saturn.

Your child will face the ill effect if ketu or evil planet will be present in the fifth house.

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