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20. 02. 2019
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Lal kitab and nature of planets

The influence of planets is known to all. How long can you look at the Sun? How long can you stand in the sunlight? Why the cool moonlight enthrals you? The planets and constellations, far away as they may be from the earth, influence the entire universe when they change their nights. You must have observed that when solar eclipse takes place, the entire globe becomes quiet, birds stop chirping, the wild animals become scared and children are prevented from going out of the house.

Evidently, these planets and constellations of the space have some connection with this earth. Astrology came into being thousands of years ago to know this relation or influence. Several maharshis have performed new researches on this subject and have established formulae for the effects.

The conventional nine planets have been taken for horoscope, according to Lal Kitab also. Besides Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the two planets named Rahu and Ketu have been considered as shadow planets. The names and symbols of the planets are also conventional. But several new concepts about planets are found which have been explained in a simple form.

The 12 signs have been placed on the 12 fingerposts according to Lai Kitab. Numbers from 1 to 12 corresponding from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, to Pisces keep floating on it. They have eventually become the numbers for houses. Therefore, in the Lal Kitab, lordship of houses and the significator of houses have been given importance instead of signs. The exalted and the debilitated planets have been considered through houses and not through signs. Let us study some new definitions and forms of planets.

Planets of Permanent Houses

(Planets of Fixed House)

The permanent house of planets are as follows:

Planets Permanent house
Sun 1
Moon 4
Mars 3,8
Mercury 7
Jupiter 2,5,9,12
Venus 7
Saturn 8,10
Rahu 12
Ketu 6

Planets That Give Equal Effect

(Equivalent Planet)

Some planets are equal as far as their ability to award effect goes. Hence they are said to be equivalent planets, such as –

Planet Equivalent planet
Sun Mercury
Moon Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars
Mars Venus, Saturn, Rahu
Mercury Saturn, Ketu, Mars, Jupiter
Jupiter Rahu, Ketu, Saturn
Venus Mars, Jupiter
Saturn Ketu, Jupiter
Rahu Jupiter, Moon
Ketu Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury

Note: Mercury does not give any effect when Mercury and Sun are placed in one house. Rahu does not give any effect when Rahu and Mars are placed in one house. The effect of Moon diminishes when Rahu and Moon are placed together, The effect of Sun lessens when Ketu and Sun are placed together.

Blind Planets

If the planets placed in the tenth house happen to be debilitated and be enemy to each other, they turn blind and their effect remains uncertain.

Fake Planets

If the combined power of two planets is equal to some third planet, in that case the third planet can alone take the place of those two planets. Therefore it is called fake planet. Such as

Planetary conjunction Fake planet
Mercury and Venus Sun
Sun and Jupiter Moon
Sun and Mercury Mars exalted
Sun and Saturn Mars debilitated
Jupiter and Rahu Mercury
Sun and Venus Jupiter
Rahu and Ketu Venus
Jupiter and Venus Saturn (similar to ketu)
Mars and Mercury Saturn (similar to Mars)
Mars and Saturn Rahu exalted
Sun and Saturn Rahu debilitated
Venus and Saturn Ketu exalted
Moon and Saturn Ketu debilitated

A special eye should be kept on the fake planets while undertaking cure or treatment of inauspicious planet.

Sin Planet and Sinful Planet

Rahu and Ketu have been said to be sin planets, according to Lal Kitab.

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are called sinful planets, if they are placed in 3rd, 6th, 8th, 9th, or 11th house.

If Saturn is in 3rd or 11th house it is called sinful planet.

Mars is called sinful planet, if placed in 2nd, 3rd or 9th house.

Ally Planet

When the planet exchanges its fixed house with the house of some other planet then it is called ally planet. Like Moon is the ruler of house number 4 and Saturn is ruler of tenth house, if Saturn takes position in the fourth house and Moon takes position in the tenth house, they will be called ally planet.

Dharmi Planet

Moon has been considered mother and Jupiter has been considered father and grandfather. Nobody will do wrong to his own parents even though he may be sinful and cruel. So Saturn, Rahu, Ketu are sinful planets but these planets transform into dharmi planets under special circumstances. Rahu and Ketu become dharmi if placed in the fourth house. These planets become dharmi in any house in the company of Moon. Saturn becomes dharmi in the eleventh house and also becomes dharmi in nay house on being with Jupiter.

Dharmi planets neither trouble other planets or any house nor give bad effect. They never trouble mother and father’s house.

Permanent Significator Planet

(Planets in Sound State)

A planet sitting in its significator house will be considered the planet in sound position. Its auspicious and inauspicious effects cannot be prevented. Such as Moon 4, Sun 1, Mars 3, 8.

Planets of Uncertain Effect

(Planets in Doubtful State)

When a planet sits in other’s house living its designated house then the planet is said to be in doubtful state. The benefit from its doubtful state can be taken to one’s advantage to save from its malefic effect.

Established Planet

According to Lal Kitab, a planet is called the established planet it is fully capable to deliver its effect, is not aspected by any enemy or other planet, is not in conjunction with any enemy planet, has no enemy in its exalted, debilitated, and significator house.

Rival Planets

If one of the two planets arrives in the other's significator house (sound house) but the other fails to do so, the two planets become rival planets and do not behave as friends. The behaviour of the planet, which arrives in the sound house of the other planet, becomes suspicious and both can spoil the effect of each other.

Friendly Planet

The planet in the opposite house, even though it may be an enemy planet and may carry out enmity, will still be called friendly planet.

Enemy Planet

The planet sitting at the eighth house from some planet will be called enemy planet. Enemy planets afflict native in such a way that it inspires awe in him.

Female Planet

Moon, Mercury, and Venus are feminine planets. They influence more in the night. Saturn's influence has been believed to be in the night. These planets are said to be night- powered planets.

Male Planet

Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are the three male planets and they exert influence during the day.

Neuter Planet

Mercury is the neuter planet.

Planet and Sign

Aries and Scorpio (1 and 8) are the signs of Mars.

Taurus and Libra (2 and 7) are the signs of Venus.

Gemini and Virgo (3 and 6) are the signs of Mercury.

Cancer (4) is the sign of Moon.

Leo (5) is the sign of Sun.

Sagittarius and Pisces (9 and 12) are the signs of Jupiter.

Capricorn and Aquarius (10 and 11) are, the signs of Saturn.

Days and House Planets

Planet Day House
Sun Sunday 5
Moon Monday 4
Mars Tuesday 1,8
Mercury Wednesday 6
Jupiter Thursday 9
Venus Friday 7
Saturn Saturday 10
Rahu Thursday 12
Ketu Sunday 6

Dormant / Sleeping Planets

When the opposite house that is the seventh house from each house has presence of no planet then that planet is called dormant planet. For example, say Jupiter is sitting in the first house and the seventh house is vacant, so Jupiter will be called dormant and the effect of Jupiter will be received only after marriage. Until then the sleeping house of Jupiter can be awakened and effectuated by establishing its friend planets. Similarly the dormant planets of the other houses can be awakened.

Awakening of Dormant Houses

Dormant planets and houses can be awakened by prayer and worship in order to get freedom from trouble. Treat only those planets which are dormant. The following table explains which planet should be treated in order to awaken which house.

House that has to be awakened Planet to be treated
1 Mars
2 Moon
3 Mercury
4 Moon
5 Sun
6 Rahu
7 Venus
8 Moon
9 Jupiter
10 Saturn
11 Jupiter
12 Ketu

Mutual Help Among Planets

When some house suffers from misfortune it looks upon other houses for receiving help and strength.

‘A' and ‘B' is written in every column of the following table. 'A' means, which house it will help and 'B’ means which house he will receive help from. For example, in the house number 1 it is written 5 in the column of external help opposite 'A'. It means that house 1 will help house 5. House 9 is written in front of ‘B’. This means that house 1 will receive help from house 9, and that is irrespective of friend / enemy planet.

Any planet, be it friend or enemy, will help the fifth house from its position.

The rule of friend or enemy is applicable in the normal circumstance (column number 4). That is 1 - 7.4-10 etc.

The planet of a house and planet in the house of column number 5 will only fight in a situation of clash.

The planets of the column number 6 will efface their existence to help the main house.

The planets of column number 7 will become doubly powerful when there will be a situation of deceit for some house, that is they will deceive the planet sitting in 10th house from their house.

Unexpected loss means that the planets of column number 8 will attack the planet in the main house suddenly.

House Aspect Mutual help Normal circumstances Fight clash help Deceit Sudden attack
1 A 5 7 8 9 10 3,7,11
  B 9 7 6 5 4  
2 A 6 8 9 10 11 4













  B 11 9 8 7 6  
4 A 8 10 11 12 1 10,6,2
  B 11 10 9 8 7  
5 A 9 11 12 1 2 7
  B 1 11 10 9 8  
6 A 10 12 1 2 3 4
  B 2 12 11 10 9  
7 A 11 1 2 3 4 1,5,9
  B 3 1 12 11 10  
8 A 12 2 3 4 5 10
  B 4 2 1 12 11  
9 A 1 3 4 5 6 7
  B 5 3 2 1 12  
10 A 2 4 5 6 7 4,8,12
  B 6 4 3 2 1  
11 A 3 5 6 7 8 1
  B 7 5 4 3 2  
12 A 4 6 7 8 9 10
  B 8 6 5 4 3    

The Effect of Planets and Houses

Planets sometimes give their own characteristic effect. Such as - planets give the effect of the house they are significator of or the sound house or the house where they are sitting Remedies are effective only when planet is giving effect of the house it is sitting in but when planets start giving their own effect then the remedies do not work. When sun in the tenth house will be giving effect of the house then remedies for sun will work leading to improvement but when sun will give its own effect sitting in ascendant then all remedies will be unproductive. The effect of planets and houses is being explained through the following table .

House Planet effect House effect
1 Mars Rahu
2 Rahu and Ketu -
3 Saturn Saturn (for wealth)
4 Moon Mars, Venus, & Ketu
5 Jupiter and sun -
6 Mercury and Ketu Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
7 Venus -
8 Mars -
9 Jupiter Saturn
10 Saturn Mercury and Ketu
11 Jupiter and Saturn -
12 Rahu Mercury

Deceitful Planets

Generally when a planet is in transit in tenth house then it difficult to ascertain if it will give benefic or malefic effect. The effect of planetary transit in tenth house is received very fast.

When a planet gives bad effect in the eighth house then it will give bad effect in tenth house too. If auspicious planet is sitting in the second house, the planet sitting in the tenth house will also give benefic result. The tenth house will give mixed effect if second house gives benefic effect and the eighth house gives malefic effect. It will give benefic effect first and after that malefic effect.

The effect of planet sitting in the tenth house depends on 3rd, 5th, and 9th house. The planet will give effect according to its house if house 2 and 8 are vacant and 3, 5, and 9 are also vacant. When enemy planets happen to be in the tenth house they fight with each other and turn blind. Then their effect becomes uncertain and their effect depends on Moon. Benefic effect will be obtained if Moon is auspicious in all ways; otherwise malefic effect will be obtained.

If tenth house is vacant, the planet sitting in the fourth house does not give any effect. The person seeing benefic effect from this house should serve his father and grandfather or should offer meals to ten blind men.

Rahu, Ketu and Mercury sitting in tenth house will always be deceptive planets. Their effect will depend upon the position of Saturn.

Sacrificing Planets (Scapegoat)

Enemy planets keep fighting among themselves and keep afflicting one another and weaken their effect. The planet transfers its affliction upon some other planet on being afflicted and weak and thus the other planet becomes afflicted. That planet is called ‘scapegoat’ according to Lal Kitab because that is being afflicted and slaughtered without any reason. Let us see which planet, on being afflicted, makes whom the scapegoat.

Saturn, On Being Afflicted

Saturn has two minions to protect itself from enemy planets Rahu and Ketu. Saturn is afflicted in the clash between Saturn and Sun and it transfers its affliction to a third planet named Venus. Afflicted Venus sends natives wife into trouble.

Mercury, On Being Afflicted

This planet is very clever. This planet has befriended Venus for its protection. It transfers its trouble upon Venus on being afflicted. As a result the wife of the native suffers.

Mars, On Being Afflicted

The sun sitting in the sixth house afflicts Mars sitting in the tenth house. Mars transfers its trouble towards Ketu. Consequently, the son or nephew suffers massively or meets death, because ketu is considered as the significator planet of son.

Venus, On Being Afflicted

If Venus suffers due to enemy planets it transfers its trouble on moon. Moon is significator of mother. It has been said to be the mother of universe according to Lal Kitab. Hence the native's mother is afflicted and she meets death. The native’s mother does not die if Venus and Moon happen to be of matching strength, rather starts suffering from eye problem.

Jupiter, On Being Afflicted

Jupiter transfers its trouble upon Ketu on being afflicted. Whenever Jupiter happens to be sitting in the fifth house the native's maternal uncle suffers during period of Jupiter and Ketu. However native's maternal uncle and son suffer if Ketu happens to be sitting in the sixth house.

Jupiter and Mars are the ruler planets of justice. They come forward to do justice when injustice is being commited upon somebody but they sacrifice Ketu in their place when they come under trouble themselves.

Sun, On Being Afflicted Sun, on being afflicted, transfers its trouble to Ketu and makes it the scapegoat. As a result the native's maternal uncle suffers.

Moon, On Being Afflicted

Moon, on being afflicted, transfers its trouble upon Jupiter, Mars, and Sun.

Rahu and Ketu, On Being Afflicted

Rahu and Ketu do not transfer their troubles towards the other planets and bear it themselves.

As told above, in regard to the planets receiving help, every afflicted planet looks upon fifth house from its own for help and the planet sitting in the fifth house does help. It is explained with the help of the following table as to which house will look for help upon whom:

House of planet that trouble House of the afflicted planet House that helps
1 8 12
2 9 1
3 10 2
4 11 3
5 12 4
6 1 5
7 2 6
8 3 7
9 4 8
10 5 9
11 6 10
12 7 11

Ascendant and the Planets That Provide Special Fruits

Ascendant Planet
Aries (first house) Mars Jupiter
Taurus (second house) Mercury, Saturn
Gemini (third house) Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Cancer (fourth house) Moon, Mars
Leo (fifth house) Sun, Mars
Virgo (sixth house) Mercury, Venus
Libra (seventh house) Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Scorpio (eighth house) Moon, Jupiter
Sagittarius (ninth house) Sun,Jupiter
Capricorn (tenth house) Saturn, venus
Aquarius (eleventh house) Saturn, Venus
Pisces (twelfth house) Mars, Jupiter

Years and Stay of Planets

Planet Year Superior year Period of stay
Sun 22 20 One month
Moon 24 22 Two and quarter day
Mars 28 26 One month and fifteen days
Mercury 34 32 One month
Jupiter 16 10 One and quarter year
Venus 25 23 One month
Saturn 36 34 Two and quarter years
Rahu 42 40 One year and six months

If a planet is sitting in the house of its friend, add the period of stay of the planet with that of the friendly planet and divide the sum by 2. The planet would exert its special benefic effect in the year that will come as a result of division.

Similarly if a planet is sitting in the house of its enemy, add the period of stay of the planet with that of the enemy planet and divide the sum by 2. The planet would exert its special malefic effect in the year that will come as result of division.

Artificial (Simulated) Planets and Their colours

Artificial planets are formed with the meeting of two planets. Such as –

Sun Mercury and Venus Wheatish like jaggery
Moon Sun & Mercury Whitish like milk

Mars exalted and

Mars debilitated

Sun & Mercury

Sun & Saturn



Mercury Jupiter & Rahu Green
Jupiter Sun & Mercury Yellow
Venus Rahu & Ketu Whitish like curd

Venus & Jupiter

(Ketu wise)

Mars & Mercury

(Rahu wise)


Mars & Saturn


Sun & Saturn


Black & White

If a planet is considered debilitated in a house, its malefic effect could be warded off by removing its simulated part.

Mutual Force of Planets

If two planets are sitting in one house they have complete mutual relation.

If they are sitting in each other's house they have complementary relation, that is when they are face to face such as 1-7, 4-10.

Planet looks upon the front house with full aspect from its sitting house. Sixth house in comparison to third house and the eleventh house in comparison to the sixth house happen to be more powerful. Similarly seventh house in comparison to fourth house and the tenth house in comparison to the seventh house happen to be more powerful.

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