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20. 02. 2019
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Lal Kitab and Twelve House

Out of the twelve houses of horoscope, the chief place belongs to the ascendant. Even in the traditional astrology, ascendant lord is considered the most powerful and the future is decided according to it only.

House number Ruling planet Exalted planet Debilitated planet Significator planet Thought by house
1 Mars Sun Saturn Sun Body
2 Venus Moon - Jupiter Mother
3 Mercury Rahu Ketu Mars Brother
4 Moon Jupiter Mars Moon Wealth
5 Sun - - Jupiter Progeny
6 Mercury Mercury Venus, Ketu Ketu Mother,Father,In-laws
7 Venus Saturn,Rahu Sun Venus,Mercury Property
8 Mars Mars Moon, Mars,Moon Saturn Death, Disease
9 Jupiter Ketu Rahu Jupiter,Dharma Grandfather
10 Saturn Mars Jupiter Saturn Diet
11 Saturn - - Jupiter Income
12 Jupiter Venus,Ketu Mercury,Rahu Rahu Happiness from woman

Twelve House and the Respective Body Parts

Aries - head, stomach, brain, eyes

Taurus - face, eyes, bones, flesh

Gemini - throat, food pipe (vas nali)

Cancer - breast, lungs, blood

Leo - back, heart, intestine, pancreas

Virgo - upper part of abdomen, intestine, bones, flesh

Libra - waist, liver, respiratory system

Scorpio - genitals, liver

Sagittarius - thighs, veins of thighs, rectum

Capricorn - bones at joints, flesh

Aquarius - knee, kneecap, flesh and respiratory system

Pisces - toes and its veins

First House

* Ruling Planet - Mars

* Significator Planet - Sun

* Exalted Planet - Sun

* Debilitated Planet - Saturn

* Helping House - House number 5

* Will Help - House number 9

* Parts of Body - Mouth, Teeth, Tongue, Forehead

Lal Kitab has considered the ascendant as the house of the struggle between jeev (immortal) and maya (illusion). It has assumed it to be the throne of well-being.

First House - The lord of the first house is Mars and the significator planet is Sun. Sun in the first house is benefic while Saturn is malefic.

According to Lal Kitab, if there is no planet in the seventh house, it creates doubt about the related effect and the planet situated in the ascendant leaves its benefic or malefic effect upon the seventh house. If the seventh house is vacant, the aspected planet will be sleepy and if there is no planet in the ascendant, the first house will also be sleepy. Sleepy planets will give uncertain results.

If there are two or more than two planets in the first house and the eighth house is vacant, Venus will decide upon the actual effect of each house.

Only one son will survive by the time the native is 35 years old, if there are Moon, Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter placed in ascendant and Ketu is solely placed in the seventh house. The other progeny that will be a son will be born after the native attains the age of 48 years; this son will survive.

The fate rises after the 24th year of the marriage if seventh house is vacant. However, if the enemy planets oppose the ruling planet of the ascendant sitting in the different house, the fate will not rise until the ruling planet of the ascendant is protected from this opposition.

If the sitting planet in the second house happens to be the enemy of the planet of the first house, it bestows poverty but gives up its enmity after completion of its time cycle. If there are two or more than two planets in the first house, they are called feminine planets. On the contrary, if there are two or more than two feminine planets in the seventh house, they are called the masculine planets.

Whenever the four planets namely Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars are placed together, they give the result just like that of the first house.

Remedial measures: Native should offer bread to maiden, horse, cow and parrot for survival of his sons.

Second House

* Ruling planet - Venus

* Significator planet - Jupiter

* Exalted planet - Moon

* Debilitated planet - None

* Helping House - House number 6

* Will help - House number 10

* Parts of body - Right eye

The spot where one applies tilak is the second house. The remaining part has been considered as the eleventh house.

The second house is considered as the sacred place. This house has been said to be the seat o f Jupiter. The issues related with one's old age are thought out with this house. The planet situated in the second house is said to be the planet of luck, for example the Moon in the second house becomes exalted and it becomes the planet of luck for being in the second house.

It is this house that demonstrates the result of the deeds of a person. The foundation of the result of the second house is the ninth house. The ninth house has been said to be the ocean of deeds. Air saturated with the water of deeds starts from the 'ocean of the ninth house, collides with the mountains of the second house and begins rain of deeds. All the deeds are decided in this house only.

The planet situated in the eighth house looks at the preceding house as well as house number 2. Eighth house will give good results if there is no planet in it. The result, however, will be excellent if there is no planet in eighth as well as second house. Rahu, if present in this house, is governed by Jupiter. The second house will be sleepy if the tenth house happens to be vacant.

The planet in the eighth house will watch the planet in the second house and the planet in the second house will watch the planet in the sixth house. Thus the malefic effect of the eighth house will pass to the sixth house through the second house. This evil transition will not take place if there are no planets in eighth as well as second houses. If the lord planet of the second house being Venus and the significator planet being Jupiter happen to be debilitated, it brings trouble on the second house. The fourth house will then help it out. That means the power of the fourth house should be noticed if the second house is weakened. Moon is the ruling as well as the significator planet of the fourth house. This planet represents mother. Hence the second house is liberated by the blessings of mother if Moon is exalted.

The native acquires a nature similar to that of dacoit if enemy planets of Jupiter or Ketu are placed in this house or he has more than 7 lines on his forehead.

Third House

* Ruling Planet - Mercury

* Significator Planet - Mars

* Exalted Planet - Rahu and Mercury

* Debilitated Planet - Venus

* Helping House - House number 7

* Will Help - House number 11

* Parts of Body - Ear, Neck and Hand

The time and the reason (illness etc.) of death are found through the third house. This house is eighth from the eighth house, therefore the third house should be seen along with the eighth house and vice versa.

Presence of Rahu and Ketu in the third house is worrisome. Becoming death-inflicting planets, Rahu and Ketu give trouble parallel to death. If Rahu or Ketu is present in the third house and there is inauspicious planet present in the sixth or the eighth house, the possibility of death is strengthen. Presence of inauspicious planet in third as well as eighth house makes death a certainty.

The planets of this house happen to be the protectors from the ill effect of the planets of the eighth house even though they might be getting debilitated or inauspicious due to the planets sitting in the house number 11.

Fourth House

- Ruling Planet - Moon

- Significator Planet - Moon

- Exalted Planet - Jupiter

- Debilitated Planet - Mars

- Helping House - House number 8

- Will Help - House number 12

- Parts of Body - Abdomen and shoulder

The baby in the womb is judged from this house. The planets of this house keep awake during the night, which means help comes in the old age, that is, the planets deliver their auspicious effect when no one else offers help or the help eludes otherwise.

The only planet sitting here which may be Moon or some enemy planet (since it is permanent house of Moon), does not give debilitated effect. But its effect falls on the house where Saturn is seated.

Jupiter, Sun, Moon sitting somewhere collectively, apply their effect on this house only. All the three male planets come under shelter of Moon during pregnancy and Mercury also extends help, hence the fetus remains- safe. Any planet that might be sitting in the fourth house will give effect like that of Moon. The malefic effect of the planets sitting in the fourth house will fall on the house where Saturn is sitting. The planets sitting in the fourth house will be powerful during the night.

If the fourth house is vacant and the Moon is situated in any house other than the ones in the centre, all planets will give great results even if Moon is debilitated. Mars and Rahu together sitting in the sixth house become the cause of death of the fourth house.

Fifth House

* Ruling Planet - Sun

* Significator Planet - Jupiter

* Exalted Planet - None

* Debilitated Planet - None

* Helping House - House number 9

* Will Help - House number 1

* Parts of Body - The upper part of the Waist

Age, progeny, health and the future of a person is observed from the fifth house. The progeny will face none of the misfortunes as long as Jupiter is auspicious.

This house will give effect according to the placement of the Sun.

The effect of the fifth house will minimize if Saturn and Venus both be inauspicious. However, if the auspicious, the situation will improve very fast.

The planet in the fifth house aspects the ninth house and if the ninth house will be afflicted, it will reduce the effect of the fifth house. The effect of affliction of third house will also be inauspicious.

The planets sitting in the sixth and the tenth house will be bitter enemies and will become enemy of the planets sitting in the fifth house. Consequently, there will be danger of life to the progeny due to inauspicious influence of the two and its conduct will spoil.

First the spouse will be afflicted with the disease and subsequently the son will be afflicted with disease if there is Rahu + Saturn in the fifth house / Venus in the eleventh house/Ketu in the eighth house / Jupiter in the tenth house. To propitiate it, feed dogs with the breads prepared with a quantity of flour equivalent to the weight of son.

The native enjoys total comfort from its maternal uncle if Jupiter or the friendly planets of Sun are sitting in the fifth house. If the enemy planet of Sun is sitting in the fifth house the danger of fire remains.

Sixth House

* Ruling Planet - Mercury

* Significator Planet - Ketu

* Exalted Planet - Mercury

* Debilitated Planet - Venus, Ketu

* Helping House - House number 10

* Will Help - House number 2

* Parts of Body - left leg and private parts

This house has been said to be the dominion of subterranean, treasure of kindness and secret facilitation. This house gives lead about mother, father and in-laws. Auspicious result is obtained, if there happens to be no planet in this house.

It is reasonable to consider the second and the eighth house while reflecting on the sixth house because all these three houses are associated with one another in aspectual way. Since eighth house aspects second, and the second house aspects sixth house therefore the ill effect of eighth house arrives at the sixth house.

The planets sitting in the sixth house will influence the house having Mercury, Ketu or Venus. Sun, Moon and Jupiter sitting in the sixth house will give their own effect and not that of the house, hence none of the remedies or trials will work to contain their, ill effect.

Planets sitting in the second house aspect the sixth house and if the sixth house is vacant, they turn dormant; besides, they will go dormant if no planet aspects the twelfth house. Rahu is exalted in this house but the influence of progeny and the objects related with Ketu will be minimal due to Ketu being debilitated.

Seventh House

* Ruling Planet - Venus

* Significator Planet - Venus, Mercury

* Exalted Planet - Saturn, Rahu

* Debilitated Planet - Sun

* Helping House - House number 11

* Will Help - House number 3

* Parts of Body - Navel, middle part of Abdomen

The seventh house is the mill of household, which consists of two stones namely sky (Mercury) and earth (Venus), which when revolve execute all the deeds of entire universe. Married life and martial delight are considered from the seventh house. The means of livelihood and business is also considered through this house only.

Seventh house does not aspect any house. Only the first house aspects this house and if the first house is vacant, the seventh house goes dormant.

. The influence of Venus will be the same as that of Mercury and the influence of the seventh house will be the same as the position of Venus.

The influence of Saturn will be superior if Venus and Mercury are together and the native will be well accomplished financially.

The inauspicious effect on the Moon will affect Jupiter if Moon sits in the seventh house with more than two planets.

Eighth House

* Ruling Planet - Mars

* Significator Planet - Saturn, Mars, Moon

* Exalted Planet - Mars

* Debilitated Planet - Moon

* Helping House - House number 12

* Will Help - House number 4

* Parts of Body - Left Leg and Private parts

Death and disease are considered from the eighth house. This house has been said to be the shared seat of Saturn and Mars. Deeds post-birth are accounted from the eighth house and no room for amnesty or pity is allowed in delivering justice. The effect of the eighth house will be in accordance to the position of Moon.

Eighth house aspects the second, second aspects the sixth and sixth house aspects the twelfth house, hence the danger to-life effect of the eighth house falls upon twelfth house moving through these houses.

This house belongs to death but whenever the male planets (Sun, Mars, Jupiter) collectively or severally are present in this house, it does not remain to be the house of death.

The interest of the native tends towards soecery, mantra, tantra, trials (tona-totaka) and pishachic activities if the influence of enemy planets of Rahu and Ketu rises in this house. If Venus and Mercury are present in the eighth house the objects related with these planets will have subdued effect.

Ninth House

- Ruling Planet - Jupiter

- Significator Planet - Jupiter

- Exalted Planet - Ketu

- Debilitated Planet - Rahu

- Helping House - House number 1

- Will Help - House number 5

- Parts of Body - The upper part of Waist

This is house of luck. The whole birth chart is the effect of this house. A man executes deeds but their effect depends on fate. The effect of fifth house combines with this house after the birth of descendant and the effect of the third house is included after birth of brothers.

House number 9 is the ocean of deeds. That means that all the deeds are stocked in this house and it results in the form of wealth and property that manifests in the second house. In case the ninth house is dormant, it is awakened through the second house. It is possible only when third and fifth houses are vacant. The effect would apply after attaining the age of three years if the third house is vacant.

The dormant planet will become active after planetary transit into the ninth house and will express its effect on attaining its own age. Venus and Mercury exert the most inauspicious effect in this house.

Tenth House

* Ruling Planet - Saturn

* Significator Planet - Saturn

* Exalted Planet - Mars

* Debilitated Planet - Jupiter

* Helping House - House number 2

* Will Help - House number 6

* Parts of Body - Stomach and shoulders

Lal Kitab has considered it as the foundation of luck: that is to say, the work is the foundation and the edifice of fortune can be built only on the groundwork of deeds. The tenth house cannot aspect any house and the fourth house aspects, if any planet during planetary transit into the tenth house will be danger to life and the strength of the planet will double during that time. But the effect becomes uncertain. The tenth house or the planets sitting in the tenth house go dormant if the second house is vacant.

If the debilitated planets are cause of inauspiciousness in the tenth house, the horoscope becomes the chart of blind planets, even though Saturn or the other planets are present in exalted position in the other houses. The horoscope of such person will give effect like that of a blind person.

Remedial Measures: Feed ten blind persons at a time, free of cost. Donation or any kind of fee is prohibited. Mercury, Ketu and Rahu become doubtful in this house.

Eleventh House

* Ruling Planet - Saturn

* Significator Planet - Jupiter

* Exalted Planet - None

* Debilitated Planet - None

* Helping House - House number 3

* Will Help - House number 7

* Parts of Body - Left leg, Ears, Neck

This is the most important house for Lal Kitab. This is called the place of justice. The result of luck is the second house but this house is bridge between ninth and second house. When the luck will favour a person, he will make good earning and then only he will be able to accumulate properties and wealth.

Whichever planet, present in this house, will have a nature like that of the Saturn.

The effect of the eleventh house will be invariably superior if there are present the friendly planets of Jupiter ( Sun, Moon, Mars) in the third house. The complete effect of the eleventh house is not obtained if there is no planet in the third house and the ascendant.

Do not bring home the objects of only eleventh house if the planets sitting in eighth and eleventh houses are mutual enemies. Rather, the objects of the friendly planets of the planets sitting in the eleventh house should also be brought in.

Twelfth House

* Ruling Planet - Jupiter

* Significator Planet - Rahu

* Exalted Planet - Venus, Ketu

* Debilitated Planet - Mercury, Rahu

* Helping House - House number 4

* Will Help - House number 8

* Parts of Body - Left Eye, the Sole of Feet

This house belongs to justice, relaxation, sleep and state' of dream. The consideration of emancipation (moksha) is made from this house. The sixth house aspects the twelfth house. The twelfth house imparts justice for all the houses but the second house does justice for this house.

Treat ascendant for the inauspiciousness of the twelfth house and if the ascendant is vacant, treat the second house.

The family members related with the planet of twelfth house will provide comfort and joy to the native but after the demise of those relatives, the native will have peace by keeping the objects of those planets with him.

Whenever the eighth house will influence the second house, the influence of Saturn will come along. The conditions of this house will be similar to those of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu in the horoscope.

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