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20. 02. 2019
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Lal Kitab On Diseases

Presently every person is suffering from one or the other disease and he treats himself spending thousands and millions of rupees. He runs around the hospital, aptly termed as hell of Kaliyuga. Goes for pathological test for no good reason, only on the advice of doctors and the doctors operate the patient without proper reason only to make money. To fall sick in this era is a big accident. You all know this very well .You have no right to fall sick if you do not have money with you.

Still grief, trouble and disease keep bothering in life. Some difficulties trouble for short period of time and some for long period of time and make physical damage and some illnesses go with death only. Native runs from pillar to post to treat the illness, spends on it more than his capacity and sometimes gets upset and disappointed. Some faithful natives also visit astrologers. Malefic planets are identified in astrology and they are quelled by donation, chanting mantras, tap (austerities) and yajna, whereas rare tantrik objects are used for treatment of illness according to tantra: Shabar mantra etc are popular in the mantra treatment. Among yantra, (talisman) thousand of yantras such as Mahamrityunjaya yantra, Sarvarog Nivarak Bisayantra have been described in our scriptures and texts. Planets have been tried to be quelled through trials according to Lal Kitab to meet this purpose which is appreciable.

Twelve signs and twelve ascendants are important in the traditional astrology and all the twelve signs have governance over part and sub-parts of the body of Kaal purush and I consider it proper to clarify it here.

Aries : head

Taurus : face

Gemini : shoulder, arms, respiratory tube

Cancer : chest

Leo : stomach, heart

Virgo : intestine, kidney

Libra : genitals

Scorpio : testicles

Sagittarius : buttocks, upper part of leg

Capricorn : knees

Aquarius : lower part of knee

Pisces : feet

It can be understood like this that if Aries sign has malefic planet, or Aries sign is aspected by malefic planets (Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu) and the lord of Aries, Mars too is conjugated with malefic planet, the native will suffer with an injury or disease of head or mind.

Similarly if the seventh sign that is Libra has malefic planet, or malefic planets aspect Libra sign and Venus, or the ruler of Libra has malefic planets or are aspected by malefic planets, the native will suffer from disease related with genitals or will suffer from impotency.

Let us see which planet gives what type of illness according to traditional astrology:

Sun - Diphtheria, eye disease, indigestion, rheumatoid arthritis, blood pressure, neurological weakness.

Moon - Headache, minor accidents, heart disease, constipation, intestinal disease, urinal disease, wind formation.

Mars -Accident, paralysis, heart disease, blood pressure.

Mercury - Skin disease, neurological weakness, anxiety, weakness, mental weakness.

Jupiter-Skin disease, ringworm, irritation, diabetes, septicemia, bile disorder, stomach pain, anxiety, impotence, disinterest in pleasure, blood disease, wind.

Venus-Disease related with lungs, seminal weakness, genital weakness, weak heart, urinary disease, cough-related disease, cold.

Saturn - Wind disease, rheumatoid arthritis, physical weakness, constipation, blood pressure, leprosy, urinary disease, baldness, pain in nose and ear. Whereas, according to traditional astrology, planets can aspect seventh house onward or backward from their position, planets can see only onward houses and not the houses backwards according to Lal Kitab. But eighth house is its exception.

Varshaphalam has been made the basis in Lal Kitab to treat the patient and the disease. We start from the third house to know which house is afflicted. Eighth house is looked at if third house is vacant. Fifth house is looked at if eighth house is vacant and eleventh house is seen if fifth house is vacant and fourth house is seen if even the eleventh house is vacant. For simplicity look at this serial: 3 - 8 - 5 - 11 - 4.

If any house among 3, 8, 5, 11,4 is afflicted, it makes patient of the native. Houses 2 and 4 tell about the type of illness and the tenth house tells about its form and velocity.

Fifth house tells the capability of native to fight the disease and the third house expresses ferocity and possibility of the illness.

If some malefic planet is placed in the third and ninth house of the horoscope, the disease then hits the native.

Come! Let us study the planets and their respective influence on the body parts as per Lal Kitab –

Planets and respective body parts according to Lal Kitab

Sun - whole body, right part of body

Moon - heart, left part of face

Mars benefic - liver, upper lip

Mars malefic - liver, lower lip

Mercury - brain, neurological system, tongue, teeth

Jupiter - neck, nose

Venus - voice system, cheeks

Saturn - eyes, eyebrows, hair

Rahu - shaking of head, head, chin

Ketu - torso, spinal cord, knees, toes, paws, ear.

Twelve houses and body parts

First house - mouth, teeth, tongue, forehead

Second house - right eye

Third house - ear, neck, hand

Fourth house - stomach, shoulder

Fifth house - upper part of waist

Sixth house - right leg, genital

Seventh house - navel, central part of abdomen

Eighth house - left leg, and genital

Ninth house - upper part of waist

Tenth house - stomach, shoulder

Eleventh house - left hand, ear, neck

Twelfth house - left eye, sole of feet

Twelve signs and body parts

Aries - head, stomach, brain, eyes

Taurus - mouth, eye, bone, flesh

Gemini - throat, respiratory tube

Cancer - chest, lungs, blood

Leo - back, heart, intestine, kidney

Virgo - upper part of abdomen, intestine, bone, flesh

Libra - waist, liver, breathing

Scorpio - genital, liver

Sagittarius - thighs, veins of thighs, rectum

Capricorn - bones at the joint, flesh

Aquarius - knee, bone of knee, flesh and respiratory system

Pisces - toes and its veins.

According to Lal Kitab, look at house third, ninth, and fifth to know the cause of disease. Significator house number 3 gives doom, house number 5 infuses soul in the body and its basis lies in the house number 9.

1. When house 3 and 9 are debilitated, house 5 also becomes debilitated. But house 5 does not become debilitated when Sun or Moon is sitting in house 9.

2. The planets of house 5 and 6 are malefic for house 10. Inauspicious planets are identified with the objects of malefic planets.

3. When Mercury, Venus or some malefic planet is sitting with Sun or Moon in a horoscope and the varshphalam of the year when those planets enter house 1, 6, 7, 8, 10, the illness attacks.

4. For house 3

House1 - unexpected injury. House 2 - will help. House 6 - will deceive. House 7 - will be helpful. House 8 - will make do unworthy deeds. House 11 - will render mutual help.

5. For house 5

House 1 - will render mutual help. House 4 - will help. House7 - unexpected injury. House 8 - will deceive. House 9 - will be helpful. House 10 - will confront.

Which planet will cause which disease on being afflicted?

Sun - blood pressure, foaming of mouth, paralysis etc.

Moon - heart disease, eye disease etc.

Mars benefic (Sun,-Mercury) - abdominal disease,diarrhoea, bile, kidney disease etc.

Mars malefic (Sun, Saturn) - piles, boil, chronic pain etc. Mercury - mental illness, neurological disease, tongue and dental disease.

Jupiter - respiratory and lung trouble etc.

Venus - itching, skin disease etc.(one can find help by piercing one's nose and treating for Mercury).

Saturn - eyesight, asthma, wheezing, cough etc. (one can find succour by floating coconut in the river).

Rahu - fever, mental illness, plague etc.

Ketu - urinary infection, boils and warts, filarial (galgand), testicles, venereal disease, pain in hands and legs, ear disease, disease of spinal cord etc. (Succour can be achieved by treating for Moon).

Jupiter - Rahu or Jupiter - Mercury - asthma, respiratory and lung trouble.

Rahu - Ketu - madness, pneumonia etc.

Sun - Venus or Mercury - Jupiter - Tuberculosis, asthma etc.

Mars - Saturn - leprosy, blood infection etc.

Venus - Rahu - impotence.

Venus - Ketu - premature ejaculation.

Jupiter-Mars malefic (Sun-Saturn) - jaundice.

Moon-Mercury or clash with Mars - glands.

To detect the illness and planetary dosh from nails of hand

• The mental illness genitive of Mercury can be suggested if the colour of nails of hand changes.

• The blood dysfunction related with Rahu is imminent if nail turns blue.

• The anaemic disease genitive of Venus is indicated if nails turn short and white.

• The heart disease related with Jupiter is indicated if nails turn small and pale.

• The diseases related with Saturn will occur if nails turn black and huge expenditure will be incurred in its treatment.

• One would be troubled with lung and respiratory trouble if nails start to turn yellowish.

• The disease related with Rahu will trouble if nails turn thin, irregular and silvery. If nails turn spotty, deep coloured, black or white, diseases related with Ketu will trouble.

Trials to treat the diseases

When several planets are sitting in one house and causing trouble, treat the very planet which, sitting there, is diminishing •the influence of other planets. For example, Jupiter sitting with Rahu will destroy the effect of Rahu. Add the number of person in the family with the average number of guests visiting the house in a month and add some numbers extra in the aggregate and then prepare as many number of sweet breads and offer them once a month to animals, dogs, crows etc. This treatment will be helpful for the diseases which are not being cured despite several treatments.

• Distribute porridge of ripe pumpkin at the temple at least once a month.

• Put some coins at the head post of the patient and give them to a sweeper in the morning.

• Throw some coins on the way if ever you get a chance to go towards crematory ground or graveyard.

Malefic planets and symptoms of disease and respective trails for their remedial measures –

• Symptoms - Body parts turn inflexible, movement is difficult, one always drools, if there is red cow or brown buffalo it dies or is lost: that means Sun is inauspicious.

• Remedial Measure - Eat a little sweet, be it jaggery, sugar or chocolate and drink water before setting out for some work.

• Symptoms - The power to feel weakens; the well, pond, hand pump for the house stops working or gets dried; the milk-giving pets die-then Moon is inauspicious.

• Remedial Measure - Touch feet of elders and take their blessings.

• Symptoms - Despite ability if there be no progeny or it dies soon after birth or becomes impaired; joint pain, anemia, excessive anger and fight-indicates inauspicious Mars.

• Remedial Measure - Apply white kohl in the eyes.

• Symptoms - If teeth are broken; ability to smell and power to copulate weakens; it means that Mercury is inauspicious.

• Remedial Measure - Keep teeth clean and pierce nose.

• Symptom - Baldness, incomplete education or it is interrupted in the middle, false allegation though you are not guilty, rumours propagate, the habit to wear a garland around the neck-indicate that Jupiter is inauspicious.

• Remedial Measure - Apply saffron or yellow tilak on the forehead. Keep your nose dry. Clear your nose before starting a job.

• Symptoms - Venus is inauspicious if one suffers from skin disease and premature ejaculation. Thumb can also become weak or incapacitated.

• Remedial Measure - Wear properly cleaned clothes and live hygienically.

• Symptoms - The hair falls from eyebrow or eyelids, buffalo dies, fire at home, the house collapses or is damaged: that means Saturn is inauspicious.

• Remedial Measure - Donate iron. Clean mouth with babool's datoon (babool’s brush). Offer bread to crow for 43 days.

• Symptoms - Black dog dies, the nails of hand fall off, mind does not work, the number of enemies rises: that means Rahu is inauspicious.

• Remedial Measure - Keep a choti (braided tress) on head; live in joint family; maintain good relations with in-laws.

• Symptoms - The nails of feet fall off; progeny remains sick, urinary infection and joint pain troubles: that means Ketu is inauspicious.

• Remedial Measure - Keep a pet dog; pierce ear.

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