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20. 02. 2019
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Lal Kitab on Mangalik Evil

Mongol, the Hindi name for Mars, means auspiciousness favourable, sacredness and charm. Why does then it give evil effects sitting particularly in house 1 / 4 / 7 / 8 /12 of a native's horoscope? Why does it create hurdles? Why does it become a barrier in the conjugal life? Should it not be confusing? Isn't it so that our understanding has narrowed down on this issue?

Generally mangali horoscope is considered imperfect according to astrology. Few pundits know why it is so. They adopt merely what is scribed in the books and only beat the trodden path. Introspection and thinking are the traits which are not being pursued by today's pundits.

The native is called mangali when Mars is sitting in 1, 4, 7, 8, 12th house of a horoscope. See a horoscope below The native will be called mangali when Mars will be sitting in the places shown in the following horoscope:

I am trying to explain here the reasons behind the imperfection of mangal according to traditional astrology. Mars likes discipline; it is very arrogant and firm. Firmness always leads to sorrow. Extreme self-pride is unbearable. Mars has been considered an evil planet due to these reasons. Nectar and poison both are interpretation of human eyes. Anger is ruled by Mars and happiness recedes when anger reaches its extreme. Native becomes bereft of happiness. Remember that the fourth house is the place of happiness and Mars particularly aspects the fourth house from its position. The power of wisdom gives way in a situation of anger, rashness and excitement. Commonsense is destroyed. "The mind thinks opposite during the impending doom"; and the house of mind is eighth. Remember that Mars aspects the eighth house. Excitement, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, manglik is always unfavourable.

You must know that second house depends upon eleventh house. What is its significance in itself? If there will be profit, income and the person will be capable of earning money, he can build property but a person who has no income cannot imagine of property. Similarly basis of the twelfth house is the sixth house. Trouble and suffering, despair, ill will, loss, death, humiliation, loss of respect and pathetic condition are quite natural in a situation of illness, sorrow, enmity and debt. The seventh house of force is twelfth and joyful house of profit is assets and family.

Let us now consider the horoscope of mangali native. Remember that presence of Mars in ascendant, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house makes the native mangali.

A word is quite popular which is called 'molia mangal' or 'chunari mangal9. Originally it is a social identification. Chunari is the attire of a girl or woman, and molia means turban which is related with man. Similarly a new trend has emerged these days of double and triple mangal. Basically it is mangal dosh (imperfection). What is then the double and triple dosh? Similarly many people do not consider mangal dosh after twenty-four, twenty-eight or thirty years of age, as if Mars disappears from the sky or its cosmic range disappears, or the brilliance of Mars is destroyed. All of this is a conspiracy like the person who has become grocer with a piece of turmeric. This confuses the native. The fundamental idea behind it is that the mentality of parents gets changed when their daughter turns twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. Because the groom should also be of 30-32 years old and an unmarried boy of 30-32 would only be unmarried if he is physically impaired, widowed, flawed in character, poor and hapless. Parents of the girl want to tie nuptial knot of their daughter anyhow in such a situation. Their only motto under these circumstances remains to be the marriage of their daughter and they ignore the mangal dosh.

Let us see what ill effects befall with Mars present in different places:

If Mars is present in ascendant

It will aspect seventh house from its position. Seventh house is the house of pleasure and happiness but native will have excitement, rashness in his domestic life. Excessively inclined towards material pleasure, it will incorporate a kind of sadism to the pleasure. Such a Mars is cruel towards husband and wife and the native will be bereft of happiness.

Devoid of the pleasure of land and house, the native will not be respected in the society due to his nature. He will be short of decisive intellect due to his rashness and he will repent repeatedly after taking wrong decision. Seventh is the joy house of fourth. Huge ideological difference between husband and wife is natural; one side will be steeped in excessive pleasure and the other side will be calm and will have little interest in pleasure. Division, separation, opposition, honour and dishonour are quite natural in the domestic life under these circumstances. Actually Mars bums happiness, household and intelligence by aspecting.

If Mars is in the fourth house

The aspecting of Mars in fourth house will reduce domestic joy, materialistic joy and business under influence of extreme incitement, rashness and anger and will render native idle. He will keep changing his job or business. He will have strong antagonism with his father. The ideology of son and father will differ widely. Deterioration in financial income is quite natural under these circumstances. No one likes a non-earning member. Devoid of gain in his profession, the rash native becomes a point of disrespect in the society. And that is why he remains unhappy.

If Mars is in the seventh house

In the seventh house, that is sitting itself in the domestic house, Mars becomes the cause! of great barrier in the domestic joy. Native will be extremely obstinate, rash, furious, inclined to excessive materialistic pleasure and will engage in unnatural intercourse. Consequently the native does get satisfied in sex. Eighth being the house of family for the seventh house, it is no surprise if there be opposition with the family. The native who is idle and is against his father does not live happily. Then what remains in the life of the native who has no family, no business and no health?

If Mars is in the eighth house

The native’s family and kin will be devoid of money and prosperity. How he will make property when he will not earn? On the reverse he will actually destroy paternal property. It is not possible that such an idle and lazy native will sustain his spirit. Brother will leave considering him an idler. Social respect with reduce and friends will leave him. The charm between husband and wife is not possible in such a situation.

If Mars is in the twelfth house

Sitting in twelfth house, such Mars spends most of the non-monetary profit. He is humiliated again and again. Brother and friend leave him and he is seized perennially by illness, grief and enemies. He takes the revenge of his humiliation, disrespect, despair, frustration and annoyance on his spouse. He makes his life hell under influence of anger and rashness. Constant mistrust and opposition carry on between husband and wife.

To compare the qualities only on the basis of stars is not adequate when two horoscopes have to be compared. Matching qualities is just a physical form. Mentality, suffering, auspicious conjunction, progeny, life offering combination should also be evaluated in the horoscope of the individual. What is the use of matching horoscope if there is huge disqualification in one’s horoscope? Astrologer must bring the truth to the light of the native. Let me clarify here some of the bad conjunctions:

* If Jupiter is alone in the fifth house and it is not aspected by any other planet, the joy of son is not possible in this situation.

* If the native is mangali by Sun, Moon and Ascendant, the native will be widow in that situation; it is true beyond doubt.

* If there is the conjunction of pap kartari yog in the seventh house, that is 6th or 8th house has any of malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu), one would not get the domestic pleasure howsoever hard he tries. He will have to spend a hellish life throughout.

* The Venus in the seventh house will make native excessively pleasure-seeking and will keep him dissatisfied and will lead to illicit relations. Let us analyze mangalik dosh according to Lal Kitab and search to remove the dosh (imperfection).

Some trials have been determined in Lal Kitab to remove mangali dosh but some care has to be taken in that too because those trials have been scheduled according to the position of Mars.

1. Chant Hanuman Chalisa.

2. Offer prasad to Hanumanji and distribute it.

3. Offer vermilion to Hanumanji.

4. Chant Gayatri mantra.

5. Read Durgapaadh.

6. Read Sundar Kand of the Ramayan.

7. Keep along red handkerchief.

8. Wear silver ring which has no joint.

9. Wear ring of copper or gold studded with coral.

10. Wear a wristlet made of silver and studded with a nail of copper.

11. Colour a silver bangle red and let your wife wear it.

12. Offer food to monkeys.

13. Offer sweet bread of oven to dogs.

14. Distribute sweet food at the temple.

15. Drop sugar in flowing water.

16. Float honey or vermilion in running water.

17. Dismantle kachchi wall after building it.

18. Keep servant at home.

How to choose these trials? Understand it from this example. Suppose ascendant of someone is Aries and Mars is present in his seventh house. Along the row of Aries in the table, see column of seventh house and you will find the numbers 9 and 18.

See the table of trials, where it is written beside the number nine 'wear coral studded in copper or gold ring' and it is written beside the number 18 'keep servant at home'. Similarly choose the trial for other ascendants according to the position of Mars.

You found mentioned above the trials and treatment related with mangalt native.

If Saturn is in the eleventh house, it is a possibility that the person will leave his wife and children in the young age.

Impotency is possible if Venus + Ketu are present in the ascendant.

Impotency is also possible if Sun is in the fourth house, Venus in the fifth house and Saturn in the seventh house.

The native will blow off his savings in pursuing blind lust if Sun is in the sixth house, Mars or Moon is in the tenth house or Jupiter is in the eleventh house.

The native will also blow off his savings pursuing blind lust if Moon is in ascendant, Jupiter and Venus in the tenth house or Jupiter is in the eleventh house.

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