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20. 02. 2019
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Main Constituents of effective Astrology

Introduction To Planet-Sign-House

Every malefic planet can discard its bad effect for a benefic planet; similarly every benefic planet can prove to be bad in the company of a malefic planet. Before understanding all this, it is necessary to learn signs and constellations.

These constellations complete in approximately one month. Two and quarter constellations or nine letters make one sign. The period of one letter lasts for 6 hours or 15 ghati. One hour is equal to two and a half ghati. One contellation stays for 60 ghati. One more thing to remember is that the letter could be enhanced by the vowel. For example 'B' and ‘Ba' both are acceptable. Thus there are nine planets - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, besides Rahu and Ketu which have been considered insignificant in astrology which means they are shadow planets.

Planets have deep relationship with signs. Each planet is linked with one sign or the other.

There are as many signs as ascendants. The only difference between sign and ascendant is - the time of childbirth is noted down. Each ascendant happens to stay for about two hours and 12 ascendants cross during 24 hours. But the sign is related with the constellation and the moon. The moon stays in a sign for two and a quarter day. The name of sign and ascendant are almost similar. For example ascendant Aries or sign Aries.

Suppose the Gemini ascendant was in progress when a person was born on October 1940 at 10 o’clock in evening. So the person's birth ascendant became 'Gemini'. Rohini constellation had started at that time; so the letter designated according to the first part of Rohini comes as ‘O’ and so the sign of the person happens to be Taurus and he was named ‘Omprakash’.

Thus there are a total of 12 ascendants as well as 12 houses which are given shape of horoscope. For example – the first house is called as ascendant. The twelve places of the horoscope have been given the name of 12 houses.

1 First house, fourth house, seventh house, and tenth house are called centre. The planets situated in the centre. The planet situated in the centre are considered auspicious, especially the planets of the tenth house are considered extremely auspicious.

2. Fifth house and ninth house are called triangle. Some call ascendant as triangle. Planets situated in the triangle are considered auspicious.

3. Sixth, eighth, and Twelfth house are said to be the trik or malefic houses.

4. Third, sixth, and eleventh house are said to be trikon places. These places are maleficent for power, loan, and profit.

5. The second and eleventh house are called padfar.

6. The third, sixth, ninth and twelfth house are called apoklim.

In simple words -

• The lord of sign placed in the first house is called ascendant lord (lagnesh).

• The lord of sign placed in the second house is called dwitiyesh or dhanesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the third house is called tritiyesh or parakramesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the fourth house is called chatuthesh or sukhesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the fifth house is called panchamesh or sukhesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the sixth house is called khastesh or rogesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the seventh house is called saptmesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the eighth house is called ashtmesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the ninth house is called is navmesh or bhagyesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the tenth house is called dashmesh, karmesh, or rajyesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the eleventh house is called eikadashesh or labhesh.

• The lord of sign placed in the twelfth house is called vyayesh or dwadashesh.

Motion-Pattern of Planets

Rahu and Ketu always move retrograde. That means, in future it will enter the sign preceding, and not the subsequent, to the one it is moving at present.

Sun and Moon never move reverse, which means they are never retrograde nor ever set down. All the remaining planets set down on coming close to the sun and become retrograde on coming to the fifth house from sun. A planet sets when it comes within, 15Ί of the sun.

A planet's period of function increases when it turns retrograde.

Functional Period of Planets

• Sun - Stays for about one month in one sign.

• Moon - Two and a quarter day.

• Mars - Approximately 45 days.

• Mercury - Approximately 20 to 25 days.

• Jupiter-Approximately 13 months.

• Venus - Approximately 30 days.

• Saturn - Approximately 30 months.

• Rahu - Approximately 18 months.

• Ketu - Approximately 18 months.

Human Symbol of Planets

• Sun- Soul

• Moon - Mind

• Mars-Heroism

• Mercury - Spoken ability

• Jupiter - Knowledge

• Venus -Bhog

• Saturn - The symbol of grief.

Nature of Planets

Sun: It is of aggressive nature. Its direction is east. It is fire element. It is light red and light yellow. It is principally male and imbibes the qualities of kshatriya (the warrior class).

Moon: It is a mild planet. It has water element. It is white coloured. It is principally female planet. It imbibes the characteristics of vaishya (the business class) and Brahmin (the priestly class). Its direction is northwest.

Mars: The nature of this planet is like a brave bloody warrior. Its colour is red. It has fire element and is principally male with kshatriya qualities. Its direction is south.

Mercury: It is a clever and principally a jolly planet. Feminine and neutral both elements are present in it. Mercury never grows old. It is always packed with colour of youth. It is designated as prince. Earth and air elements are present in it. Its color is green and the direction is north.

Jupiter: It is principally male planet. Silence and calm are its nature. It has kshatriya type of qualities. Its colour is yellow. It consists of fire and water, both the elements. The direction is northeast.

Venus: It has refined and artistic nature. It has female qualities. It has earth and air element. Its tendency is like that of vaishya and shudra. Its colour is white. Direction is southwest.

Saturn: It is serious and evil natured planet. Neutral and somewhere male and female qualities are found in it. Its colour is black. It has earth and air elements. Direction is southwest.

Rahu: It has qualities like that of Saturn. The colour is katthai (dark brown).

Ketu: It has qualities like that of Mars. The colour is hazy and muddy.

Signification of Planets

• Sun - signifies father.

• Moon - signifies mother.

• Mars - signifies younger brother.

• Mercury - signifies maternal uncle and sister.

• Jupiter - signifies elder brother, son and husband.

• Venus - signifies wife.

• Saturn - signifies servant, assistant and age.

Nature of Signs

It had been clarified earlier that there are twelve signs and twelve ascendants. Signs have been divided into three parts- moveable, immoveable, and dual character.

Moveable means - motion or speed. The signs of this nature are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Immoveable means - static. The signs of this nature are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These signs come under immoveable nature. Persons associated with these signs happen to be determined about their object.

Dual character - It means two types of nature. Sometimes moveable, sometimes immoveable. They do not stand on one decision. The signs of such nature are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

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