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20. 01. 2019
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Mercury and the effect of the Mercury in twelve houses as per Lal Kitab

Exalted - 6th House

Debilitated - 12th House

Significator House - 7th House

Auspicious house - 1,2, 4,5,6,7

Inauspicious house - 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Colour - Green

Friend - Sun, Venus, Rahu

Enemy - Moon

Day - Wednesday

Disease - Nerve and dental disease Self-declared Son - Jupiter + Rahu

Mercury has taken charge of spoiling the otherwise successful assignment. Mercury has been said to be the communicator of gods, which means that it delivers the effect of other planets to the native. This planet becomes auspicious with the auspicious planets and inauspicious with the inauspicious planets.

On being auspicious, Mercury makes one expert in business or astrology. It influences neck and shoulders. It gives special effect up to the age of 32 to 34 years. On sitting with Moon, Jupiter and Venus, Mercury gives auspicious results. Mercury sitting in 2, 4, 6 is raj yog karak. Any planet that will be sitting in the seventh house with Mercury will give auspicious effect.

Green colour, trees and plants of wide leaves etc. are the objects of Mercury. To shield from the ill effect of Mercury, wear the ring made of steel, pierce nose, and keep teeth clean. Serve sister, sister-in-law (saali) and aunt (mausi).

Mercury in the ascendant: It wipes out the evils of the horoscope. The person will have superior intellect, talent, brilliance and long life, He does not fall in the trap of anyone for being expert in diplomacy. He has interest in several disciplines such as arts, music, mathematics, astrology etc. He follows dharma. Respected in the society, he earns his living from publishing, craft, oratory and writing. He receives help and subsidy from the government. Keen traveller, he often happens to be on tour. Goes on overseas journey and pilgrimage to several times. He receives happiness from wife and progeny. Having interest in tantra and mantra, the person becomes accomplished in ghost binding and such jobs.

The man happens to be greedy and mischievous if Mercury is inauspicious in this house. He suffers from wind, boils-and abdominal disease. Non-vegetarian food is harmful. He has low appetite. He becomes house of chronic diseases. He has limited progenies. His relations with in-laws and son do not remain sweet. He certainly faces blames in his life.

Keep away from green colour. Do not live with saali nor keep her with you.

Mercury in the second house: Native will like to eat sweet. He will be a subtle visionary, intelligent and expert in the subjects such as poetry, mathematics etc. He will have wide raised forehead, be gentle, of good conduct, truthful, soft-spoken, and devotee of father and guru. The native will find respect among scholars of high rank. He will deliver brilliant and impressive speech. He will become eminent and rich by his own endeavour. He will execute several noble tasks and earn living through writing, business, education, accountancy etc. He will become joyful and progressive in life and receive honour from government. He will maintain good relation with in-laws.

The person will be pitiless, uneducated, selfish and poor if Mercury will be inauspicious in this house. He will remain upset with his progenies and suffer from skin disease. His wife and financial position will both go against him if he pets birds or starts living with his sister-in-law. Father will not survive to support him for long. Father will face illness or financial trouble when the native is between 17 and 34 years of age. Even if father is a rich and renowned person, he will not come forward to the support of such natives.

Remedial Measures: Pierce nose and keep silver for 96 days. Make offerings to maids. Be happy.

Mercury in the third house - (debilitated): The native will Have healthy body, excellent memory and long life and will be religious, illustrious, courageous, laborious and affectionate to kin. He will have several friends and will be prosperous and affluent. He will understand the secret mystery of business and charm difficult persons and high- ranking officials. He will have several brothers and sisters of which brothers will be fewer in number. He will travel a lot. He will have interest in astrology and dark arts. He will take assignments related with business or judiciary. The native can become successful if he becomes doctor.

The native will become wicked, avaricious, imprudent, helpless, depraved and coward if Mercury is inauspicious in this house. He will execute a task thoughtlessly and then repent. He will never be at peace. He will be unlucky to his uncle and maternal uncle. His brother will die or his sister will be infertile if enemy planets aspect Mercury.

Remedial Measures: To clean teeth with alum will be useful. Put securely jaggery, ruby etc in a red cloth and place it in an almirah standing on the western wall of the house. It will be auspicious to place red objects of the Sun on the eastern wall of the house.

Mercury in the fourth house: The native is learned, gentle, handsome, patient, illustrious, glib talker, fortunate and truthful. He takes more interest in mathematics and music. The native receives honour and authority from government. The native's friends come from affluent families. The native does not inherit paternal property but he earns wealth from his own endeavour. He has vehicles and servants. He is expert in offering advice. He is raj yogi. Everybody trembles before his fear because he has approach up to higher officials. The native commands respect at home and his suggestions are never ignored. The native has more than one wife and he has- the luck to have a son. The native becomes shameless, his dwelling is strange and he is of fickle mind. The childhood of the native is besieged by several illnesses. Mother is also ill-fated regarding health.

Remedial Measures: Wear a silver chain around neck for the peace of mind. Wear a gold chain for riches. Either apply saffron tilak on forehead or eat saffron continuously for 43 days.

Mercury in the fifth house: Native happens to be shrewd, proficient in debate, good-looking, tolerant, cordial and true devotee of guru. He has penchant to don different types of garments. He earns wealth with the shrewdness of brain. Native nourishes interest in the science of mantra. He is excellent advisor and expert in justice. He likes to be reclusive and is popular in the society. The native does not derive benefit from government jobs. The first progeny of the native is a girl child but he certainly has a son. Suddenly spoken sentence from his mouth attracts people and it is efficacious.

The native makes living out of wizardry if Mercury is inauspicious in this house. He is quarrelsome, sick and cunning. He befriends with evils. He has more daughters than sons. Most often the first conception is destroyed in miscarriage. If Mercury is aspected by enemy planets, it afflicts father and maternal uncle. Remedial Measure: Saving will grow on wearing a copper coin around the neck.

Mercury in the sixth house: The native strongly confronts his enemies and opponents and defeats them. The native is virtuous, astute, scholarly, and jovial. The native is adept in the field of writing. The native earns money through agriculture, academic tasks, editing and business. His wealth is spent in auspicious deeds. The native lives life with full honesty. The result from marine travels is beneficial. The native earns brahm-gyan by serving saints and guru. A word good or bad uttered from his mouth is certainly fulfilled. He takes to sanyas leaving domestic responsibilities behind if Mercury is debilitated or sitting in the enemy sign.

The native happens to be furious, belligerent, lecherous indolent, envious, shameless, harsh, abusive and unwise if Mercury is inauspicious in this house. He always opposes the ideas of kith and kin and always remains disturbed. The native becomes source of his own nemesis if he happens to be greedy. Near his navel, on his stomach, he has a vran. The native is always defeated in debate or argument. The native does not always benefit from the assignments of handicraft. Mercury sitting in the sixth house generally afflicts mother. The native always remains in trouble due to enemies if Mercury is retrograde.

Remedial Measures: Take a flower in your hand before setting off for work. Wear a silver ring in the ring finger of the right hand. Mercury in the seventh house: The native is truthful, intelligent, of good character and respectful person. He has liking to wear decent clothes. His wife happens to be beautiful and attractive, erudite and of good character. The native's honour augments as the wife comes from high and affluent family. The native has more sons than daughters. Native never suffers during old age. Native makes more money in trading goods, but the jobs of brain are not very profitable for him. Such natives are very much munificent. He keeps profiting even strangers. The old age of such native is spent in comfort.

If Mercury is debilitated in this house, the native loses vigour by discharging semen too soon during coitus. Such natives embrace defeat in debate and argument. Native eats such items, which are uneatable. Daughters and sisters of such natives spend troublesome life.

Remedial Measures: Service to black cow will be helpful.

Mercury in the eighth house: Such a native follows the discipline of his family. Such a native is virtuous, illustrious, generous, modest and has long life. He welcomes and greets guests. Native takes great interest in the dark arts. These natives are very popular in the country and abroad. These natives have the quality of doing justice and they can become good judge. They also have capacity to punish others. They maintain good relations with women. Such natives have more sons than daughters. They rejoices the company of their wives. Mercury gives more auspicious effect if it is sitting in this house with some male planet. Solitary Mercury in this house does not deliver good effect.

The nature of native happens to be totally untruthful and arrogant if Mercury is inauspicious in this house. Such a native is ungrateful, evil-minded and adulterous. Such natives suffer from disease of tongue, nerve disease and pain. Such native does not have brothers. However if they are present, they do not help him. The illness of such natives is not easily diagnosed. These natives face demotion in job and loss in business from time to time. Native disturbs others work for no good reason. For being excessively lustful, such a native engages sexually with other women and he goes to jail to for doing so.

Remedial measures: Feed to dogs 43 pedas (sweet) made of mawa (milk fat) with low sugar or float in the running water or throw into sea and pond. Revere maid. Wash yellow cloth at river or pond for 43 days. Wear silver.

Mercury in the ninth house: Such a native is always engulfed in religious work. He is learned, rich, benevolent truthful, and true devotee to guru. He respects and serves his father. Such native has interest in yoga, meditation, tapasya (austerities) and devotion. The native brightens up the fame of his family. The native fights against injustice and helps out good people. He constructs wells and gardens etc. he earns money at the strength of education and benevolence. The luck of such natives rises during the last years of his age. The native has comfort of servants and helpers. He performs yajna at pilgrimages. He himself has the knowledge of literature, music; and religious scriptures. Mercury, on being inauspicious in the ninth house, makes the native corrupt and critique of Vedas. Such a native excessively prides upon his intelligence and often hates his lather and guru. The health and mental state of his wife remains poor. Even progeny does not cause him joy. Father of such native remains afflicted. He has speech disorder. Such a native is afflicted with several diseases.

Remedial Measures: Pierce nose. Colour rice with yellow colour and float in the river for 43 days. Apply saffron tilak on the forehead. Wear silver on the body.

Mercury in the tenth house: The native is good-looking, valiant, contented, candid, satwik (good quality) minded and illustrious. The native has the knowledge of ethics and earns his living by sweet talk, handicraft, writing, business and literary work. Such a native is blessed to have raj yog. The native is skilled in getting his job done through sycophancy. 1 he native receives paternal property. The native gets success in almost all the work. He is a true devotee of guru. He always receives respect and honour in the society. He has the ability to give punishment. He leads an affluent life and enjoys the comfort of vehicle.

The native does unworthy deeds following corrupt conduct it Mercury is inauspicious in the tenth house. He is selfish and arrogant. The person is sycophant. He certainly has eye disease. He invites his destruction due to his liking for wine and eventually suffers from several diseases.

Remedial Measures: Treat for Saturn.

Mercury in the eleventh house: Such natives are good-looking, hale and hearty and own many properties. He is erudite, well known, jovial, lucky and of good character. He is curious o learn several types of disciplines. Such native receives great riches from in-laws. So much so that he profits money even from his enemies. Women adore these natives. Such a native has a polite attitude towards visitors. He enjoys several comforts. Such a native acts on the tenet of "Value of a promise is more than value of life." He has the comfort of servants and helpers.

The native earns money by wrong means if Mercury is inauspicious in the eleventh house. Often he spoils a task by his own mistake. Such a native has low appetite and sleeps less.

Remedial Measures: Wear a copper coin around the neck. Keep along a red coloured ball of iron.

Mercury in the twelfth house: Such a native is smart in execution of a task, brilliant, upholder of promise, modest, candid and lives long. He is charitable and materialistic. Such a man receives paternal property. Most of the expenditures of such natives constitute expense on religious work, pilgrimage and worshipping etc. Enemies tremble before him because of his brilliance. He has command over difficult powers (siddhi) and mysterious skills. Such a man stops only after achieving what he has decided once.

Native becomes sullied, sickly, dependent, pitiless, unwise, cruel, cunning and lives in bad company if Mercury is inauspicious in the twelfth house. He always cheats people by telling a lie and speaks bitter. He ruins himself due to addiction to wine. He always suffers from the trouble of nose and nerve. Native gets misled from his dharma. He is dishonoured in a meeting. Faces demotion or incarceration due to stealing, defraud and dishonesty. Generally he suffers loss due to speaking in excess.

Remedial Measures: Pierce nose. Always wear yellow thread around the neck. Worship and revere Ganeshji. Float an empty earthen pitcher in the water. Keep two-coloured (black and white) dog.

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