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18. 02. 2019
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Exalted - Second House

Debilitated - Eighth House

Significator House - Fourth House

Auspicious House - 1,2,3,4, 5,7,9

Inauspicious House - 6,8, 10,11, 12

Colour - Milky White

Friend - Sun, Mercury

Enemy - Rahu, Ketu

Day - Monday

Disease - Cough, Abdominal Dysfunction

Self-declared Son - Sun + Mercury

The persons will be of round face, fair complexion, bulky body and rakta varna. They will be the ones who speak precisely at the right time. They will be kind and their friends will feel affection for them. They will have procliv.ty lor women folder than them. The natives born in Shukla paksha (the brighter half of the lunar month) live happily whereas the natives born in Krishna paksha (the dark half of a lunar mouthy suffer on several accounts. Their strength rises during Shukla paksha whereas it wanes during Krishna paksha. By treating the house where Moon is sitting, freedom from the evil can be sought.

The domestic pet animal which gives milk dies; tap, well, or pond goes dry. The capacity to feel disappears. If one of these situations is relevant to the native, the debilitated Moon will give evil effect.

Remedial Measures:

Serve sages, Brahmins and elders and seek their blessings.

Irrigate plants and trees in the morning with the water kept overnight near the headrest.

Float on Monday sugar cubes wrapped in white cloth.

Wear pearl in silver.

Moon in ascendant: The person has beautiful face and shape. He is righteous in nature, pleasant, rich and kind. The money spent on the native does not go waste, as he become a learned man of high rank. He is illustrious, erudite, and contented. Beloved of women, he receives great affection from his mother. Goes on foreign tour several times. The economic side in family improves after the birth of the native. The luck of such persons brightens by receiving blessing from women and by doing their service.

The person happens to be liar, ungrateful, sly and poor if Moon is inauspicious in this house. He becomes fretful in testing times. He suffers from lung disease. He will not have elder brother or sister or they would have died before his birth. Their financial condition will deteriorate either by resorting to freebies or by selling milk.

Affliction to parents if he marries before 28th year.

Suffering on building house before 24 years of age.

Remedial Measures: Throw coin in river, canal or running water. Do not drink milk from glass tumbler. Wear silver to have progeny. Keep a red coloured cloth along. Fix copper nail in the four corners of charpoy or bed. Throw copper coin in the river and canal when travelling with son.

Moon in the second house - (exalted): Native has beautiful face and physical comfort and is intelligent. The benefit of property, mother's blessing and education resides with him. He certainly has sons and brothers. He is very lustful. Loves beautiful women while does not have good relations with his kith and kin. Receives honour and fame like that of a king. His luck will rise either by working with public institutions or abroad. He certainly inherits family property.

The native generally does not have sisters.

Remedial Measures: Try the following remedies on having effect of debilitated Moon:

Native will have long life if he receives silver or rice from his mother and keeps it with him wrapped in white cloth. Put a piece of silver ot plate in the foundation of home. Donate green cloth to maidens for 43 days.

Moon in the third house: The person will be learned, pleasant, religious minded, interested in scriptures and poetry. He will love beautiful women. He will find spouse of religious mind. He will complete his education despite several impediments in education. He will become wealthy by his strength. He will receive joy from his brothers and relatives and attains high status in his clan. He will become mater of several siddhis (powers) through his spiritual thought.

He will suffer from cough if Moon in this house is debilitated. Further, his nature will become egoist, violent and cruel. He will engage in debate worthlessly. He will live poor on receiving money from son or in-laws. He will fight with brothers.

Remedial Measures: Donate objects of Moon on the birth of daughter and donate objects of Sun on the birth of son. Donation of Sun's objects will be better under normal circumstances.

Moon in the fourth house: The native will be munificent, pundit and lucky. He will be of religious nature and will have reverence and devotion for guru. The liking to learn will last till the end of his life. He will enjoy the pleasure of having superior house and superior vehicle. He will receive total satisfaction from his wife, son and family. He will be skilled in developing sweet relations with women. His wealth will grow on expending. His old age will be comfortable if he is born in shukla paksha (the brighter half of a lunar, month) and the childhood will be comfortable if he is born in Krishna paksha (the darker half of a lunar month).

He will have disharmony with parents if Moon is debilitated in the fourth house.

He will have limited support of his mother. He will be adulterous. He will suffer physically. He will face defamation for donating a sage if Jupiter is in the 10th house.

He will receive head injury if Rahu sits in the 10th house. He will visit abroad if Mercury is sitting in the 10th house.

Remedial Measures: Offer milk.

Moon in the fifth house: The person will be kind and judicious. He will have the pleasure of sons but the number of daughters will be more than sons. His luck will rise by superior upbringing of his children. His wife will be loyal to him (pativrata) and there will be a mark between her two breasts. The desire will be speedily fulfilled by devotion to goddess. The person will be seated at a high position in a government organization or he will be a minister. His way of walking will be harmonious and smooth. He will be austere, brilliant and sharp. Financial affluence and happiness will keep coming to him if he follows the path of truth.

He will be licentious, coward and ill if Moon is debilitated in this house. His business will generally be unsuccessful. Sorrow and disquiet will rise in his life if he becomes greedy and selfish.

Business in foreign land if Mercury is in 11.

Debilitated effect if Jupiter is in 9 and Mercury is in 3.

The age will be only 12 days if Sun is in 10 or 11.

Remedial Measures: After wrapping rice and sugar cube in white cloth float it in the running water on Monday.

Moon in the sixth house-self- declared son (Mercury+ Venus): They have no enemy or opponent and if there are any at all they cannot stand in front of the native and fall flat again and again. A member of family could be living abroad. Female native can become good nurse. Education becomes the source of happiness of these natives. He will be brave and courageous. He will lead a comfortable life if Moon is exalted.

The native suffers from one illness or the other if Moon is debilitated in this house. He experiences intense digestion and lust. He copulates even with widows and does not maintain decent relationship with women. He continues to be sad due to humiliation and penury. Maternal uncle and maternel aunt (mausi) will not have progeny. There is always possibility of loss of money due to theft.

The native will suffer from urinary disease if Ketu is also sitting in 6.

There will be evil effect on mother or nanihal if Mercury is sitting in 12.

Remedial Measures: Help your father drink from your hands.

Install pyayu (charitable outlet to offer drinking water to passersby) at cremation ground or at the hospital. Donation of the objects of Sun, Mars, and Jupiter also provides good result.

Moon in the seventh house: The luck of such natives rises from wife or in-laws' side. He will be very skilled in the art of sex and will generally keep women satisfied. Normally these men will live under control of women which could be his wife. He will have monetary benefit from motherland or abroad. He will have particular interest in poetry or astrology. Serious by nature, soft spoken, he will have sharp mind. Husband and wife both will be good-looking.

Physically weak, the native will be greedy and envious if Moon is inauspicious in this house. He will face destitution and sorrow in life on fighting with his mother. He will suffer from weapon injury or physical disease if he will become adulterous.

He will die from weapon injury if Saturn is in 7. He will be alcoholic and drug addict if Mercury will be in 1.

Remedial Measures: Do not tie nuptial knot before 24 years of age. Observe good conduct.

Moon in the eighth house (debilitated): Native will benefit from marriage or will. Moon is debilitated in this house. Between mother and education, the native will get only one. He will visit overseas. He will be inclined in particular towards religion, spiritualism, yoga etc. He will be kind, jovial, intelligent and erudite. He will have envious nature. He will give special attention to other income. If Venus accompanies in this house, he will suffer from epilepsy.

Several types of diseases, seize one if Moon is inauspicious in this house. He is afflicted with disinterest weak digestion, diabetes, wind dysfunction, and blood disease. He will be fickle-minded, poor, worried, weak- bodied, sinful, and impoverished. To remove the affliction pay respect to elders of the house, serve them, and take their blessings.

Remedial Measures: Accept rice and silver keep it in a packet or box and preserve it carefully. If Rahu is sitting in the second house, take a bottle full of milk and bury it at a remote place.

Moon in the ninth house: The native has interest in religious activities, studies religious texts, and undertakes pilgrimages. Maintains reverence and devotion towards guru. Enjoys comfort through wife, son, and family. Enjoys comfort of vehicle. Becomes popular in public and society by doing charitable deeds for society. His luck rises during youth. The person will be happy physically, lucky, munificent, and sinless.

The person will be poor, virtueless, imprudent, and arrogant. He will make physical relation with other women.

He will have great luck if Jupiter is m house 5.

Moon in the tenth house: Native is skilled in all the trades. He will be contented by nature, intelligent/heroic, and religious. Secures happiness from brothers and relatives and receives monetary gain from in-laws. Always remains in the company of new women. He is successful in all fields. Business gives more success in comparison to service. He takes care of his family in a better way.

Obstacles come in education if Moon is inauspicious in this house. Relations with elder son do not continue to be sweet. He will be humiliated for keeping relations with widows. Childhood will remain difficult. The person will be attached to notorious dacoits, drunkards and robbers.

Remedial Measures: Do not drink milk during the night.

Donate the objects of Jupiter and treat it.

Moon in the eleventh house: The native never has paucity of wealth in his house. He is shrewd, soft spoken and lucky. Struck by his good looks, women succumb to him. He receives the pleasure of having sons and daughters. Receives help from friends. Secures position in government. He has the pleasure of having servants and vehicles. He gets wealth buried underground. He becomes popular by undertaking deeds of profit for the society. Women offer more help or rather they help him more.

The person becomes imprudent, illiterate and sickly if Moon is inauspicious in this house. He loses the vigour to engage in coitus or his semen count is reduced. Mother's health suffers or mother does not live with him.

Wedding on Friday, sister / bua / mausi born on Wednesday, the work started on Saturday, charity in the morning, sermon listened in the evening, all of these deeds will give evil effect.

Remedial Measures: Wearing pearl studded in silver will benefit.

Moon in the twelfth house: Native will be learned, kind and will spend shrewdly. The wealth of the person will be spent in noble deeds which means that he will construct building useful for society, guesthouse, temple, school, etc. He will visit abroad. He will have good conduct. He will be connoisseur of food. He will be teamed though may not be highly educated.

He will suffer from physical weakness and illness if Moon will be debilitated in this house. He will have eye trouble and his eyesight will be weak. His desires will remain unfulfilled. He will be aggrieved without proper reason. While keeping himself in grief, he will disturb others too. There will be separation between husband and wife for no good reason. He will not command good relation with uncle, maternal uncle and women.

Remedial Measures: Start a work after drinking a sip of water. Do not allow a well or a hand pump to come up under a roof in your premises.

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