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18. 02. 2019
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Rahu and the effect of the Rahu in twelve houses as per Lal Kitab

Exalted - 3rd, 6th house

Debilitated - 8th, 9th and 11th house

Significator House - 12th house

Auspicious House - 3, 4, 6

Inauspicious House - 1, 2, 5, 7, 12

Colour - Blue

Friend - Saturn, Mercury, Ketu

Enemy - Sun, Mars, Venus

Day - Evening of Thursday

Disease - Fever

Self-declared son - Mars + Saturn (exalted)

Sun + Saturn (debilitated)

Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets. Rahu has been said to be the mouth of snake, according to Puran; and Lal Kitab has designated it as the representative planet of Saturn. Rahu's colour is blue like sky as well as ocean and these two come under its governance. If Rahu is inauspicious, it will have its effect up to 42 years of age.

Trouble to progeny and fight with senior persons occur when Rahu is debilitated. Nails start to fall.

Remedial Measures: Wear silver. Offer masoor pulse (red lentil) and some coins to the sweeper for 3 days in the event of falling sick. Drown barley equal to your weight in running water. Drown raw coal equal to your weight in water if there is some trouble or proceedings with government or state. Soak barley in water during night and feed it to the animals in the morning.

Rahu in the first house: Native is valiant, capable, strong, courageous, and is prepared to debate and argue. He conquers enemies. He is fond of good clothes. He conquers enemies and manages his tasks with the help of otherís influence. He emancipates his family. Such a native gets wealth suddenly. He has intense sexual power. Rajyog is possible if Rahu is exalted. Despite being born in very pitiable family, the native reaches top positions. Unkind native happens to be lecherous, ugly, wretched mind, sickly, lazy, grief stricken, cheater, selfish, ruthless and dishonest if Rahu is inauspicious in the first house.

He bears black spots on his face. He is attracted to several women. The health of his wife is ften poor. Upper part of his body or head is affected with some disease. Either he is sonless or his progeny dies. Such a native faces impendiments in promotion of his career. If atheist turns apostate, the effects happen to be even more inauspicious.

Confrontation with government is imminent on Sun being in 1. Quarrel will often take place in the bedroom during night if sun is in 12.

Remedial measures: Donate jiggery, wheat and copper. Wrap catís navel in a cloth. Keep along and do not wear black to treat financial difficulty. Do not wear black and blue coloured clothes. Wear silver around your neck. Float coconut in the running water.

Rahu in second house: Native happens to be fearless, happy, famous and affluent. He has mark on his chin. He struggles a lot in his motherland but becomes quite rich at a foreign land. He keeps his riches and money carefully. But he does not succeed in using his money despite being as rich as Kuber. He becomes minister or senior officer. He earns money through the trade of buffalo, meat, fish and animal hide etc. He enjoys his family life. His enemies wear out by themselves.

Native becomes arrogant, egotist, liar, audacious imprudent and sharp-tongued if Rahu is inauspicious in the second house. He has large nose and his teeth are uneven or he has oral and dental disease. He even does not like to give alms to a beggar though he might grab the wealth of others Such a native suffers monetary loss as a result of embezzlement or theft. He opposes kith and kin and remains under the influence of evil people. He has danger of being hurt by weapon or he suffers from state's punishment. Such a native suffers great opposition in his life. He is incapable of expressing himself clearly or he babbles uselessly. If Rahu is aspected by evil planets, the native has relations with more than one woman and he suffers from his son's side.

Remedial Measures: Keep along a solid ball of silver. Do not accept any electrical goods during or after marriage.

Rahu in the third house - (exalted): Native happens to be internally sanctified, victorious, proud, illustrious and rich He is as powerful as lion and elephant. Such a person never gets frightened from anybody. For himself hp considers all the people of the world as his kin and consequently he receives friendship and love from all. But if somebody tries to become his adversary, he is obliterated due to the superior influence of the luck of such a native. His wealth grows without making any effort, merely by his involvement in the task. He is never soilless. He certainly owns property by the last phase of his life. He is never in debt of anybody.

Native becomes deprived and lazy if Rahu is inauspicious in the third house. He has some impairment in his body. His animal reserves are destroyed. He has malice and conflict towards his brothers. The loss could be of such an extent that the brother born after him could die. Rahu in the fourth house: The native is courageous, rover and rich. He has liking for ornaments. Excellent conjunction of rajyog occurs and he earns money from his own job. He has servants in his house. He lives abroad. He spends a lot, but on auspicious deeds. Native has stability of mind and enjoys the company of brothers and mother if Rahu is sitting in its auspicious signs. He is friend of the king and is in his good books.

Native becomes errant, foolish, belligerent, joyless and complaining if Rahu is inauspicious in the fourth house. He accompanies unworthy people. Mental worries keep troubling him. Father suffers financially. His mother and wife remain ill. Wife is generally scrawny. He does not get the joy of son and friends. He gets progeny from an illicit relation. He has to live away from kith and kin. An incident of poisoning and fighting takes place at maternal uncle's house.

Remedial Measures: Keep the elephant's tusk at home (not the toy).

Rahu in the fifth house: Native is compassionate, sharp-witted and a little arrogant. He works in a field related with writing. He gets excellent results due to his connection with state. Belated but certainly he has a son. But daughters are born earlier than son. The joy of progeny becomes excellent by worshipping Lord Snake.

Native becomes luckless, imprudent, coward and poor if Rahu is inauspicious in the fifth house. He is always grimy. He lives in the company of unworthy people. There comes impediments in his joy and happiness and he has to suffer dishonour. He gets punished by the government. He suffers from heart or abdominal disease. Unnecessary expense occurs on ailment. His wife also suffers from abdominal disease or her menstrual period goes disorderly. Native either does not have son or obstacles crop up at the time of birth or his wife has to undergo great trouble.

Remedial Measures: Keep at home a small elephant made of silver. Put a silver plate under the threshold for joy of progeny.

Rahu in the sixth house - (exalted): Native is unmatched, famous, long living, decent, valiant and intelligent. His strength, intelligence and heroism are stable. He is knowledgeable and rich. He enjoys several types of affluence. The fire of eminence is capable of destroying all of his enemies. This Rahu protects the native under all the circumstances.

He has relation with several foreigners and achieves wealth and respect in foreign country.

The native enjoys other women and is deprived and thief. He constantly suffers from hip pain. He suffers from dental and lip disease. He dies of falling from height or due to injury inflicted by animal. He is spiteful towards his parents. Opposing or fighting his brothers causes trouble to his progeny. He does not receive any support from his uncle or maternal uncle. Maternal uncle happens to be either progenyless or sonless. Someone from the family of his maternal uncle dies in a foreign country.

Remedial Measures: Offer blue flowers before the idol of Saraswati regularly for six days. Keep a pet brown dog. Keep along a ball of black glass or coin.

Rahu in the seventh house: Rahu is generally auspicious in this house. Native happens to be brave, powerful and illustrious if Rahu is auspicious. He always gets favourable results from the government court. He has all the happiness, be it money, property or vehicle. He fathers several sons. He never has to stretch his hand before anybody due to poverty. He spends good times in the foreign country. He has an early marriage. Husband and wife both have amicable marital relations.

Native becomes fierce, arrogant, dimwit, querulous and loafer if Rahu is inauspicious in the seventh house. He is nonreligious, lecherous and sickly. Fie suffers from body ache, wind disease and hip pain. He has to bear with separation and social infamy. He does not profit from trading and business. Post-marriage, his father-in-law dies if he engages in sinful deeds, gambling etc. The wife of such native dies of abdominal or menstrual disease. He stands opposed to his wife. Even his wife is ugly, furious, cunning, quarrelsome, ferocious, arrogant, and frigid. Several divorces occur. Since he does not enjoy being in bed the native maintains illicit relations with other women. Generally he copulates with widow, repudiated, older woman or a tart. Al last the person loses his virility and suffers from diseases.

Remedial Measures: Float coconut or almond in the running water.

Rahu in the eighth house - (debilitated): The native is well built, healthy and disease-free. He receives money and honour from the state and scholars once or twice and lives abroad. He benefits from the cattle like cows etc. Native's wife is tolerant and loyal. He even makes of his enemies.

Native is timid, furious, sinful destitute, evil and obstinate if Rahu inauspicious in the eighth house, education remains incomplete. He has to suffer punishment due to committing bad deeds like stealing. He spoils the wealth earned or collected by dishonesty. He continues to be in trouble in his job due to demotion, inconvenience or vigilance inquiry. He suffers from diabetes, venereal disease of testicles and rectum. He is afflicted with abdominal disease due to excessive labour. He suffers from prolonged illness. He is repudiated from his family and he does not get paternal property. He rarely has a male child.

Remedial measures: Keep along a rectangle piece of silver. Put a copper coin in the oven. Throw coin in river, pond or rivulet for 8 Wednesday s. throw coin in a pond or river for 43 days.

Rahu in the ninth house- (debilitated): Native is erudite, gentle, compassionate, grateful, laborious, benevolent and traveler. He breathes in relief after finishing the job begun. He gets respect in the society by his virtues and prudence. His fame is unsullied. He becomes chief of the town. He fosters his family in an excellent manner. He possesses precious ornaments and clothes. He is enthusiastic towards sex. He has servants and helpers in his house. He can become excellent psychologist.

Native is dimwit, anti religion, penniless, destitute, greedy, cunning in conduct and diminutive if Rahu is inauspicious in the ninth house. He practices unworthy deeds and wears dirty clothes. He suffers from intense body ache. Obstacles arise in the birth of male progeny. He does not get joy from kith and kin. He does not participate with enthusiasm in entertainment and festivals. He upholds malice towards his father. He copulates with the women of lower stature. He fears his enemies. He gets injured in the battlefield.

Remedial measures: Maintain good relations with in-laws. Apply tilak of saffron on the forehead. Wear gold. Keep pet dog.

Rahu in the tenth house: Native is benevolent, immensely powerful, rich and has no enemy. Either he becomes a great leader of large population or becomes a famous officer. He lives abroad and he maintains contact and friendship with foreigners. Some are successful in legal or police profession. He enjoys coital pleasure with beautiful women. Native gets the holy benefit of bathing in river Ganga.

Native becomes unnecessarily arrogant, loquacious, luckless, immodest, lustful, belligerent, short of valour and cruel if Rahu is inauspicious in the tenth house. He suffers from wind disease. He has trouble from vehicle. He lives in the company of unworthy people. He wastes money in intoxication or other wicked deeds. Hence he suffers at the hand of other people. He has obstacles in finding a job. He never breathes a sign of relief. He does not get the joy of paternal property and does not enjoy good relations with his father.

His brother and mother continue to suffer. He engages in coitus with widows.

Remedial measures: Float red lentil (masoor dal) in water.

Rahu in the eleventh house- (debilitated): Native happens to be learned, reticent and lucky. He spends prosperous life. He has no shortage of servants in his house. He wanders proudly with his servants. He has the joy of a son. He becomes a senior officer. He gets praise in the battle. He receives honour, money and respect from the state. All of his desires get fulfilled. His enemies are destroyed. Native has uncanny ability of self-control and showering compassion. He has the knowledge of several subjects.

If Rahu is inauspicious native becomes arrogant, wastes time, is shameless, indebted, quarrelsome, enjoys material pleasure and befriends cheats and cunnings. He applies his own mind in grabbing others wealth, but he loses his wealth in gambling. His business or job does not run properly. Impendiments and demotions keep returning. He becomes deaf in battle etc. he has difficulty in having male progeny. He does not maintain good relations with his father or grandfather or they die early. The same evil influence may befall father-in-law or maternal grandfather. The prosperity of his house vanishes for several reasons after his birth.

Remedial measures: Wrap gram pulse and turmeric in a yellow cloth and donate it on Thursday. Wear gold. Apply tilak of saffron.

Rahu in the twelfth house: Native is benevolent, affectionate, good-looking, very happy, valiant, affable and ambitious. He earns plenty of money, but by concentrating on one assignment, all of his desires are met. He goes abroad. He has nocturnal comfort. His in-laws are rich. He has interest in Vedant. This Rahu is helpful for study, knowledge and emancipation. Native happens to be hapless, cunning, quarrelsome, indebted, destitute, immodest, non-religious if Rahu is inauspicious. He daydreams for no good use. He has dirty nails and wears dirty clothes. He suffers from the disease of eye and ear. He wastes time or works secretly. He defames his family. He suffers from pain in his ribs. He befriends wicked persons and opposes gentlemen. His money is wasted in useless tasks. His maternal uncle continues to suffer. He aggrieves others due to his furious nature and consequently suffers himself.

Remedial measures: Put aniseed in a sachet made of red cloth and close it by sewing or trying. Keep this sachet always under your pillow. Take your meals sitting in the kitchen. Gift a share from your earning to your daughter or sister.

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