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20. 01. 2019
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Saturn and the effect of the Saturn in twelve houses as per Lal Kitab

Exalted - 7th House

Debilitated - 1st House

Significator House - 10th House

Auspicious House - 2, 3, 7, 12

Inauspicious House - 1,4,5,6

Colour - Dark

Friend - Mercury, Venus, Rahu

Enemy - Sun, Moon, Mars

Day - Saturday

Disease - Abdominal disorder

Self-declared Son - Venus + Mercury

Mars + Mercury

No other planets except Saturn stays in one sign for 30 months. Saturn is the slow-moving planet, therefore it has acquired the name Saturn. Placed in auspicious houses, Saturn arranges extreme prosperity and honour for the native but at the same time, positioned inauspiciously, it augurs to destruction of everything. It is said where auspicious Saturn builds house, the inauspicious Saturn sells it off. Sun and Saturn have the relationship of father and son.

Lal Kitab has designated Saturn as a large snake with hood as Rahu and tail as Ketu.. Lord Bhairav is the governing god of Saturn.

Remedial Measures: The person should donate the objects of Saturn on Saturday if Saturn is debilitated.

Saturn in the first house: Native happens to be the head or leader of his field. He happens to be learned, virtuous and lives long. He is serious a by nature and loves solitude.

He earns a lot of money with his confidence and destroys his opponents and enemies. Such natives leave a nice impression on the very first meeting. Native receives paternal property. Observance to the quality of kindness makes him even richer. The native fights purposelessly, has thick brain and unworthy nature, is poor, malicious, lazy, lustful, miser and characterless if Saturn is inauspicious in the first house. He has some dysfunction in his nose. Poverty will increase with more hair on the body. He suffers from body ache due to itching, wind disease and venereal disease. He is troubled by injury and ghost etc. He is afflicted with mental agony. He is hurt by iron. Being envious of others progress is part of his nature. He does not get success in deeds pertaining to his own land, property and state. Native's wife too looks older f her age. After birth of such a native, poverty or devastation shadows his parents home and the house etc. is auctioned. His parents do not get happiness.

Remedial Measures: Feed gram to monkeys for money property. Bury black kajal (kohl) for favour in business. Water the roots of banyan tree with milk and apply tilak of the soil.

Saturn in the second house: The native is judicious, wealthy, religious, kind, truthful and parsimonious. He has fondness for collection of precious objects. Such a native visits abroad where he earns wealth, respect and honour and all the happiness. But this Saturn does not fetch money in the native's own country. He gets paternal property. He earns money from the business of wood and iron. He earns respect from the mercy of government. Enemies fear him. He can read the thoughts of the other person. He has intense inclination towards dharma and piety. He becomes saint and chief of a religious establishment / institution and loves privacy.

Native becomes liar, swindler, poor, devoid of virtue and is afflicted with mouth, bone and wind disease. He is addicted to vices. Even with friends, he talks bitter. He is expert in stealing the possessions of his kin and swindles women. He is punished by the state. He has late marriage. The loss of money occurs even to his in-laws after the marriage.

Remedial Measures: Visit temple barefoot for consecutive 43 days.

Saturn in the third house: Native is valiant, happy, reticent, judicious, heroic, kind, sharp-witted, thoughtful, and virtuous. Many people depend on him. Such a person fosters all without differentiating between friend and foe. He gets joy of wife and son. He receives honour and respect in his field and also conquers his enemies. He is illustrious and popular and gets pleasure of good vehicle. Native constructs house and properties of excellent taste. If Saturn is exalted or is sitting in its own sign, .it increases number of brothers.

Native becomes malicious, wicked, dark complexioned, unworthy and avaricious if Saturn is inauspicious in the third house. Such a native, howsoever he is respected, always speaks evil and remains ungrateful. He does not earn sufficient money from business. He maintains spite and differences with brothers and kin. This Saturn happens to bring inauspicious effect for his next brother and also obliterates his progeny. The members of his family are lazy. His hopes and desires remain unsatisfied.

Remedial Measures: Fix nail made of iron at the threshold of house. Keep your wealth, money and jewellery etc in the dark room of your house.

Saturn in the fourth house: Native is sincere, virtuous, rich, kind, patient, judicious and free from vices. Native is generally out of country as he travels abroad frequently. The native makes money through employment. Propitious wealth earning conjunction does not form through business. He spends his wealth in building or running prominent institutions.

Such natives receive benefit and happiness even from enemies. He gets relief from disease through bitter medicines. If Saturn is exalted, he receives joy of mother, vehicle and house, and also gets paternal property. The native becomes reclusive and saint during the last phase of his life.

Native becomes sad, quarrelsome, worrisome, lazy, bad conductor, malicious, unhappy, cunning and accompanies evil people if Saturn is inauspicious in the fourth house. He suffers from wind and heart disease and he remains in physical trouble. He remains sick during his childhood. He fears water. Such a native does not get paternal wealth and immoveable property. Unworthy tension among brothers and kin prevails. These troubles also perturb his parents. He has loss of animals and vehicles. He has to quit his home. There is conjunction of two marriages. Native is lecherous. Saturn produces even more ominous effects. Wife, son and servants are destroyed if Saturn is retrograde. Native keeps wandering from one place to another. If he builds house by himself, he destroys not only mother's health but life too.

Remedial Measures: Offer milk to snake. Feed crows and buffaloes with milk-rice or kheer. Donate oil, black gram and black cloth.

Saturn in the fifth house: Native is very religious, one who does religious work. He is self-righteous and has prolonged life and conquers enemy. He is traveller. Such a Saturn generally obstructs education but sound success follows after worshipping Saturn's yantra. Native certainly gets a son. However, he has more daughters. The house built by progeny gives auspicious effect whereas the house built by himself gives ominous effect. He benefits from machines, mines, earth and public enterprises.

Native becomes disrespectful, cunning, ugly, atheist, unintelligent, suspicious, lazy and poor if Saturn is inauspicious in the fifth house. Suffering from anxiety, and abdominal disease, he is often beleaguered by illnesses. He does not complete his education. His property, wealth and affluence is unstable and mind is impatient. He has limited lust and therefore he does not have joy of progeny. He adopts child. He gets trouble from friends. He is unsuccessful in the episodes of love.

Remedial Measures: Keep gold, silver and copper at home. Keep moong in the dark room of the house.

Saturn in the sixth house: Native happens to be healthy, disease-free, very strong, valiant, illustrious, judicious or rich, well educated, good at debate, victorious and prominent among donors. Benefactor to many, he respects good qualities. He has interest in poetry. He wins debates and his fame spreads in the four directions. He never faces loss in his work. He conquers enemies. He is honoured even by enemies and destroys those who prod his enemies. The trade related with iron or gas is profitable for him. He has good appetite and he is fond of good food. Such a person gets joy of son.

Native becomes rigid, egotist, arrogant, lustful, cunning and destitute. He suffers from diabetes and venereal disease. This Saturn is inauspicious for aunt (mausi) and maternal uncle (mama). He remains troubled because of his job. The family meets destruction if this Saturn is with the debilitated or enemy planet.

Remedial Measures: See your image in a bowl filled with oil and then float the oil in the water. Keep pet dog for progeny.

Float coconut or almond in the running water. Give milk to snake.

Saturn in the seventh house: Native is kind natured and benevolent. Such a native has a vision that can see through others cleverness in one sight. He buys built houses. He profits from debate. He undertakes several journeys. He benefits from government jobs. He benefits from works related with iron, agencies and contractor ship etc. Husband and wife will love each other in particular if Saturn will be exalted and their domestic life is blissful.

The person becomes unenthusiastic, lazy, greedy, impatient, lustful, dependent, weak and hypocrite if Saturn is inauspicious in this house. He befriends unworthy people. He gets worried soon. He does not get support from friends. His mind is generally at unrest. Saturn makes him labourer. His wife is generally sick. He becomes adulterous. He is dishonoured by women. If the native i s a woman, she marries an aged widower.

Remedial Measures: Fill sugar in a flute and bury at an isolated spot, if Saturn is sleeping (if house one is vacant). Feed a black cow.

Saturn in the eighth house: The person is clever and has knowledge of intricate subjects. He considers his well being m the well being of others. He lives abroad. His financial progress takes place after marriage. Auspicious Saturn gives long life.

Native becomes mean hearted, cunning, coward and miserly. He is furious and belligerent. Skin disease, boil, eye problem and piles afflict him. Native has the habit of finding fault in others. He carries out relationship with shoodra women. Even friends disrespect and ignore him. He remains in grief even in a foreign country. He has few sons.

Remedial Measures: Keep along a rectangular piece of silver. Wear silver.

Saturn in the ninth house: The person is kind, noble, performer of excellent deeds (satkarmi), benevolent and considerate. Accomplished financially, he will have beautiful wife and sons. He will also have interest in the subjects like astrology. He will visit abroad. He will be an expert in handicrafts. He will build temple, religious places and ponds etc for use of society. Native will keep away from carnal desires and become detached. He will turn towards spirituality and yoga during the last phase of his life. He will go on several pilgrimages. He will have saintly life around the time of his death.

Native becomes wicked, imprudent, unfortunate, devoid of wealth and dharma, if Saturn is inauspicious in this house. He takes pleasure in giving grief to others. He is adulterous. Generally he does not find solace even during night. He cheats even his father. He is controlled by his enemies. The feeling of revenge is strong in him and he teaches this idea to his sons before his death.

Remedial Measures: Treat Jupiter or donate the objects of Jupiter.

Saturn in the tenth house: Native is valiant, happy, ethical, soft-hearted, clever, rich, proud, ambitious and visionary.

Though he does not happen to be a leader yet he obtains benefit from the government, designation and rights. He does useful deeds for society. By giving regards to others, his own esteem grows. He constantly makes progress in his life. He becomes proprietor of unlimited wealth. He reaches such coveted designations as judge. He has liking for gardening and agriculture. He receives honour in the foreign country.

Inauspicious Saturn in this house makes native bad conductor, miser, violent, cruel and liar. He misuses his rights. He does not get joy of vehicle and joy of friend. He gets demotion in job; even gets suspended from his job. Many a native is not lucky to have joy of mother or his mother remains in trouble. He does not get paternal property. Sons happen to be evil, bad character, and corrupt.

Remedial Measures: Float some gram pulse grains in the running water continuously for 43 days.

Saturn in the eleventh house: Native is of stable mind, in good health, rich. He has long life, is valiant, illustrious, contented and kind. He is expert in all the disciplines of education despite not being very literate. He has the opportunity of the company of good friends. He rejoices presence of good vehicle, precious gems and servants at home. He gets benefit from father, state and land.

Native is bad-mouthed and con artist if Saturn is inauspicious in this house. Addiction to wine etc. worsens the situation. There will be obstacles in education. Money will diminish due to debt etc. He is troubled by his progeny or the progeny ends.

Remedial Measures: Drop liquid as viscous as water on the ground in the morning for 43 days.

Saturn in the twelfth house: The person is like a leader. He becomes political leader and lives happily m the foreign land. He earns money as legal counsellor or from business. He overbears upon enemies. He has no paucity of food and money. Auspicious Saturn forms conjunction of rajyog reclusive and saintly in the final phase of his life.

Native is coward, shameless, pitiless, swindler and lazy if Saturn is inauspicious in this house. He joins the company of unworthy people and friends. He has poor eyesight. He wastes money on unprofitable deeds. He observes enmity with family and kith and kin and gets humiliated. He is even jailed.

Remedial measures: Wrap 12almonds in a black cloth, put it in an iron utensil and keep it in a dark room of the house forever.

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