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21. 02. 2019
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Sun and the effect of Sun in twelve houses as per Lal Kitab

Exalted - First House

Debilitated - Seventh House

Significator house - First House

Auspicious house - 1,5,8,9, 11, 12

Inauspicious house - 6,7,10

Colour - Yellow

Friend - Moon, Jupiter, Mars

Enemy - Rahu, Ketu, Venus, Saturn

Day - Sunday

Disease - Eye Infection, Headache

Self-declared Son - Mercury, Venus

The total life on the earth is blessing of lord Sun. The illumination in the sky, heat on earth, king, tapaswi (one who observes austere way of life), observance of truth, selfless service, and the master of nature is Sun. This is a mythological planet, which, on being, will cause day and on not being will cause night. Sun signifies soul in the human body. Sun will always be seen moving in one and the same direction and its end is indefinite. Lord Sun is never retrograde. The basis of Jupiter's knowledge and fortune is the gift of Sun. To take air to every breather is the job of Jupiter.

Moon (cold-winter), Mars (reddishness), and Mercury (mere circle) among the planets are the necessary parts of Sun. The conjunction of these planets with Sun is auspicious.

Self-accomplishment, father mental worry, respect and reverence are considered through Sun. State's work, private work, education, bone disease, heartbeat and right eye are also considered.

If Sun is situated in the house 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, the native will be tejaswi, famous, and the terminator of enemies. If Sun is sitting in the inauspicious houses, native will be furious, evildoer and wicked natured.

Sun will give very superior effect if Ketu will be in house number 1 or 6. Sun will be considered exalted if Mars will be in house 6 and Ketu will be in house 1. The influence of Sun will reduce when Saturn will aspect Sun but, at the same time it will increase the influence of Venus. The person will suffer physically if Sun is afflicted by Saturn but the women in the person's family will suffer if Sun aspects Saturn.

The person with the exalted Sun will be of wheatish complexion and tall stature. His eyes will be like that of lion and he will be a man of impeccable character. He will become wealthy by his own hardship and struggle.

The man with debilitated Sun will always drool and his body parts will become ineffective or they will suffer from paralysis. In this situation, start a work after eating some jaggery and drinking water. Float jaggery in the river water. Quell fire with milk before going to sleep in the night. At the dawn, put on ruby studded in a ring made of copper.

The enemy planets, if placed in the houses preceding Sun's house, will afflict Sun and if placed in the houses following Sun's house, will give their ill effect on the objects of Sun.

The coming of Rahu and Ketu with Sun will be considered as eclipse. Remedial measure for Sun should be undertaken if fifth house is vacant. The ill effect of Sun, if in the house 6 and 7, can be treated with remedial measures. Gold and copper are the metals related with the Sun. Ruby is the gem for Sun.

Sun in conjugation with Rahu leads to dirty thoughts in conjugation with Ketu leads to foot disease, and in conjugation with Saturn will lead to one becoming fan, fanatic, and lover.

Effect of Sun on the House of the person

The entrance of the house will be in the east. There will be a courtyard at the centre of the house where there will be a kitchen. The place to store water will be at the right hand in the courtyard.

Sun in the first house- The native will be tall, shorthaired, disease free and intelligent. The native will have strong spiritual and physical force and he will be altruist, a man of sound character, contended, courageous and incensed. He will reach high position in government and will become glorious and famous. He will have a few progenies and will become rich with his own effort. He will follow traditions and will keep away from alcohol and other sedative substances. He will believe after seeing rather than after listening.

He will face his fatherís demise during childhood if Venus is in the seventh house. He will be free from lust etc. if Mercury is in the seventh house.

Remedial measures: An early marriage is advisable if Sun is inauspicious..

Sun in the second House: The person will be generous, charitable, of sound character and religious if Sun is sitting in his second house. He will be the proprietor of wealth, property and valuable ornament. He is sweet tongued and has the capacity to take everybody in his favour. He is lucky and reaches the authoritative position. Far from being selfish, he helps all. He enjoys special privilege of vehicle and quadrupeds. The fortune of this native's parent will rise after his birth.

On Sun being inauspicious, the native fights with relatives on the issue of woman. More women die in the family of such natives. He will be destitute, lazy and poor if Mars will be in house 1 with the Moon.

Remedial measures: Donate coconut, almond and oil etc. in the temple. Do not accept wheat and maize for free.

Sun in the Third House: The native will be handsome, courageous, laborious, charitable, famous, impartial, disease-free and good conductor. He will hate untruth and falsehood. Talented, proficient in mathematics and astrology, he will be lucky. He will receive honour from the government. Foremost, there will be no opponents and if there are any, they will not stand before him. Generally he will not get the pleasure of elder brother. The fortune of such people will rise from helping nephew, and friends. They will possess power to attract beautiful women. Despite being born in a poor family, he will have the capacity to become rich by earning himself.

He will not become rich if his conduct will be bad and the inauspicious effect of Sun will afflict him. Discordance will grow among brothers and the marital life of sisters will not be satisfactory.

Sun in the Fourth House: The native will work on a path different from the family tradition. He will be gentle, kind and intelligent. He will get all kinds of happiness during his life and lead life like a king and be loved by all. Will help others at the cost of his own loss. His fortune will rise by serving his parents.

By the inauspicious influence, disharmony will develop among brothers and he will experience grief. There will exist antagonism with father. He will lose everything before him. Will not receive help from any quarter.

He will be poor if he becomes greedy, thief or corrupt. He will not have the joy of progeny if he makes relation with other women.

Either some part of his body will be amputated or he will be afflicted. He will experience mental agony.

The person will be impotent if Saturn will be in the seventh house. Further, if Moon is in the first house, the person will be a coward.

Remedial Measures: Feast the blind people.

Sun in the Fifth House: The native will be of superior intellect and will be the one who grasps subtle m during study. The economic growth of family will start soon after his birth. He will be one of those who benefit from government job or the state. Male progeny will be limited but economic growth of the family will take place after birth of the child. He is the one to sacrifice everything for his family. He will be fond of travelling. The service to state servants and saints and sages will benefit. He will be quick in cunningness and cheating if Sun will be inauspicious. Sad during childhood and will ail during youth. Noble deeds and respect and esteem will suffer lazy. He will receive trouble from his first son, besides the son will live separately.

More than one marriage will take place if Jupiter is in the house 10.

Remedial Measures: Serve the monkeys which have red face.

Sun in the Sixth House: Lean and thin, readily infuriated, this native will be sociable. He would be victories upon enemies, of very sound character and patient. Business and work will get stable after birth of the son. He will be honoured with high position.

Inauspicious Sun will trouble health. He will be afflicted with eye problem. He will suffer from quadrupeds, poison, weapon and fire. Iíll effect will fall on maternal uncle, aunt (mausi) and nanihal. The pleasure of woman and children will be limited. The disease of blood pressure if Mercury is in the 12th house.

Bereavement of women if Saturn is in the 12th house. The loss of sons if Mars is in the 10th house.

Remedial Measures: Offer jaggery to monkeys to help maternal uncle.

Keep river water and silver in the house.

Donate at the temple and religious places.

Father's life grows on keeping water near the head side while sleeping.

Sun in the Seventh House: Such person can donate everything if decides on charity. Spouse will belong to respectable family and will have superior character. Medium height and eyes could be brown.

If Sun will be inauspicious in this house, his wife will be sick and the native will take interest in other women. He will suffer from venereal disease. Relation with father and the state will not be favorable. He can become saint troubled from house. Though angry by nature, yet will benefit from friendly planets. The experience with in-laws will not be pleasing.

Remedial measures: Extinguishing fire with milk will be useful.

Bury a square piece of silver under the ground.

Sun in the Eighth House: The will have handsome body and will be resolutely dedicated to his work. He will have superior life force. He will rise and earn money through employment. He will make relations with women on visiting foreign land. He will have long life if he happens to be the eldest among brothers. Enemies will not oppose if he observes sound character.

If Sun will be inauspicious in the eighth house. The native will associate with unworthy people and will serve them. His health and saving will diminish if he becomes characterless, swindler, clever, cheat and belligerent. His eyesight and body will weaken. He will become destitute and poor during old age.

Uniqueness: No one dies in front of such natives. They should be asked to sit before someone who is very sick. These people have the capacity to infuse inspiration to live on.

Remedial Measures: Eat jaggery and drink water before starting some work. Donate 800 gm wheat and 800 gn jaggery at the temple for eight days beginning from Sunday.

Sun in the Ninth House: Native is lucky and enjoys pleasure of owning vehicles. He takes birth in a large family. He remains disheartened from his brothers. Truthful, having beautiful hair, he will be a virtuos person. He thinks much about the future.

He will be the ability to infuse traditions, gods and elders. He will have the ability to infuse optimism among people. Government service or contractorship will be the family vocation.

If Sun will be inauspicious in this house, he will change his stand every time. He will remain sick during childhood. He will become evil, cruel and egoist. There will be back of harmony with brothers. He can even adopt another religion.

Remedial Measures: Never take white objects rather donate such things as silver, rice, milk etc.

Sun in the Tenth House: The native will be very righteous, courageous, resolute and proud. Due to knowledge of scriptures and courage, he will attain a position like that of king. Gain from state and delight of fame will come to him. He will receive full joy from having father and vehicle.

The native will be suspicious and conceited if the Sun .will be inauspicious in this house. He will always keep humming about his faults and losses. Male progeny will be few if any. Mother will suffer. His mind will be disturbed due to severance from friend and wife.

His father will die during his childhood if Venus has been sitting in the fourth house.

His age will merely be 12 days if Moon was in the fifth house.

Remedial Measures: Do not wear black and blue clothes.

Throwing coin or copper coin in the running water as of river will bring auspicious result.

Sun in the Eleventh House: The native likes fun and frolic. He will have beautiful eyes and will be an enthusiast of singing. The native's luck will improve by noble (satwik) thoughts and honest deeds. His prosperity and affluence will continue to be if he avoids indulging in non-vegetarian food, wine, gambling and diatribes. He will secure respect, honour and glory. He will have full comfort of having servants and vehicles.

If Sun will be inauspicious in this house, he will be disheartened from the side of his progeny. He will have to bear the severance of some beloved. Either he will have no elder brother or relations with him may not remain sweet.

Remedial Measures: Do not use non-vegetarian food and wine.

Do not tell a lie nor engage in diatribe.

Get the he- or she-goat released before going to be slaughtered from the captivity to butcher and free it.

Sun in the Twelfth House: Takes sound sleep under any circumstances. He will be religious-minded. He will become rich either through job or business. Will reside abroad.

The native will become imprudent and licentious. He will face incidents of theft and penalty if he become atheist and apostate. He will not have a liking for technical work. The uncle of the native will suffer a lot during his life. He himself will go to other women while his wife happens to be infertile. His relations with his father also will not remain sweet.

Remedial Measures: Give jiggery to monkeys.

Observe dharma.

Do not become a false witness.

Do not work with brother-in-law or uncle.

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