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It is the first sign in the sequence of signs. Its icon, ram, is the symbol of sacrifice of self. Aries is chiefly about leadership. Its lord is Mars. It is situated up to 12 degrees north of equator. It is also called Aja, Vishwa, Kriya, Tambur and Adya.

Aries is male sign, base mineral and its inhabitance is in the east direction. It is a sign of cruel and restless moveable Lakshmi, youth, red coloured, chiefly fire element, powerful during night, tall body, kshatriya caste, pashthodayi and odd. It is primarily quadruped, bearing mountain, rajoguna and bile. Its inhabitance is Patan Pradesh. Its day is Tuesday-and according to numerology it rules upon number 9.

Aries has ahead like kolangvasa. It is related with mouth, mind, face, and nervous system. The materials of Aries are clothes and rice. This sign has secured the governance of forest and mountain land and bridges. This sign represents England, Denmark, Germany, Syria, France, Peru, and such countries in the physical astrology.


Taurus is the second sign in the series. Venus is the lord of this sign. It is female sign, static, earth element, cool natured, devoid of shine, lord of the direction of south, character of air, powerful during night, complete with four phases, vait coloured, maker of loud noise, medium santati, auspicious, vaishya caste, and fatigued body. It is half water sign. This sign is natural in nature, selfish, works with understanding, expert in worldly tasks. Mouth and cheeks are studied through this.

This sign is supposed to be spread up to 20 degrees from equator. Symbol of auspicious deeds it is called Uksha, Go, Tarukh, and Gokul. Its residence is Persia, Hold and such countries.


This sign comes third in the series of signs. It is formed with the combination of two stars, one of which gives less and the other gives more light. Westerners believe its symbol as twin children. This sign symbolizes unity, agreement, intelligence, courage, and enthusiasm.

Its position has been considered up to 24degrees from equator. It is also known as Dwandwa, Nriyugma, Yama, Yuga and Tritiya. It is like proportionate bodied, bhogi, shape of male sign, and a couple of male and female. The female holds Veena (a musical instrument) in her hand and the male holds gada (a club-type weapon) in his hand. Both are shown engaged in singing, playing musical instrument and copulation. Its inhabitance is in the direction of west at the gambling places and tourist spots. It is full of cruelty, playful and calm, dual natured, in the state of childhood, green coloured satva guna (excellent qualities) and element of air. It is powerful during night, village dweller, childhood dominant, has nature of three metals, and vaishya caste. It is believed to be rising from top, odd night, orator, and provider of intellect. Lord of the two- legged, its day is Wednesday and its number is five.

Besides bosom and breast, Gemini is related with shoulder, arm, hand, lungs, and breathing. This sign has the honour of ruling laughter, dance, singing, musical instruments, craft, research, aero-plane, travel, impotent person, shoodra caste. Its objects are jowar, bajara (maize), moong ?(green lentil), moadh, cotton, peanut, jute, saffron, kasturi, turmeric, kumkum, paper, editing, publishing craft etc. this sign represents America, Belgium, North Africa, and Wales.


This is the fourth in the series of signs. Its symbol is crab and aquatic animal. This sign symbolizes sympathy and softness along with sociability. Its place on the earth is believed to be between 24 and 20 degrees of equator. It is also called Kulir and Karktak. This female sign is proportionate bodied, of the type of crab, and metal-bearing. Its inhabitance is in the north in the garden, lake, pond, and lagoon. Bearing playful indicators, this sign is lithe,-decent and moveable natured, state of childhood, blood, white colored, rajoguni, comprising water element, powerful during night, having dominance of cough, shoodra caste, sign rising from hind (prishthodaya rashi) and even sign.

The inhabitance of this aquatic animal sign is Chole Pradesh, its lord is Moon, the day is Monday, and number is 2. Although the main part is heart yet it is related to stomach and kidneys. Its main material is wool fruit, tea, silver and mercury (paara). It represents traffic. The forecast of China, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Algiers, New York, Sindh and Gujarat is calculated through this sign.


Leo is the fifth sign in the chain of signs. This sign is symbol of free love, gallantry, valour, generosity, self-pride and self-confidence. Its position is between 21 and 12 degrees north of equator. .Leo sign is known as Kanthirava, Singh, Mrigendra, and Leya. Big body, male sign, lion shaped, mool sangyak, this sign's inhabitance is in the direction of east Pitiless in character, full of calmness, fixed natured, in old age, pandu white coloured, tamoguni, dominated by fire element, powerful during the day, jungle wanderer, having dominance of bile, kshatriya caste, rising from top, this is uneven sign.

Its domiciliary is Pandudesh, lord is Sun, day is Sunday, and number is 1/4. The body part is abdomen, feet, spleen, liver and heart. It is related with work connected with entertainment. Materials are whole grain, juice, healthy skin, baghambar, deer, deer's skin, jaggery, gram, sugar, brass, and gold.

This sign represents Italy, France, Romania, Sicily, Chicago, Bristol, Afganistan, Himachal Pradesh and the area of Bombay.


The sixth sign in the sequence of signs is Virgo. Its symbol is a maiden.

This sign is mark of perpetual affection and wisdom. It is situated in the earth from 12to 0 degree towards equater. It is also said to be Paathaun, Kanya, Ramari, Pingal coloured, feminine gender, dual natured, powerful during the night, airy and cool characteristics that are like Gemini sign. The caste being shoodra, this sign is even and rises at the top. The inhabitance of this biped human sign is Kerala Pradesh, its Lord is Mercury, the day is Wednesday, and the number is 5. It is related with waist, stomach, and intestines of Kala Purusha (time-personified orion). It is also the significator great grandfather. Its materials are moong (green lentil), moath, alsi, mustard, peas, oat, cotton and cloth etc. this sign represents Turkey, Yunan (Greece), Brazil, India and Paris etc.


Its place is seventh in the sequence of signs. It is situated in the southeast of Virgo sign. Its symbol is balance. This sign signifies equality, similarity and justice. Its place is allotted on earth up to 12 degrees from equator. It is called Taul, Vanik, Juke and Ghat.

It comprises big body, skill in business, brooding male sign and white clothes. Besides navel, it has relation with urinary tract, lugs and genital organs. It has element of lordship of ethics, scriptures of dharma, Nyaya, Mimansa and Smriti. Materials are sesame, clothes, wheat, gram, rice, cotton, silk, arhar pulse and arandi. This sign represents Austria, Portugal, Japan, Tibet, Burma and Argentina.


This is the eighth sign in the sequences of signs. Its symbol is Scorpio. This sign signifies affection and attachment. Its position is in the south up to 20 degrees of equator. It is also called Ali, Ashtam, Vrishchic, Kaurpi, and Koat. This sign is bulky, female sign, full of secret poison, attacking suddenly, mool and immoveable sign. Its inhabitancy is in the north direction, rock, poison, and the holes of worms. The sign is polite, dharma, calm character, serene nature, youth, determined, golden coloured, tamoguna, having water element, rising on the top and even. Its inhabitance is Malay country, lord and day is Mars, and the number is 9. It is related with kalang vas, genital organs, and uru, thighs, and urinary tract.

Materials are iron, ikshu, jaggery, sugar, oil, betel nuts, cotton, mustard, perfume etc. It is effective on mineral research, engineering and allopathic medicines. It represents Norway, Morocco, Washington and Transvaal.


This is the ninth sign in the sequence of signs. Its symbol is archer where half his body is man and the remaining half is horse. This sign signifies hope. It is situated in the south between 20 and 25 degrees of equator. It is also called as Dhanva, Dhanu, Chaap, and Sharasan. It is even body, compassionate, male sign, sweet spoken, and jeev sangyak. Chariot in the east, its inhabitance is at the residence of horse and ganas. This sign is cruel by nature, impish and calm character, dual nature, childhood, yellow complexion, Satya guna, fire tatwa (element), powerful during night, pitta (bile) dominant, Kshatriya by caste, Prishthodaya and odd. Its inhabitance is state of Saindhava, ruler and the day is Thursday and the number is 3. In the body it represents chest, thighs and hips. This sign has sitting rights for horse, god's place, chariot, earth and yajnas. The materials that it governs are salt, kand-mool, potato, grain, cloths, rubber, insurance, business etc. It represents Spain, Arab, Australia and Hungary.


This is the tenth sign in the sequence of signs. Represented by deer, symbol of service, this sign is situated in the south between 24 and 22 degrees. It is also said to be deer, Orion, mrigamya, Capricorn, and tray a. This moveable sign is lord of sangyak, the female class, the earth element, pingal complexion, powerful during night, vaishya caste, drained body and the direction of south. High aspiration is its basic nature. It suggests of the knees. Its inhabitance is the country of Panchal, ruler and the day is Saturday and the number is 8. The materials governed by it are gold, iron, glass, zinc, gilt, tin, copper, coal and sugarcane. This sign represents Albania, Bulgaria, Bengal and Punjab.


Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the sequence. This sign signifies loyalty towards master and state. Its location is synonymous to the south of the equator. Dwarf body, the male shape, mool sangayk, ghat, toradhar, quiet and static, old age, dark complexion, colour like mongoose, tamo guni, chief presence of the air element, powerful during the day, equatic, nature of three metals, faith in new inventions, pro-religious, vaishya caste, shirshodaya, odd sign, sly, gambling, solicitor of tart and alcoholic are the traits of this sign. Its inhabitance is the Yavan country, the day is Saturday, and the number is 8.

Feet, legs, and the two thighs are the places in a body that represent this sign. It is also related with eye, respiration and blood circulation. Development, social programmes and foreign tour are considered by this sign. The representative materials are flower, fruit, conch, shell, coal, urad (black gram), iron, oil, sesame and silk etc. The Aquarius sign signifies Abyssinia, Sweden, Sudan, Japan and Hamburg.


The last and twelfth sign in this sequence is Pisces. symbol of compassion and kindness, the position of this sign has been assumed between 12 to 0 degrees from the equator. It is also called Pisces, matsya, and prithurom.. This sign is medium built, female sign Jeev sangyak, habitant of north direction, roamer in river, ocean or lakes, moderated, supporter of dharma, kind, carrier of impish and calm characteristics, dual nature, old age, fair complexion, satwa guni, water element, cough dominant, Brahmin caste, powerful during night aquatic, ubhayodaya dharmi, rich and even. The fingers of feet, it represents holy deeds, pilgrims, water bodies, and matamah.

The related businesses are movie, water travel, chemical, medical science, knowledge industry and voice. The material is jewellery, pearl, diamond, gorochan, fish and wine etc. The purpose of explaining the form of these signs is that men and women born in these signs carry a similar nature as described here. The phal (effect) is considered through the birth chart according to the placement of signs and planets.