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18. 02. 2019
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Venus and the effect of the Venus in twelve houses as per Lal Kitab

Exalted - 12th house

Debilitated - 6th House

Significator House - 7th House

Auspicious House - 2, 3, 4, 7, 12

Inauspicious House - 1,6, 9

Colour ' - White

Friend - Saturn, Mercury, Ketu

Enemy - Sun, Moon, Rahu

Day - Friday

Disease - Related to seminal fluid

Self-declared Son - Rahu + Ketu

Venus influenced person is extremely beautiful and can be recognized from a distance. He has a special attraction, is capable of drawing everybody towards him. Round face, attractive eyes, pleasurable gait, romantic manner, he likes to keep himself up. He is surrounded by beautiful women.

Lal Kitab has termed Venus as model of passion. More so Venus is the guru of demons. Venus sacrifices itself whenever Saturn is hit.

Marriage and foreign travel are considered from Venus. Seminal disease follows when Venus is inauspicious. The sitting goddess of Venus is Lakshmi. The thumb of the person becomes impaired without any disease. He suffers from skin disease and loss of semen during sleep.

Remedial Measures: Wear clean clothes in proper manner. Feed cow with grass. Wear diamond in silver.

Venus in the ascendant (first house): Such a native has disease-free body, radiant body, beautiful eyes, long life and is learned but coward. He is proficient in performing all the tasks. He accompanies sagacious people and destroys his enemies. He is skilled in singing and handicraft. He is stable by nature and religious. The native has good relations with high-ranking officials. There is another excellent dimension to his personality. He will give away everything to the person he likes but will ruin the one he goes against. He spends his riches on auspicious deeds. He admires women of verve, is skilled in coital play, and performs coital with several beautiful women. Such a person likes salty and sour food items. Native has the joy of sons and his sons have long life. The native gets joy from his wife. Advice from elders before starting a task is beneficial for such persons.

The native becomes lecherous if Venus is inauspicious in the first house. The native suffers from wind, bile and venereal diseases. Has a tumor on waist, back or abdomen. Wife keeps poor health. He receives the joy of company of mother for a short span. Man's money is lost in theft, cheating etc if Venus is sitting in debilitated sign. The fortune of the native will ruin further if he keeps relation with other women.

If Rahu is in 7, spouse will always suffer from disease.

Remedial Measures: Do not go for coitus during daytime. Do not eat jaggery. Feed black cow with grass.

Venus in the second house: Native happens to be rich, erudite, good- looking, having large eyes, sweet spoken, respected in kin, illustrious honoured by state and is like guru.

He has religious bent of mind. He is sharp-witted. He passionately takes' interest in scriptures etc. and hence knows several disciplines. He likes clean clothes and excellent food. Such a native has self-pride.

He does not spread hands before others. Such a native worships beauty and he is inundated with the thought of women. He earns money through education and woman. He makes profit in business too. His treasure is full. He observes the traditions of his family. He receives support and happiness from his kin and friends. Such a person earns respect and honour in foreign as well as his own country. His enemies remain subdued and his luck rises after marriage and he runs his household properly.

The native becomes lustful, slothful and alcoholic if Venus is inauspicious in the second house. He has eye disease. He suffers loss of money. He has to spend money on the illness of wife. Often wife finds herself incapable of bearing child or does not want to bear one. Family members like native’s wife, but she rarely appreciates them. If native is characterless, his luck takes beating from all sides. Masturbation and relation with tarts open door of his devastation.

Venus in this house in the horoscope of a woman suggests impediment in bearing child.

Remedial measures: Colour potatoes with turmeric and feed to cow. Offer at the temple ghee, prepared from cow’s milk.

Venus in the third house: Native is contented, respectable, rich, sweet- spoken, and illustrious. He has penchant to try new fashion. He has interest or takes interest in literature and painting. His brothers, kin and family members live happily. He has male progenies. Generally he follows wife's advice. His wife happens to be loyal (pativrata) and shares his work like a bullock.

Native becomes miser, indifferent, coward and handsome if Venus is inauspicious in the third house. He is loathed in his society. He suffers from eye and ear disease. The relation between husband and wife happens to be lukewarm but the native loves other women and engages in coitus with them because one or the other falls for him. Therefore he remains subdued before his wife. He remains aggrieved from his son's side. He is defeated in life due to enemies and loses money.

Venus in the fourth house: The native happens to be learned, chieftain, devoted to mother, illustrious and laborious. He obtains all of eminence, riches, intelligence and education. He has penchant to talk. He has liking for incensed and beautiful objects. He gets success from journeys. Such a native enjoys the celebration of festival and entertainment.

He performs important tasks in the society. Due to this other people pay him great respect. His house is decorated with affluent and precious objects and pretty gardens. He enjoys all the materialistic pleasures. He serves his mother. But he is governed by his wife. His wife serves him well. His luck rises after marriage. In religion, he follows yoga sect.

Native happens to be deranged, lazy, poor, miser and suffers from cough and eye disease if Venus in the fourth house is debilitated. His mother suffers. He keeps relations with more than one woman, which becomes cause of his devastation. This Venus keeps the native under constant worry of money. His wife suffers from bad health, particularly she suffers from disease related with uterus. Consequently lack of progeny is felt.

Mercury in 6 will leave inauspicious influence on wife and children.

Remedial Measure: Donate the objects of Jupiter or treat Jupiter.

Venus in the fifth house: Native happens to be having happy friends, very rich, pundit, prosperous, illustrious, and diplomatic. He knows several disciplines of education. Even if he is half literate, still he is considered learned. He writes several texts if he has completed his education. He has pleasure of having vehicles. Native obtains riches and money without much effort He has interest in poetry etc. He is skilled in the art of coitus He certainly has a son. He has happiness. He has daughter: too. His first child is very beautiful and takes great interest in fine arts. His son-in-law too gives him regards. His son also receives honour from state. He obtains the effect of chanting of mantra.

Native becomes dimwit, rigid-minded, lazy, lustful and lecherous resulting in decrease in his fame and fall in his fortune if Venus is inauspiciously sitting in the fifth house He rarely gets joy of son. He fails to save money due to over- expenditure. He does not keep good relations with his wife, as he remains indifferent towards her.

Venus in the sixth house - (debilitated): Such a native is born in very superior family and the native himself brightens name of his family He is disease-free, well educated, discerning and learned. Native has interest in singing, dance and fine arts, He always looks cheerful. Native does have enemies but he keeps them subdued. He gets benefit from maternal uncle and aunt (mausi). His friends happen to be of good nature. He benefits from job but does not gain from independent business. He likes to live in neat and clean rooms.

He has sons and grandsons. His luck improves on keeping good relation with in-laws after marriage. Native becomes unintelligent, worthless, diseased, coward, malicious and rigid and lives in the company of unworthy people if the Venus is inauspicious in the sixth house. He is irresolute. He does not get support of his parents and gurus and they oppose him.

He upholds malice towards his wife. He has illicit relations with many wenches. Al last he suffers from lack of vitality and venereal diseases. He is condemned in the society. Such a native is always beleaguered with enemies and opponents and as a result suffers from mental unrest. He spends his money in unworthy deeds and eventually becomes destitute. His daughter lives in his house after becoming widow or seeking severance from her husband. His family suffers or he himself leaves his house.

Remedial Measures: Apply white sandalwood on stone and drown it in the water on Friday.

Venus in the seventh house: Native has attractive face, is jovial, disease- free, compassionate, illustrious, leisure- loving and diligence in etiquettes and is the artist of singing and dance. He likes water sports and travelling and he lives abroad. He gets pleasure from beautiful women. He has intense desire for carnal love. Native gets virtuous and lucky son. His wife happens to be chaste, young-looking, fair, having joyful eyes, loyal to her husband (pativrata), lucky and rich.

Native becomes quarrelsome, lustful, unenterprising, suspicious, sufferer from pain in waist due to wind problem if Venus is sitting inauspicious in the seventh house. He loves tarts and queans but bears differences with his wife. He suffers loss of money on doing business with brother-in-law and father-in-law. The joy from wife becomes less if Venus is sitting with evil planets. It indicates even death of wife.

Remedial Measures: Donate at temple utensils made up bronze. Feed grass to red-coloured cow.

Venus in the eighth house: Native happens to be having large eye: prolonged life, wealth, fearlessnes good conduct and receives affection from everybody. He is owner d excellent field. He clears father's debt. Benefits from sodari. His wife happens to be proud, patient and good-natured and remains concerned about his well-being. The words uttered by his wife certainly are effective. Native dies at some pilgrimage.

Native happens to be ailing, belligerent, loafer, wicked destitute, characterless, adulterous and talks worthless if Venus sits inauspicious in the eighth house. He gets money with great difficulty. Sometimes he leads life like a rich man. H continues to worry about his wife and son. Generally his wife is tough and therefore native often lives under her control. The native suffers from venereal disease if Venus is debilitated. Mother gets trouble.

Remedial Measures: Throw copper coin or flower in the filthy drain. Feed peda made of wheat flour and jaggery to the black cow for eight Fridays.

Venus in the ninth house: Nature happens to be a holy soul, laborious kind, virtuous, learned, devoted to guru, rich, lucky, righteous and relaxed. He has penchant for decent clothes, jewellery and piece of land. He has riches, wife and sons. He earns money from his own hands and effort. Hence he becomes rich day by day. But, due to having religious bent of mind he spends his money on charity, to feast people while observing noble fast and distribution of cloths. Therefore he becomes very popular in the nearby areas. He worships visitors. He gets joy of excellent vehicle. Native undertakes several pilgrimages. The native's parents have long life. Native takes interest in religious tasks.

Native happens to be luckless if Venus is inauspicious in the ninth house. His marriage is delayed or often he marries in other caste, with widow or with women older than him. He remains opposed to his parents. Native enters into adultery with guru's wife or older woman if Venus is debilitated or is sitting in the sign of auspicious planets or is influenced by evil planets.

Remedial Measures: Put honey in a small silver box and bury in the foundation of house.

Venus in the tenth house: Native is clean hearted, rich, affluent, thoughtful, illustrious, influential and respectable. He makes money from agriculture, farming and the profession related with women and he earns fame through his all-pervasive intelligence. All of his tasks get completed. He has joy of vehicles and he intensely loves his reserves. Native attaches great respect to religion. Performs yajna several times.

Native becomes charlatan, argumentative, belligerent, pleasure-seeker and spoils his mission due to his confusion if Venus is inauspicious in the tenth house. Native is adulterous. Due to excessive lechery, his semen turns incapable of bearing child. Besides he gets humiliated in the society due to keeping illicit relations. Even his wife happens to be lascivious if Venus is under the evil influence.

Remedial Measures: Treat Saturn and donate objects related with Saturn.

Venus in the eleventh house: Good looking, attractive, virtuous, gentle, intelligent, well-behaved, capable, contented, native shows oratory skill in the gathering. His enemies always fear him. He has the pleasure of having vehicle and piece of land. He has several servants and helpers in his house. Native ear money through music, drama, acting, business of pearl and silver and prom from the work related with women. He is benefited by construction of buildings. His wife likes gems and jewellery. But the native happens to be knowledgeable, conduct goes in accordance with scriptures and religion.

Native nurtures propensity for sexual favour from the other women and works for this secretly if Venus is sitting inauspiciously in the eleventh house. He always suffers from mental tension. Native earns money through his relation with tarts and unworthy means. Native has less sons and more daughters.

Remedial Measure: Donate at the temple curd and cotton. Float oil in the flowing water.

Venus in the twelfth house: The person is rich, bulky and buff of sports and entertainment. He enjoys coitus very much. His wife happens to be loyal (pativrata) and gives him pleasure. Generally he is governed by his wife. He has interest in keeping pet and he profits from that too.

Native becomes poor, liar, cruel, lustful, adulterous cunning, inclined towards arts and disrespectful if Venus is inauspicious in this house. He is adulterous. He even keeps concubine. If Venus is aspected by inauspicious planets, it causes separation with wife or she dies. Cough dominates the body of such natives. He maintains differences with friends and family members. Money is wasted uselessly and he remains in debt. He becomes luck less on being atheist.

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