Performing Puja is the intergarl part of daily routine of mankind. All kinds of religious ceremonies and rituals are held in each part of world with different ways. Every puja ceremonies consist of many puja products like puja vessels, puja items and puja Powders. Astroshastra has tried to collect all the puja items at one place , where you can buy at one go. If you have any specific requirement , please feel free to contact us at .

Puja vessels are intergral part of any puja Ceremony. Some of thems are

- Puja Thali
- Incense Burners
- Brass Tumbler
- Puja Bells

Some Puja items are very essential in every Puja
- Beetal Leafs
- Beetal Nuts
- Akshat (Rice)
- Moli
- Diya
- Coconut
- Ganga Water
- Honey
- Havan Samagri
- Diya
- Panchgavya
- Mouli or Kalawa
- Abeer
- Janeu

Holy powders and pastes form an integral part of any Hindu pooja. Some of powders and pastes are :
- Kumkum
- Vermillion/Sindoor
- Sandalwood
- Ashtagandha
- Shrigandha
- Turmeric/Haldi Powder
- Mehndi/Henna