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Six Mukhi Rudraksha

Six mukhi rudraksha is ascribed to Kartikaye. It confers on users executive and managerial abilities, competence and success in all walks of life besides success in battles. This is Lord shukraexcellent for all sciences, technical educations, surgery and cures hysteria, fainting, fits and blood related diseases or diseases of private parts. The male native wears it on right arm and the females on the left arm.

Ruling Diety - Lord Kartikaye, Ruling Planet - Venus , Origin - Nepal , Indonesia , Sunsign - Taurus and Libra

It enriches the career path and helps you achieve immense professional and academic success. Students should also wear it during their studies. It confers on users executive and managerial abilities, competence and sucess in all walks of life besides sucess in battles.

It helps you fulfill dreams and lead a very luxurious life. This is regarded as the symbol of Kartikeya, the six faced son of lord Rudra and mother Sharada. He is the younger brother of lord Ganesha.

This is excellent for all sciences, fainting, fits and blood related diseases or diseases of private parts. This bead confers knowledge of the very highest kind. This helps women in diseases like hysteria and other mental illness. Those interested in tantra also gets benefit by it. It also helps students and businessmen.

Its possessor attains complete success in the business and earns great wealth. It is beneficial in the cure of epilepsy and all women related problems. It along with thirteen mukhi cures external and internal problems related to sexual organs in male or female body. It is one of the best remedy for Planet Venus.

Benefits of Six mukhi rudraksha:

six mukhi rudraksha 1. It is beneficial in the cure of epilepsy
2. It cures sex problems, if worn with thirteen mukhi.
3. It helps in attaining siddhis.
4. It negates the malefic effect of planet venus.

Astrological Importance :

Venus help us to enjoy life in a healthy and sattivc way. Heal the sexual relationships. Sublimate the grosser sexual energy, avoiding attachment to sensual pleasures and over indulgence. It governs genital organs throat, valour, sexual pleasure, love, music etc. All the disease caused by malefic Venus can be reduced to great extent by wearing it.

It transform the need of love from a physical level into a spritual and diving compassion. Recognise the beauty of the creation as a manifestation of the diving presence and grace. Become an artist as an instrument of God's creation work.

If Venus is afflicted, it signifies less beauty, of amorous nature,- immoral life, rivalry, jealously, unsmooth life, rash and violent action, unpleasant domestic life, separation, divorce, ill reputation. Wearing 6 faced rudraksh helps in appeasing Planet Venus to remove malefic effects of afflicted Planet.

6 mukhi rudraksh emerald
How is it used ?

It shall be worn on Friday or monday morning. After morning rituals, it should be washed with ganga jal or panchamruit and worshipped and worn in Gold, silver or in yellow thread, while facing North or east. It can be worn with any other bead.

Men should wear this Rudraksh in the right hand and woman should wear in the left hand. The wearer should recite one mala japa daily of either of the two mantras.

" Om Hrim Hum Namah"
" Om Hrim Shreeng Kling Soum"

It is very effective if worn with Diamond, Opal, Shukra Yantra, Kaamdev Yantra, Vashikaran Yantra silver pendant. It should be worn only after being energized by its mantras.

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Six Mukhi Rudraksh (Nepal Bead)
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6m pendant INR:240   USD:3.43
Silver Pendant
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5 Mukhi Bracelet
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Crystal Bracelet
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5 Mukhi Rosary

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