Arogya Kanth Rudraksha Pendant


AROGYA KANTH PENDANTRudraksh Beads : Pendant comprised of two eleven mukhi with three five mukhi rudraksh in silver kundas and silver chain.

Description of Arogya Kanth Siddh Rudraksh Pendant : The Arogya Kanth Rudraksha Pendant is a powerful combination of Rudraksha beads and sacred metals, crafted to promote health and healing. This pendant features a combination of Rudraksha beads known for their therapeutic properties, along with auspicious metals such as silver or gold, believed to enhance the healing energies of the Rudraksha beads. The pendant is worn close to the heart chakra, allowing its divine vibrations to permeate the body and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.Eleven mukhi Rudraksh represents the energies of eleven forms of Lord Shiva i.e. Kapali, Pingal, Bhim, Virupaksh, Vilohit, Shasta, Ajpaad, Ahirbuthanya, Shumbh, Chand and Bhav.

Eleven mukhi has tremendous medicinal values. By wearing eleven mukhi Rudraksh problems pertaining to ear, skin, eyes, nose, sex organs are rectified. Five mukhi rudraksha is very effective in controlling the blood pressure. People having heart problems, high blood pressure shall necessarily wear this highly energized Arogya Kanth pendant. In our efforts to provide our customers the best, Our experts has researched and has found Arogya Kantha Pendant to be very beneficial in controlling high blood pressure and heart problems. We have used good quality beads with high energy levels to give you maximum benefit. It would be sent after energizing in your name so that it give maximum result to you.

Benefits of Arogya kanth Rudraksha Pendants :

1. Blessings of eleven forms of Lord Shiva
2. Controls Blood Pressure
3. Beneficial in hearing problem
4. Effective in controlling the eye defects
5. Very benefical in controlling Heart Diseases

Pendant Wearing Mantra : Aum Hreem Humn Namaha ( 108 times)

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