Bhudh rudraksh Pendant to appease planet Mercury

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Bhudh(Mercury) Rudraksh Pendant

Bhudh(Mercury) PendantRudraksh Beads :- 1 bead of Five mukhi, 2 beads of Four mukhi and 8 beads of Emerald.

Description of Bhudh Rudraksh Pendant:- Highly auspicious pendant with Five mukhi Rudraksh in the centre and two four mukhi and 2 emerald gemstone beads each after each rudraksh. This pendant represent Planet Mercury representing goddess Saraswati and Lord Brahma. Beads of Emerald Gemstone empowers the Planet Mercury. One shall wear this pendant for a good Education and concentration.

This pendant can be worn by people who have week mercury in their Horoscope. The wearer of this Rudraksh pendant remains free of all the evil effects of inauspicious planets and concentration level of wearer is improved. This Rudraksh pendant is helpful in all respiratory diseases. This is very helpful in chronic cough. This rudraksh pendant bestows all prosperity on the wearer. This pendant can be used to empower Mercury in the chart.

Benefits of Rudraksha Pendants :-
1. Strengthen the Planet Mercury in Horoscope
2. Improves memory and retetion power
3. Also helpful in cure of respiratory diseases.
Bhudh (Mercury) P
500 6.05
Nepal Beads in Red Thread (5M+2*4M)

budh pendant
1794 21.70
Bhudh (Mercury) Pendant (Nepal Beads) in Silver Chain (5M+2*4M)

budh pendant
150 1.81
Bhudh (Mercury) Pendant (Indonesian Beads) in Red Thread (5M+2*4M)

budh pendant
1650 19.96
Bhudh (Mercury) Pendant (Indonesian Beads) in Silver Chain (5M+2*4M)