Hanuman rudraksh Pendant with Red Coarl for blessings of Lord Hanuman

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Hanuman Rudraksh Pendant

hanuman pendantHanuman Rudraksh Pendnat Beads: One fourteen Mukhi, One Eleven Mukhi, One Three Mukhi rudraksh and Six Red Coral Beads in Red thread.

Benefits : Removes ill effects of Evil Sprits and Tantric Effect

Description: Hanuman Pendant is one of the form of Lord Hanuman comprising Fourteen mukhi rudraksh, which helps in opening the third eye chakra which governs clairvoyance, sharpened skills, heightened state of awareness etc. This is helpful in many diseases. It is helpful in controlling heart diseases, high blood pressure, Diabetes, skin problems and sexual problems.

Those who are effected by ghost or any tantric act by their enemies shall wear energized Hanuman Pendant and along with this keep energized Hanuman yantra in the south of their house. This will protect them from all evils and they are always protected from their enemies. This Pendant is also very effective in appeasing the negative effects of Planet Saturn.

Those who are suffering problems with regard to Job, profession, Marriage or exam because of ill effects of Saturn or Mahadasa of Saturn in horoscope shall definitely wear it or keep it with them. You will see new dimensions in your life and all problems would be solved.

Wearing Mantra : "Om Hreem Namah"

Hanuman Pendant (
47900 579.41
Nepal Beads in Red Thread (14M+11M+3M+6RC)

hanuman pendant
49400 597.56
Hanuman Pendant (Nepal Beads) in Silver Chain (14M+11M+3M+6RC)

hanuman pendant
10725 129.73
Hanuman Pendant (Indonesian Beads) in Red Thread (14M+11M+3M+6RC)

hanuman pendant
12225 147.88
Hanuman Pendant (Indonesian Beads) in Silver Chain (14M+11M+3M+6RC)