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Rudraksha Pendants

Discover Divine Protection and Spiritual Harmony: Rudraksha Pendants

Welcome to our collection of Rudraksha Pendants, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary elegance. Crafted with precision and reverence, each pendant is a symbol of divine protection, spiritual growth, and inner harmony. Whether you seek to deepen your spiritual practice, enhance your well-being, or simply adorn yourself with the blessings of the divine, our Rudraksha Pendants are a timeless expression of reverence and grace.

Why Choose Our Rudraksha Pendants:

Sacred Significance:
Rudraksha beads hold profound significance in Hindu mythology and spiritual traditions. Revered as the tears of Lord Shiva, these sacred seeds are believed to possess powerful vibrations that protect the wearer and promote spiritual growth.

Natural Beauty:
Each Rudraksha pendant in our collection is meticulously crafted from genuine Rudraksha beads, showcasing their natural beauty and authenticity. Hand-selected for their size, shape, and quality, these beads exude an aura of purity and tranquility.

Spiritual Connection:
Adorn yourself with a Rudraksha pendant to cultivate a deeper connection with the divine. Whether worn during meditation, yoga practice, or daily life, these pendants serve as a tangible reminder of your spiritual path and intention.

Versatile Design:
Our Rudraksha pendants are available in a variety of designs and styles to suit your personal taste and preference. From simple and understated to intricately detailed, each pendant is thoughtfully crafted to complement your unique style and personality.

Positive Energy:
Experience the uplifting energy and positive vibrations emitted by Rudraksha beads. As natural conductors of cosmic energy, these beads help to balance and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, promoting a sense of peace and well-being.

Explore Our Collection:

Single Rudraksha Pendant:
Embrace simplicity with our single Rudraksha pendant, featuring a single bead strung on a delicate chain or cord. Perfect for everyday wear, this minimalist design radiates purity and authenticity.

Multi-Bead Rudraksha Pendant:
Make a statement with our multi-bead Rudraksha pendant, adorned with multiple beads arranged in a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern. This eye-catching design captures the essence of abundance and prosperity.

Rudraksha Pendant with Gemstones:
Enhance the vibrational energy of your pendant with the addition of gemstones. Choose from a selection of gemstone accents, each chosen for its unique properties and healing benefits, to create a personalized and meaningful piece.

Customized Rudraksha Pendant:
Create a bespoke Rudraksha pendant tailored to your specific preferences and intentions. Work with our team to design a unique piece that reflects your spiritual journey, incorporating personalized elements and symbolism.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the beauty and integrity of your Rudraksha pendant, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, perfumes, or moisture.

Clean your pendant gently with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or residue, and store it in a dry, protective pouch when not in use.

Treat your Rudraksha pendant with reverence and respect, honoring its sacred significance and the blessings it embodies.

Experience the Power of Rudraksha:

Elevate your spiritual practice and adorn yourself with the divine blessings of Rudraksha. Explore our collection of Rudraksha pendants and invite harmony, protection, and spiritual growth into your life.

Rudraksh Pendants are made by combination of some selective beads which can give benefits in specific combination, made in red thread and silver to give you benefic effect. These are made by genuine, energized and selected beads at Astroshastra. All the beads used are selected by experts in Rudraksh therepy. We energize each and every Pendant in their name before sending it our customers. We offer astrological products like Gemstone, Yantras etc. Astroshastra is committed to provide world with rare source of energy with purity and certificate of authenticity. Our products are not only genuine but are sent after being energize by rituals mentioned in ancient vedic literature.

You can send us with birth details of the person at, we would recommend the suitable rudraksha and we would send the pendants energized in his/her name. Explore the wide variety of exclusive and highly energized Rudraksha Pendant available online , shipped worldwide by Astroshastra.

Method of Wearing Pendant

1. The person who is to wear Pendant should take a bath early on Monday morning, should wear clean clothes and sit on a Aasan and keep with him Raw Milk or Ganga Jal and the Rudraksh, which should be kept on a altar before him.

2. One should keep hankercheif or towel on the head and apply Tilak on his forehead with Chandan, Sindoor or Bhasm.

3. Pooja be started with three Achamansreciting each time:- "Om Keshvaya Namah", "Om Madhvaya Namah", "Om Narayanaay Namah'.

4. Pay respect to Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu and to one's preceptor. Then do Sankalp i.e. utter in one's mind the purpose for which the Rudraksh is being worn.

5. Now wash Rudraksh in Panchamrit and with GangaJal. Dry with clean cloth; worship it with Tilak, rice and Dhoop. Put a thread or gold / silver chain and wear it around neck or an arm.

7. Recite specific mantra for the Rudraksh.

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