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Types of Shaligram Shilas as in Garud Puran

The varieties of Shalagram recorded in the Garuda Purana (Panchanan Tarkaratna, part1 Chapter 45) run as follows:

Vaasudeva : White in colour having two circular marks joined with each other at the opening.

Shankarshan: Reddish in colour, having two circular marks joined with each other, and also the mark of a lotus on the easter side of his body

Pradyumna : Yellow in colour and long in shape with a small opening.

Aniruddha : Blue in colour and round in shape with a hole at the top side of his body.

Narayana : Black in colour with three linear marks at the opening.

Nrisimha : He holds the mark of a mace at the centre of his body, and a circular mark at the lower middle portion, his upper middle portion being comparatively bigger.

Kapila : He holds three dot like mark on his body or at his opening.

Varahashaktilinga : he holds two circular marks of unequal size.

Kumaramurthi : Big in size, blue in colour and printed with three linear marks and one or more dots.

Krishna : Round in shape with a flat upper side.

Shridhar : printed with five linear marks and mace.

Vaaman : Round in shape with a comparatively smaller height, and printed with one or more beautiful circular marks.

Ananta : Variegated in colour with many circular marks.

Damodara : Big in size, blue in colour with a deep circular mark at the centre.

Brahman : Red in colour with a small opening.

Prthu : Printed with a long linear mark, a circular mark and lotus, and having one or more holes.

Hayagriva : With a big hole, a big circular mark, horse neck shaped,five linear marks and the marks of a kaustubha gem, an Ankusha (spear head) several dots and dark spot.

Vaikuntha : Blue in colour, printed with a lotus and circular mark, and glittering like a gem.

Matsya : Long in shape and printed with a lotus and two linear marks.

Trivikrama : Green in colour, with a circular mark on his left side and a linear mark on his right side.

Lakshminarayana : Round in shape with a single opening. He has four circular marks at the opening and is decorated with a vanamala, one footprint of a cow and a golden linear mark.