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Vastu Sastra involves following factors for ensuring peace, happiness health & wealth:

� Application of directional strength.

� Application of energy-natural cosmic energy.

� Protection of energy lines & Brahm sthana.

� Lords of all directions and their improvements.

� Influence of five elements.

� Influence of directional lord on buildings, flats or offices etc and use of their colours and gem stones.

� Lay out & directions of each room or accommodation in the house.

� Magnetic forces & their application.

� Synchronising Vastu norms in auspicious time (Mahurata).

� Balancing of deficiency of energy by improving energy inside the building.

� Entry of Sun rays-specially in the morning at the time of Sun rise.

� Correct usage of rooms in the building.

� Correct system of sleeping inside the bed rooms by native and his family members.

� Application of colours etc which develops harmony with the planets of native.

� Correct installation of lord Ganesh in the house/building, which may otherwise cause destruction of family & business.

� Maintaining only the lucky plants inside & outside the house.

During the last 10 years, Indians have started extensive application of Vastu Sastra norms for improving their luck. Large number of M.P.s. & Ministers tried to improve their luck by improving Vastu norms in their bun gallows, allotted to them. They carried out large scale changes in their bungalows and spent huge amount of money. But they failed to improve their luck & suffered due to wrong application of Vastu norms recommended to them by some Vastu experts. They really suffered & have to vacate the bungalows before time.

On examination, it can be noticed that large scale changes include- change of entrance, change of main gate & windows, change in drawing room & bed rooms, kitchen & toilets, change of position of water supply tanks. How this happened? The reason being that Vastu Sastries are manipulating their expertise and due to lack of knowledge of Astrological norms applied to Vastu. So they failed to apply all Vastu norms faithfully, which is proving very dangerous and create serious problems to the dwellers of these bungalows, mainly by obstruction of energy sources or indirectly reduction in supply of energy.

Vastu activities can be seen in almost all major cities in India. Vastu experts, most of them being quacks, are minting money at the cost of the owner of the house. However they are in great demand. These innocent persons including, MPs, Ministers etc would not shift in their new official accommodation unless approved by an expert Vastu Shastry. After shifting in the new bungalows, these M.Ps & Ministers experienced the following malefic impact:

� Serious sickness.

� Death in family.

� Some scandal or involvement of their name due to some relative.

� Suspension from party.

� Removal from Ministership.

� Bad reputation & corruption charges.

� Vacation of the Bungalow.

Although there is little scope of application of Vastu in Urban area because road are fixed, drainage & sewerage lines are already laid, plots are located according to local body�s plan, the entrance gate & main gate position cannot be altered. But still all these imbalancing can be adjusted by extra balancing inside the structure. So Vastu cannot be discarded at all.

Some reasons:

� The direction of bungalow, selected by them, may not be suitable & favourable according to their star & sign.

� The date of entry into the bungalow may not be auspicious according to their natal chart and norms prescribed in Astrology.

� The size of doors & windows may be differing and so also the number, which should be in even number.

� The main entrance in the boundary wall and main gate may not be opposite to each other and in a prescribed style.

� The material & wood used for construction may not be of required standard.

� There may be temple nearby.

� The doors & windows may be opening in wrong direction & causing bad sound.

� Ignorance of ground level of India & its application in house in Delhi/New Delhi etc.

� Higher boundary walls in North, East & North-East.

� The slope/level may be form North to South.

� Obstruction of vacant space in North-East direction.

� No vacant space in North-East direction.

� Lower boundary walls in Southern direction, which should actually be higher than North-East walls.

� Wrong position of kitchen, bath room & toilet.

� Improper use of accommodation provided inside the bungalows.


� Apply Vastu norms fully & religiously.

� Apply Astrological norms also.

� Apply rules for synchronising Vastu norms with natal chart of the native.

� Note down deficiencies in the plot, main entrance, direction, height of walls, main gate, sewerage system parking roads, garden, pits, obstructions, drain if any, heavy trees, inauspicious trees and plants, and try to improve by balancing the deficiencies inside the structure, in that particular direction.

� Rooms & directions should be used as per norms of Vastu.

� In case of deficiencies, use appropriate Mantras, do havans, use rudrakshas and fix mirrors or photos of deity.

� Never use photo of Ganesh or Statue of Ganesh in any room, unless recommended by an expert.

� Never use photos of dead persons, dead leaders, animals, hills, big trees, fires wars of fighting scenes in any room.

� The puja room should not be provided in bed rooms.

� Photos of God & Goddess should not be provided in bed rooms.

� Never grow cactus or any thorny plants inside or outside the structure.

� Never grow unlucky trees in the compound specially Banana, Peepal, Neem, Bargad.

� The Brahm sthana the central place should be kept neat & clean.

� Remove all big trees and obstructions around the bungalow.

� Drinking water supply arrangement in North East direction is very lucky for health & wealth.

� Grow Tulsi & Vilva plants inside or outside the house or building or bungalow.

� Never use black colour inside or outside the bungalow.

� Prescribed colours should be used in each direction.

� Do remedial measures for the malefic planet in the natal chart of the native.

� Never worship Banana tree and Peepal tree inside the bungalow.

� Keep valuables in the almirah, in South direction & opening towards North direction or built in Almirah in North direction.

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