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20. 01. 2019
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Astrological Auspicious time for foundation & construction


The most auspicious Astrological Time can be ascertained by combining the following auspicious time factors, which are important in astrology and when combined judiciously will ensure happiness, prosperity, good luck, good wealth and smooth life to the owner or builder.

Day : Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Tithi : All lunar tithies are benefic except, 4, 9, 14, 1, 8, 12, & 30. No foundation or construction is recommended in the following cases:

Tithi Direction of house Result
Purnima to 8th of Krishna Paksha East Malefic
9th of K.P. to 14th of K.P. North Malefic
30th of K.P. to 8th of Sukla Paksha West Malefic
9th of SP to 14th of Sukla Paksha South Malefic

Method No. 1:

Pusya, U. Phalguni, U. Sadha, Mriga, Sravana, Aslesa, P. Shadha combined with Thursday.

Vaishaka, Asvini, Chitra, Dhanistha, Satabhisa, Arda combined with Friday.

Rohini, Asvani, U. Phalguni, Chitra, Hasta combined with Wednesday.

All the above stars combined with respective days are lucky. The following stars become malefic when Sun occupies these stars at the time of construction: Dhanistha, P. Bhadrapada, Satbhisa, Uttarabhadrapada & Revati. These are panchaka stars. Sun’s stars are also unlucky.

Method No. 2:

Any of the above benefic star which is 2,4,6,8 or 9 from the birth star of owner is considered most benefic. Avoid 1,3,5,7 stars from owner’s birth star.

Method No. 3:

Count from Sun’s star (star occupied by Sun) at the time of construction to the star of the day (Moon). The result will be as under:

S.No. No. of day's star from Sun's star Results Benefic/Malefic
1. First 3 Death of owner Malefic
2. Next 4 Unlucky Malefic
3. Next 4 Permanent Benefic
4. Next 3 Wealth Benefic
5. Next 4 Gain Benefic
6. Next 3 Destruction Malefic
7. Next 4 Loss & poverty Malefic
8. Last 3 Sickness Malefic

Including Abhijeet star. After worship, start foundation from East-South corner.

— Please also synchronise with the star of owner.

— Also include the Abhijeet star e.g. 27 + 1 = 28 stars

Method No. 4:

— Count from the star of the owner to the star of the house. If balance is as under, reject them:

— If balance is 3 – causes destruction of wealth.

— If balance is 5 – causes loss of reputation.

— If balance is 7 – causes death of owner.

Owner’s star & Vastu star if opposite each other – owner will reside in that house.

Method No. 5:

— Count from Sun’s star to Moon’s star: First 6 stars are malefic, next 20 stars are benefic & last 2 stars are malefic.

Sign: Ascendant sign at the time of construction should be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio,& Aquarius, & occupied by benefic planets.

— Avoid 1, 4, 7, 10 sign is Ascendant.

— Avoid Ascendant sign which happens to be 8th sign from birth Ascendant sign of owner & also 8th from Moon sign of owner.

— Avoid following signs, if these happens to be 6, 8 or 12th from owner’s Ascendant or Moon sign.

— If 6th sign-causes dispute.

— If 8th sign-causes death.

— If 12th sign-causes poverty.

— The owner’s sign & city sign should not occupy 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 12 house.

Planets: Ascendant should be occupied by Jupiter, Venus or Mercury in own sign or exaltation sign.

— Benefic planets should occupy 1, 4, 7, 10, 5, 9 houses.

— Malefic planets should occupy 3, 6, 11 houses.

— Keep 6th & 8th houses vacant.

— Sun should occupy 2, 5, 8, 11 sign.

— Waning Moon is also malefic.

Benefic position of planets & houses:

— Jupiter gives benefic results in 1, 4, 7, 10 or 5, 9 house.

— Venus gives benefic results in 1, 4, 7, 10 house.

— Mercury gives benefic results in 1, 4, 7, 10 house.

— Moon (waxing) gives benefic results in 1, 4, 7, 10, 11 house.

— Sun gives benefic results in 3, 6, 11 house.

— Mars gives benefic results in 3, 6, 11 house.

— Saturn gives benefic results in 3, 6, 11 house.

— Sun + Mars joining in any house will cause problems, obligations & worries.

— Sun & Rahu will cause some evil spirit in the house.

— Sun should preferably occupy 2, 5, 8, 11 signs. Sun in Libra or in enemy sign will cause destruction of owner.

— Moon if weak, combust or debilitated will cause destruction of wife.

— Jupiter if combust, debilitated or in enemy sign will cause destruction of son.

— Venus if combust, debilitated or in enemy sign will cause destruction of wealth.

— Avoid Moon before or after Sun & Mars.

— Keep 8th house & 12th house vacant.

— Keep Jupiter in Cancer in 4th house at the time of construction.

— Keep Venus in Pisces Ascendant at the time of construction.

— Keep Saturn in Libra in 11th house at the time of construction.

— Avoid construction when wife is pregnant.

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