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Vaastu Shastra addresses every sphere of your general well- being starting from health, to relationships and most importantly finances. Having a well balanced cash flow and investments is crucial to having a good lifestyle and for overall prosperity.

Very often it's been noted that professionals in different lines of work may have problems regarding shortages, debts and expenses, inspite of a fairly good income. Even people, though quite rich due to ancestral property or family business may experience a vacuum in their lives. These problems could be attributed to improper house constructions.

Any person experiencing obstacles in financial situations should confirm if their home is constructed according to the Vaastu rules to ensure an unhindered financial flow.

Vastu Shastra primarily focuses on the directions, i.e. east, west, north and south and their sub directions such as northeast, north-west, south-east and south-west. Each of these directions is governed by any one of five elements—fire, water, air, earth and space which form the basis of Vaastu Shastra.

Vaastu Shastra can help to improve your finances by considering the existing structures in your home, and understand how some structures could aid in positive financial flow, while others could create obstacles, and remedies for the latter.

Vaastu directions, conducive to financial prosperity are the north and northeast directions. The north direction is ruled by the Lord of Wealth, Kuber and the north-east direction is governed by the element water, which is regarded as an indication of a person's financial status according to Vaastu Shastra. Other directions should also be checked to ensure that they are in proper order to avoid any negative influence related to finances.

Since north is the direction for Lord Kuber, a blockage in this direction, would imply obstacles in the flow of wealth and prosperity into the house is blocked. However, if the block cannot be removed, placing an aquarium or a small fountain towards the north of the house serves as a good remedy.

In case of a single main entrance door, the east or north side location is the best. North or north east is specially good for ensuring financial gains. A single main door from the South should be avoided.

If two doors have to be fixed the combination should be
North (M) and East(S),
East(M) and South(S),
East(M) and West(S),
East(M) and North(S),
South(M) and East(S);

but should not be
South(M) to West(S),
West(M) to South(S).
(M= Main, S = Subsidiary).

In case of three doors, It would be preferable to locate the doors on three sides other than south or west.

Safes or vaults in your house opening towards the south or west, are likely to result in expenses This situation could be altered by placing safes, vaults, and other important assets like jewellery, cash, bank cheque books, property papers in a central north room of the house, and position the almirah locations to the south west corners of this room. When these open towards the North, the amount of money flow enhances as these places are directions of wealth.

Since water is considered to be an indication of a person’s financial health by Vaastu, stagnant water in the house is an indication of lack of financial growth. Stagnant water within the house in the form of a pond could be remedied by installing a fountain in the house, and hence create a system of circulation for the water.

Taps within your house should also be checked, for leakages, since leaking taps are a sign of expenses and hence should be rectified to alter the situation. Similarly, you also need to ensure that there is no boring or a tube well placed in the south direction as this could negatively affect finances.

Similarly, a water tank located in the north-west direction of your house indicates stagnation of wealth, This could be remedied by covering the tank with metal planters and filling these with plants which have round leaves.

You can expect a consistency and growth in your finances when the direction of water flow is from the north to the east. A water fountain placed in the north-eastern part of your house or office will also bring in similar good results. An aquarium with nine gold fish and one black fish placed in the north east corner of your house or place of business would ensure a good income flow.

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