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Synchronising Individual’s Horoscope with the Horoscope of Vastu & Auspicious time

The subject is slightly difficult but most important for success in Vastu. Usually Vastu experts ignore synchronizing individual owner’s horoscope with the horoscope of Vastu and Astrological auspicious time. Failure to do so leads to many difficulties, obstructions, delay, unhappy events, serious sickness to owner , and financial losses & problems. Sometimes the individual owner suffers & sometimes the house or building also suffers. As such synchronizing is most essential. The prescribed procedure is as under:

— Decide the Vastu activity & possible Astrological auspicious time for that activity. If no auspicious time is prescribed, adopt general auspicious time. Ensure that only benefic yogas are rejected and carefully avoided.

— Decide different astrological constituents to be synchronized & note them carefully. Usually these are: Birth day, birth tithi, birth month, birth star, birth sign, birth Ascendant, Navamsa Ascendant, lords of 6, 8, 12 houses, sign of 6, 8, 12 house, benefic stars from Moon star, Malefic star from Moon star, combust, debilitated & retrograde planets, 4th house, 4th lord & its significator.

Now carefully synchronise them with the Astrological auspicious time constituents, for the prescribed Vastu activity.

— Entering into a new house or building is a most important activity. Although Vastu does not give much importance to it, Astrologically it is most important & as such all factors should be carefully decided & synchronized.

Norms for synchronizing are as under:

Deciding the benefic country, town, city or village:

— Synchronise varga of individual & city.

— Synchronise sign of individual & city.

— Synchronise benefic direction on the bases of dasa lord.

Deciding the benefic site selection:

— Synchronise individual’s astrological constituents with the area of the plot & its constituents.

— Synchronise the plot with the income of the individual & income of plot to ensure good or bad luck.

Decide nature of soil of the plot:

— Synchronise on the basis of caste of the individual.

Decide auspicious planning of the house or building:

— Auspicious planning of a house/building depends on the application of Vastu Chakra & Shanku, which should be drawn & fixed in auspicious time which should synchronise with the constituents of the individual.

Decide leveling & digging of foundation:

— The auspicious time fixed for purpose should be synchronied with the horoscope of the individual as indicated in chapter 16.

Decide the direction of the Main Door:

— Decide by applying caste of the individual.

— Decide by applying sign of the individual.

— Decide by use of Dhruvank of the individual.

Decide the modification of unlucky houses & other buildings:

— Synchronise the auspicious time prescribed for this purpose with the horoscope of the individual specially his star, sign, ascendant, Sun sign etc.

— Decide the Astrological norms & synchronise them with the constituents of the individual’s chart.

— Decide the most auspicious time for all the Vastu activities & synchronise them with the natal chart of the individual- benefic planets, benefic day, benefic tithies, benefic stars, benefic sign, benefic planets, benefic Ascendant sign & Lord, malefic planets in the individual’s chart.

Special norms to be synchronized:

— Avoid individual’s birthday for fixing any auspicious time for any Vastu activity.

— Avoid individual’s Lunar tithi for fixing any auspicious time.

— Avoid individual’s lunar month for fixing any auspicious time.

— Avoid individual’s birth star (Nakshatra) for fixing any auspicious time. In addition avoid 3rd, 5th & 7th star from birth star. Adopt only stars whish are at serial number 2, 4, 6, 8 or 9 from birth star. For this purpose count the star from birth star to the star of the day & divide by 9.

— Avoid individual’s Moon sign to occupy the Ascendant of the auspicious time chart.

— Avoid 6, 8, 12 sign from Moon & Ascendant of individual to occupy Ascendant of the auspicious time chart.

— Avoid Ascendant sign of the individual to be Ascendant or 4th house lord of the auspicious time chart and also should not occupy 3, 6, 7, 8, 12 house.

— Avoid Sun sign of the individual to occupy Ascendant of the auspicious time chart.

— Avoid afflicted planets, debilitated planets, or combust planets & lords of 6, 8, 12 houses to occupy 4th, 10th house or Ascendant of the auspicious time chart.

— The sign of city should be 2, 5, 9, 10, 11 from the individual’s sign.

— Avoid malefic dasa & antar dasa.

— Avoid influence of malefic transiting planets, on 4th & 2nd house, their lords, Venus & their star lords. They should be positioned in 1, 4, 7, 10, 5, 9 at the time of construction or acquisition. 4th lord should never occupy 8th house.

Recite Lalitha Sahashtranama, Vishnu Sahashtranama and mantras prescribed for 4th lord & Venus.

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