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20. 01. 2019
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Movement of Rahu is considered important for determining the time of construction and also direction to start construction (foundation). The direction can be decided as under:

Face of Rahu When it is in these signs: Back of Rahu-Benefic direction for construction
Sun in 5, 6, 7 Sign - South East
Sun in 8, 9, 10 Sign - North East
Sun in 11, 12, 1 Sign - North West
Sun in 2, 3, 4 Sign - West South

Months (Benefic): Auspicious months are as under: Vaisakha, Sravan, Margasira, Pausa and Phalgun.

Months (Malefic): Chaitra, Jyaistha,Asadha, Bhadrapada, Aswayuja, Kartik, Magha causes and events: death, destruction, poverty, dispute, death of brothers, & fire in the house respectively.


Auspicious Months Sun Sign Direction of Construction Results
Vaisakha Aries (1) North & South Gain
Vaisakha Taurus (2) North & South Gain
Sravan Cancer (4) East & West Wealth
Sravan Leo (5) East & West Lucky
Margasirsa Libra (7) North & South Wealth
Margasirsa Scorpio (8) North & South Wealth
Pausa Capricorn (10) East & West Wealth
Phalguna Aquarius (11) East & West Gain

P.S.: Count the months from Krishna Paksha. Other months indicate Losses, poverty, dispute, fire, mourning or death. Sun in Virgo, Sagittarius is malefic.

— Sun is always auspicious in 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 signs for construction. As such do not bother about the Lunar months except that the construction should be started in Shukla Paksha (Bright half) & upto 5th lunar tithi of Krishna Paksha.

— Avoid Sun’s longitude at a distance of 12 degree from Moon- it causes lot of worries.

— In special cases construction may be started in the following combinations:

Month Sun sign
Chaitra Sun in Aries.
Jyaistha Sun in Taurus.
Asadha Sun in Cancer.
Bhadrapada Sun in Leo.
Kartika Sun in Libra.
Magha Sun in Scorpio.
  Sun in Aquarius.

Ascendant: Ascendant should always be a fixed sign-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

— Ascendant should preferably be occupied by lord of the day.

— Ascendant should be occupied by its own lord.

— Ascendant lord should preferably occupy 1, 4, 7, 10, 5, 9 house in the election chart.

— Avoid Ascendant lord in 6th or 12th or 8th house.

— Cancer ascendant will provide fire proof construction.

— For roofing, Taurus or Libra Ascendant is recommended.

— In emergency 3, 6, 9, 12 sign may be adopted..


Vastu Purusha always sleep on his left, but6 but he goes on changing his head. No construction should be undertaken during the months, when the construction ground is covered by his head, legs, hands & back. This will cause harm to father, wife & children respectively. It also causes loss of money, theft and many other problems. There is no harm if the construction is undertaken on the ground covered by his stomach. It ensures all good luck, happiness & prosperity. He usually keeps his head in NE direction and his legs in South-West. It energises maximum possible energy.

Direction: Head of V.P.: Months:
Head in East August-October
Head in South November-January
Head in West February-April
Head in North May-July

In addition to the best possible benefic astrological time (Mahurata), it is recommended that the following items may be placed in the foundation: Gold, Silver, Gems, Ornaments, Coins & other costly items-all these items may be kept in a earthen pt & placed inside the foundation, about 2’ below.


Navamsa Ascendant should be 2, 5, 8 11 sign, preferably occupied by its lord or a benefic planet.

— Navamsa Ascendant should not be occupied by Sun or Mars or both. It causes fire in the building.

— Navamsa Ascendant should be fortified.

— Venus may occupy Ascendant in 12th sign belonging to Jupiter(Pisces).

— Navamsa Ascendant should not be occupied by a planet which is enemy of Navamsa lord.

— Avoid any planet in Navamsa of enemy which occupies 7th or 10th house from Ascendant & Lord of owners navamsa is also weak. In this combination the house will go in the hand of another person very soon.

Special benefic yogas for construction:

1. Thursday and Jupiter in any of these stars- Pusya, Mrgasira, Srvana, Aslesa, P. Shada (It gives Lot of wealth, son, improvement in position and good reputation).

2. Friday and Venus in Visakha, Asvini, Chitra, Dhanistha Satabhisa or Arda star. ( It gives lot of wealth position, reputation & happiness).

3. Wednesday and Mercury in Rohini, Asvini, Uttaraphalguni, Chitra or Hasta star (It gives all type of happiness & son.

Special Malefic Yogas

1. Tuesday and Mars in Hasta, Pusya, Revati, Magha Purvasadha & Mula (It indicates danger from fire, and problems due to son).

2. Saturday and Saturn in Purvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada, Jyestha, Anuradha Svati, Bharani & Revati (The newly constructed house is haunted by Ghosts).

Special Yogas for good Longevity of the house:

Asc 3 4 5 6 7 10 11 =Longevity
Jup Sat Ven - Sun Mer - - =100years
Ven Sun - Jup Mars - Mer Sun =200years
Ven - Jup - - - Mer Sun =100years
Ven - - - - Jup Mer Sun =100years
Ven - - - - - Jup Sun =100years
Ven - Jup - - - Moon Mars/Sat =80years
Mer - - - - Jup Mer - =100years
Moon - - - - Jup Ven - =100years

Keep Jup in Cancer in 4th house for good Luck & Good Longevity (100 years).

Keep Venus in Pisces in Ascendant for good Luck & Good Longevity (100 years).

Keep Saturn in Libra in 11th house for good Luck & Good Longevity (100 years).

Mercury should be in 2, 5, 8, 11, 3, 6 sign in the horoscope.

Jupiter should be in 4, 2, 5, 8, 11 sign in the horoscope.

Venus should be in 2, 7, 12, 5, 8, 11 sign in the horoscope.

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