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20. 01. 2019
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Vedas, Puranas and Upanishad as are well known ancient documents of Hinidus. Astrology supplements all these ancient documents & is considered as an eye of Vedas. Applied branch of Astrology also deals with Vastu Sastra —a science dealing with construction of houses, buildings and other structures.

Vastu Sastra deals with different aspects of house and building construction in such a way that the house or building in question is imost favourable & lucky for the owner of the building or its occupants.

In case the norms & other important principles of Vastu Sastra are properly applied and DIGBAL, (the directional strengths) are properly applied, the buildŽing becomes very lucky & benefic for all concerned perŽsons. This is possible insipite of some malefic combiŽnation existing in the natal chart of the owner. Such evil combination in the natal chart (birth chart) becomes powerless.

The norms prescribed in Vastu Sastra, if accurately applied, ensures desired results & fulfillment of all deŽsires pertaining to house or" building construction. The Vastu Sastra ensures prosperity, peace, good luck, safety, happiness, good health, comforts, satisfaction, improved reputation, growth of family, long life of owner, birth of son, improved social and financial staŽtus & courage to the owner and other members of the family.

In addition, it ensures good longevity to the house or building in question. It also ensures completion of house or building construction without any obstrucŽtion, delay, damage, setback or objection by local adŽministration, ensures peace of mind & happiness.

Vastu Sastra deals with all type of houses, buildŽings & structures classified as under:

- Residential buildings: Houses, kothies, flats, hostels, hotels, dharamshalas, guest houses & inns.

- Religious buildings: Temples, gurdwaras, and churches.

- Commercial buildings: Business houses, shopping complex, banks, stock exchanges, whole sale and retail markets and offices.

- Public Buildings: Hospitals, Govt. Offices, Courts, etc.

- Farm House: Polutary, diary & agricultural.

- Educational Institutions: Schools, Colleges, speŽcial Training Institutions and Research Institutions.

- Manufacturing houses: Workshops, factories & other big and small manufacturing units.

- Misc Buildings : Cinema houses, Clubs, Police StaŽtions, Military building for use of Army, Navy & Air force, Bridges & Canals, Power stations, RailŽway net work, tunnels, tanks, wells, godowns, warehouses.

All these structures involve huge money, huge building material and human labour, but the buildŽer,, architectures, designers and financers, do not t.ike c are of adhering the norms laid down in Vastu sastra, although it is a complete, comparhensive & reliable science developed by Hindu sages about four thousands years back. Because of this reason most of the houses & other buildings suffers as under:

- Collapse due to design failures or earthquakes.

- Dismantled by local authories or by court orders, being unauthorised construction.

- Causes unnatural death of the owner or his close relatives or serious sickness or financial loss.

- Fires or theft or dacoity or murder in the house.

- Litigation in connection with the building.

- Acquisition by Government.

- Owner is compelled to sell the building.

All these possibilities proves that over all life of the house/building is much less & is also unlucky for the owner or builder. Hence it is essential that Vastu Sastra should be strictly adhered to avoid all these possibilities.

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