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Although it is an ancient science, but there is no record in ancient documents about modern office complex or modern office culture. In ancient days there used to be retail outlets and shops, whole sellers shops, kothies, mandies, but no office for Chief Executive & staff no make decision, handle communication, handling all sorts of transactions & also cash & credit handling, registration, tendering, meeting with staff & other clients. Now a days office culture is most essential for companies & individuals as under:

— Offices for all Government departments, Ministries and Subordinate organizations.

— Offices for all Public Sector Undertakings.

— Offices for all Companies or Corporations.

— Offices for Multinational Companies.

— Offices for trading and financial companies.

— Offices for Advocates, architectures, chartered accountants, agents, brokers, doctors, astrologers, consultants and many more dealing with different profession and services.

Usually its norms are not applied to such office complex either by builder or owner. Consequently most of the occupants of these offices suffer due to bad planning and lack of directional strength. Such offices are most malefic and the consequences are as under:

— Closure of the office.

— Financial losses due to wrong decision.

— Destruction due to fire & bad construction.

— Legal involvement.

— Fines by Government.

— Death of owner or partner.

— Severe market competition.

— Losses due to strikes, bad staff relation.

— Obstructions in all efforts and business failure.

Hence application of its norms is most essential to ensure peace, success & reputation and good financial income and stability. In case you are planning to construct a new Office Complex, follow all possible norms prescribed in this book. In other cases, adhere the norms prescribed in this chapter.

In cases, where you hire & acquire office space or office, it is impossible to verify whether all the norms for new construction have been adhered. Inspite of this fact, you may atleast check up the norms, which are visible & the directional strength of such office complex & room can be verified. In such cases if the following conditions are fulfilled, then treat the office complex and office rooms as lucky enough. Otherwise remove the deficiency by providing special norms to your offices, office floors or office rooms. These norms have been ascertained after extensive research & are most suitable for such offices. These norms will remove the imbalance between benefic & malefic energies influencing the office accomodation and small offices.

The following norms prescribed can atleast be verified & their deficiency be ascertained, mainly for the purpose of balancing of the directional strength inside the office complex or office room.

1. Main norms:

1. Size of the plot, which consists of office.

2. Shape of the plot.

3. Direction of the plot.

4. Main entrance of the office complex.

5. Main door of the office complex.

6. Location of plot & complex.

7. Main road & additional road around the complex.

8. Garden & heavy trees.

9. Vacant space.

10. Dumping ground for waste or waste disposal.

11. Parking area.

12. Drainage system.

13. Drinking water supply arrangement.

14. Overhead tanks & underground tank.

15. Fire fighting arrangement.

16. Level of the plot.

17. Stair cases.

18. Basement.

In all above cases directional strength & its benefic/malefic nature can only be ascertained, It is impossible to carryout any modification or any structural change or shifting or services.

2. Norms, which can be applied for improvement inside the office complex and room.

1. Main door,

2. Additional door & widows.

3. Ventilation.

4. Lighting arrangements.

5. Obstructions if any.

6. Beams in the rooms.

7. Toilet.

8. Pantry.

9. Drinking water arrangements.

10. Sound.

11. Mirrors.

12. Office equipments.

13. Computers.

14. Heavy items of furniture.

15. Light items of furniture.

16. Photos of companies achievements.

17. Reference services & Library.

18. Store.

19. Indoor plants.

20. CMD or MD’s room.

21. Rooms for office staff.

22. Conference room.

23. Room for wealth of the company.

24. Colour of the rooms.

25. Pits around the office.

3. In addition apply Astrology for the following activities:

— Inauguration & entry in Astrological auspicious time.

— Launching a new project in auspicious time.

— Launching a new product.

— Buying & installing office equipments.

— Signing a new agreement.

— Recruitment of staff.

— These norms and Astrological norms should be strictly adhered, deficiencies rectified and imbalancings removed.

— To ensure growth of the company.

— To ensure mental peace.

— To ensure professional success.

— To ensure good reputation of the company.

— To avoid litigation.

— To avoid any obstruction and delays in project product launching.



1.1 Size of the plot:

Norms: The best method to ascertain the luck of the main plot or size of room is as under:

— Ascertain your birth star.

— Ascertain the best star as per kuta agreement usually applied for matching of horoscopes. Some of them from Ashwini star are as under:

Birth star Best star. — Ashwini (No. 1) - Bharni (No. 2) Phushya

— Bharni -Aswini

— Kritika – Pushya, Chitra.

— Rohini – Mrig, P. Bhadrapada Aridra.

— Mrig – Rohini, P. Bhadrapada.

— Aridra -Mrig.

— Punarvasu - Pushya.

— Pushya -Ashwini, Punarvasu

— Aslesha - Pushya

— Another condition is that the star of the plot so selected should be 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 from the birth star of the native.

— Count the plot star from Aswini.

— Usually the following stars are considered most benefic for deciding the area of the plot.

— Aridra S.No 6 from Aswini

— Punarvasu 7

— Pushya 8

— Aslesha 9

— Magha 10

— Purvaphalguni 11

— Shatbhisha 24

— Purvabhadrapada 25

— Uttarabhadrapada 26

Take one of the star which is 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 from your birth star and gives maximum matching point from your birth star. The rest of the stars from birth star are most malefic.

Eg. Birth Star = Mrig

Most benefic star = Aridra

Position form birth star = second benefic

Matching point = 34 points out of 36

Procedure & Equation

(a) (Star as above) – (1) x 152 (Standard factor)= (6-1) x 152 = 760

(b) Select the income star from the following stars.

1.2 Shape of the plot:

— It should always be square or rectangular and never of any other shape- oval, triangular or having extension on any direction.

— Square plots are 100% benefic & rectangular plots are 75% benefic.

— Plot should be higher than road level.

— Plot should face North & East directions.

— Vacant space in East of plot is benefic.

1.3 Direction of the office complex or office:


— The best direction is East, North & North-East. This direction will ensure all possible energies to enter. But for office/business complex facing South, South-East or South-West is also considered benefic for quick disposal of goods.

1.4 Main entrance in compound wall:

The main entrance in East, West, South or North direction are recommended but not at all in South-East, South-West, North-West & North-East direction. But for office & business complex, an additional entrance in South direction may be provided for quick turnover.

1.5 Main door of the office & office complex:

The best position of the main door is opposite of the main entrance in compound wall and never in North-West, South-West, North-East & South-East. In case there is a door, keep it closed. In case no main gate exist in the East direction, provide a smaller gate. In case it is in wrong direction, provide a wooden partition of 6’ x 3’ just opposite the main gate at a distance 3’ to 4’. For offices an additional main gate may be provided in South direction. For details see chapter 10 also.

1.6 Location of Office Complex or Office:

An office complex or office having main roads in North & East side is considered benefic. In case it is located opposite the South-West roads it is not so benefic. If it is located on a crossing having roads on three sides, the location is considered malefic.

1.7 Main road & additional roads:

For happiness, prosperity & financial gain the following norms should be adopted:


— The main road opposite office complex along North-East side is benefic.

— Other road toward South-West side is only 50% benefic.

— Two roads along with North & East directions of office or office complex are more benefic.

— Three roads around the office complex are most malefic.

— A road adjoining the office complex & is blocked in the end is most malefic.

— Intersecting roads opposite the office or office complex are malefic.

— The road should be at a lower level than the plinth of the office complex.

— Road factor can be balanced by application inside the office.

1.8 Garden & heavy trees:


— Any garden near the office complex should be in North, West or North-West direction only.

— Garden should never be in the East & South direction.

— Rock garden may be provided in South West direction of the office complex.

— Heavy trees can be provided in Western direction only.

— Herbal plants can be provided in the North East direction.

1.9 Vacant Space:


— Sufficient vacant space is essential around the office complex to enable inflow of adequate energy from East & North-East directions. So maximum vacant space in this direction without any obstruction in East & NE area will improve the benefic nature of the office & office complex.

— In case there is no vacant space in East & NE direction or this direction is obstructed by buildings or other multistory structures, it will cause sickness of the company or failure of trade.

1.10 Dumping ground for waste or waste disposal:


— Dumping ground should be provided in the South, West or South-West direction of the office room or office complex.

— Dumping of waste or its final disposal should never be in East, North and North-East direction because it will spoil & obstruct the fresh energies coming from these directions.

1.11 Parking area:


— Parking area should be provided in open space.

— It may be provided in East or South –East direction.

— It should never be provided in North-East direction of the office complex or office.

1.12 Drainage System:


— Any Drain or drainage system near the office complex or office should only be in South, West, SW direction. In case it is in any other direction provide a mini garden or rock garden or plant heavy trees in North or North-West direction.

1.13 Drinking Water supply arrangements:


— The drinking water supply arrangements is most essential for each office complex or office room.

— Such an arrangement should always be provided in North-East direction, because water element is located in North-East direction.

— It is also most benefic to keep a water bottle, water jug or a water container in North-East corner of your office.

1.14 Overhead tank & underground tank:


— Water tank, underground tanks, or any other type of water supply system- borewell, tubewell for the office Complex should be provided in the North-East direction only. If it is not possible provide artificial water supply system.

— However overhead tank should be provided in the West or South-West direction of the office complex.

— Overhead tank should never be provided in the Northern portion of the office complex.

1.15 Fire fighting arrangement:


— Fire fighting arrangement should be provided in South-East direction of the office complex or office room, because this corner is assigned to the God of fire.

1.16 Level of the plot having office complex:


— Ground level is most important to ascertain the benefic nature of the plot.

— Ground level should always be from South to North. South side should be higher by about 3”-4” than North direction of the plot on which the building is constructed.

1.17 Stair Cases:


— Stair cases in left of the main entrance of the complex are considered benefic.

— Stair cases can also be provided in the South-East corner of the office complex.

— It is lucky to provide indoor plants In both sides of the stair cases.

1.18 Basement:

Office complex with basement is unlucky.

2. Additional Norms:

All the above basic norms if adhered by the builder or owner, these will ensure most benefic results. In case few norms are not adhered, their impact can be balanced by improving norms inside the office complex and individual office rooms.

The following norms are prescribed for adoption inside the office complex or office room:

2.1 Main door of the office:


— Main door of the office should be in the East or North-East direction of the office.

— In case it is not possible to provide, a small gate may be provided in this direction.

— In case the main gate is in the wrong direction & it is not possible to close it, open a new door, or provide a wooden partition infront of the existing main gate.

2.2 Additional doors & widows in the office:


— An exit door should be provided in opposite direction of the main door. But it should be the smallest door.

— Additional doors may be provided in all directions but should be smaller than main door and all the door should be in even number eg. 2, 4, 6, 8 but never 10 or multiple of 10.

— Door in the North & East directions should be bigger than door in South & West directions.

— Width of the door should be half than height.

Windows of equal size should be provided in even number e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 but never 10 or multiple of ten.

— More windows in the North, East & North-East directions are benefic.

— It is benefic is less number of windows are provided in South & West directions & these should be covered by thick curtains.

2.3 Ventilation in the office rooms:


— Ventilation should be provided in South direction of the office.

— Ventilation should also be provided over the main door.

2.4 Additional lighting arrangements:


— Lights should be provided in South or South-East direction. If it is not possible, provide mirrors on East wall & North wall of office rooms, which ever walls is longer.

2.5 Obstructions:


— Avoid all obstruction in the centre of the office complex or main office rooms.

— Avoid all big pits & dumping of waste etc in the East, North & North-East directions of the office complex or office.

— Remove all obstructions by way of extension of the complex in East & North directions.

2.6 Beams in the office rooms:

Norms: — Clearly visible beams in the office rooms are considered malefic. So cover them by artificial means.

— Never provide any seating arrangement below the beams office table, reading table, Sofa set etc.

— Using space below the beams causes serious mental trouble.

2.7 Toilet:


— A toilet in the North-West direction is considered benefic and it indicates good health of the company & good wealth.

— A toilet in the North-East direction is considered most malefic.

— In case such a toilet cannot be shifted than provide a mirror in Northern & Eastern walls to remove the malefic impact of such a toilet.

2.8 Pantry:


— A Pantry is South-East direction is considered most benefic.

— If it is not possible provide a platform for cooking etc in the South –East direction.

— Provide a mirror on East wall of the pantry.

— Place gas cylinder in the South-East corner.

2.9 Drinking Water arrangement in Office:


— Provide drinking water arrangement in North-East part of the room.

— In some cases, along with Northern wall of the North-East direction.

— Keep this portion neat & clean.

— It is always lucky to keep drinking water in all office rooms only in North-East direction.

2.10 Sound:


— Some musical & light sound is always benefic, because it also produces energy.

— However continuous sound is always malefic.

— Sound created by the door, while closing is always malefic.

2.11 Mirrors:


— Provide mirrors on the East wall of the North-East portion of the office room.

— Whenever there is deficiency of energy or where the norms are not properly adhered, mirrors should be provided.

2.12 Office equipments:


— All types of office equipments should be provided in South-East direction of the office.

2.13 Computers:


— Computers should be provided in the South-East direction of the office room.

— In case a special room is provided for computer unit/division, provide such a room in South-East direction.

— Personal computers, provided to several officers, should be provided in the South-East direction of that officer’s room.

2.14 Heavy items of furniture:


— Heavy furniture items should be kept in South-West direction of the room.

— Never provide such items in North-East, South-East, or North-West direction, which is most malefic.

— Heavy Items consists of sofa sets, cup boards, safe, heavy pots, etc etc.

— Even in each room, such items should be provided in South-West direction.

2.15 Light items of furniture:


— Light items of furniture should be provided in North & East directions of the office or office room.

— In case it is not possible, provide a mirror on the wall which is longer.

2.16 Photos of company’s achievements:


— Such photographs may be provide on the Eastern wall, Southern wall or Western wall.

— Never provide photos of dead leaders etc in the office. If it is absolutely necessary, provide such photographs on the Southern wall.

2.17 Reference Services or library:


— Provide such services in the North-East direction of the office, because this direction is ruled by Jupiter.

2.18 Store:


— A store in the North-West or South-West direction is considered lucky.

— It may also be provided in North direction owned by Kuber, the lord of wealth, but only for valuables.

2.19 Indoor plants:


— Provide indoor plants in the East, North & North-East directions of the office or office room. Never provide cactus & thorny plants any where in the complex or office.

2.20 CMD and MD’s Chambers:


— Provide their Chambers in the East direction.

— They should occupy Eastern portion of the office complex.

— They should always face East direction in their chambers & as such the seating arrangement should be accordingly designed.

— This will ensure good power of decision making and efficient professional capacity.

— In exceptional cases CMD & MD may face North-East direction in their office chambers. This direction is ruled by Jupiter.

2.21 Rooms for office staff:


— The office staff can be provided rooms in any direction of the office complex or office except North-West direction-which causes dullness & corruption.

— However all office staff should face East or North-East direction.

— In exceptional cases, they may face South-East direction.

2.22 Conference Room:


— Conference room can be provided in North-East direction of the office.

— It is most benefic developing good staff relation, coordination in work & settlement of disputes.

— The room should be painted, preferably using light colours, specially yellow or white.

— This direction is considered satwic.

— This room should not have any door in the South, West or South-West direction. Such a door will encourage disputes & troubles.

2.23 Room for wealth of the company:


— The best direction for this purpose is North direction, ruled by Kuber.

— In exceptional cases it can be provided in North-East direction.

— For improvement & safety, keep some water or water container in the North or North-East direction, ruled by lord of water.

2.24 Colours of the rooms:


— The colours of the rooms in different directions, should be as under:

— East (Lord Sun) = Dark brown

— North East (Lord Jupiter) = Yellow

— North ( Lord Mercury) = Green

— North-West (Lord Moon) = White

— West (Lord Saturn) = Blue

— South-West (Lord Rahu) = Blue

— South (Lord Mars) = Red

— South-East (Lord Venus) = White

2.25 Pits:

All pits around the office are malefic except one in South direction, which is considered lucky. Avoid pits in other directions.

Plot for Office


Shape - Square or rectangular

Direction – East is best

Main entrance - East

Additional entrance - South of business complex

Main Gate - Opposite main entrance

Main Road - North & East direction

Garden - North, West & North-West of main structure

Vacant Space - East & North-East of main structure

Dumping ground - South, West & South-West.

Parking - East and South-East .

Drainage - South, West & South-West

Drinking Water/tank - North-East

Fire fighting - South-East

Stair cases - South-East corner

Boundary walls - Lower in North, East & NE direction & higher in all other direction.

Office complex


Main Gate _ East id preferred

Additional entrance _ South

Ventilation _ Provide over the doors .

Obstructions _ Remove all obstructions around the complex

Toilet _ North-West direction

Pantry _ South-East direction

Drinking Water _ North-East direction

Office equipments _ South-East direction

Computers _ South-East direction

Heavy furniture _ South-West direction

Light furniture _ North-East direction

References services _ North-East direction

Room For CMD/MD


— CMD/MD’s room should face East.

— His seating arrangement should face East.

— Provide a big ventilation over the gate.

— An additional gate may be provided in South direction with ventilation.

— AC may be provided near the additional gate.

— Reference book in North-East direction.

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