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Water supply in a house or in a building is an essential activity. Vastushastra have laid down some norms for its construction, its direction & its impact on the owner of the house.

Water tank or well should preferably be constructed in North-East, North or East direction of the site for house or building.

If water tank or well already exists on the site in any other direction, do not buy that site or house. Specially do not construct a new house opposite the existing water tank or well.

Overhead tank may be provided in South-West direction of the structure.

Prefer a water tank at a distance of 9 feet from a palm or coconut trees having white ants house. The water can be found 30-35 feet below the ground level.

Results for providing water tank or well in different directions.

  Direction Result   Direction Result  
  East Improvement in wealth & luxuries.   NorthEast Strength power, and wealth.  
  South Loss of Wife.   SouthEast Loss of Son.  
  West Bad luck.   NorthWest - Danger from enemies.  
  North Lucky & benefic for all purpose.   SouthWest Death of owner & loss of wealth.  

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