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27. 05. 2018
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Amber Oil



Botanical Name : Abelmoschus moschatus

Common Method of Extraction : Steam, Solvent or CO2 Extraction

Part Typically Used : Seed

Color : Pale Yellow

Consistency : Medium

Perfumery Note : Middle

Strength of Initial Aroma : Medium

Aromatic Description : Musky, woody, and rich with floral undertones.

Although Ambrette Seed Absolute is said to be helpful in blends intended for aches and poor circulation, I tend to reach for Ambrette Seed Absolute most often for its use in natural perfumery and fragrancing.

Aromatically, Ambrette Seed Absolute is a rich, woody, musky oil that is wonderful to work with and experiment with when creating exotic, oriental or masculine blends. It is also said to act as an aphrodisiac.

Several sources mention that Ambrette Seed Absolute may also be helpful for reducing anxiety.

Benefits, uses & precautions:

Very popular in many European countries as a protection against witches, warlocks, and ill luck. For those who carry a Breastplate of Moses seal for protection from all harm, anoint it with this oil every seven days to intensify and prolong its effectiveness. Aches, stiffness, poor blood circulation, low blood pressure, anxiety, depression.

Available in

Amber Concentrated Oil(5 ml)
Amber Concentrated Oil(10 ml)
Amber Concentrated Oil(30 ml)
Amber Concentrated Oil(1 litre)

If you require the essential oil in any quantity. You can mail us at sales@astroshastra.com for further enquiries on bulk purchase.

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