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25. 05. 2018
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Violet Oil



Botanical Name : Viola odorata

Common Method of Extraction : Solvent Extracted

Plant Part Typically Used : Leaves

Color : Dark Green

Consistency : Thick

Perfumery Note : Middle

Strength of Initial Aroma : Middle - Base

Aromatic Description : Green, earthy, slightly floral in dilution.

Benefits & Uses:

Bronchitis, headache, insomnia, rheumatism, sluggish circulation, sore throat, stress.

Violets are attributed to the goddess of love, and symbolize modesty and is also the occult symbol of twilight.

Use five drops in the bath water daily as an aid toward marital peace and happiness.

When rubbed over the stomach, it can alleviate pain in that area.

To receive information through dreams or visions, secure a Seal of knowledge from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. Anoint the edges of the paper with the Violet Oil and place the seal beneath the pillow before retiring for the night. This ritual, if done nightly, will cause all dreams to be much clearer and easier to understand.

Available in

Violet Concentrated Oil(5 ml)
Violet Concentrated Oil(10 ml)
Violet Concentrated Oil(30 ml)
Violet Concentrated Oil(1 litre)

If you require the essential oil in any quantity. You can mail us at sales@astroshastra.com for further enquiries on bulk purchase.

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