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Carrot (Gajar)

Also known as-

Latin : Daucas Carota

English : Carrot, Bee's nest

Sanskrit : Garjarah

Hindi : Gajar

Marathi : Gajar

Tamil : Gajjarakkilangu

Telugu : Gajjaragadda

Malayalam : Karattu

Kannada : Gajjari

How it looks—It is a biennial herb with a branched erect stem and a yellow conical tap root. The leaves are thin and decompound and flowers small, white or yellowish. The fruits are long with bristly hairs.

What we use—Roots, seeds.

What it does—Tap roots—sweet, thermogenic, appetiser, digestive, anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, cardiotonic, expectorant. Seeds—aromatic, stimulant, aphrodisiac, diuretic, abortifacient.

How we use it—

To improve complexion—Drinking white radish and carrot juice at least twice a week to ensure a blemish-free complexion. They contain Vit-A and also act as diuretics flushing out toxins from the system.

In kidney disease—Carrot seeds should be made into a decoction and used every day to reduce swelling.

In excessive internal heat—Fresh carrot juice should be used regularly to revive the run-down system.

In eye trouble—Take the juice of fresh root in a cup. Mix it with 250gm of fennel and lOgm of sugar. Take this mixture with milk before going to bed.

In dysentery—Boil the roots and extract juice. Take juice one cup thrice a day.