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Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Cinnamon (Dalchini) Also known as-

Latin : Cinnamomum zeylanicum

English : Cinnamon

Sanskrit : Tvak, Darusita

Marathi : Dalchini

Malayalam : Elavangam

Kannada : Dalchini

Hindi : Dalchini

Tamil : Elavangam

Telugu : Dalchinichekka

How it looks—It is a moderate sized evergreen tree with reddish brown soft bark, with warts and dark purple ovoid fruits.

What we use—Bark, oil

What it does—Bark—Acrid, aromatic, astringent, aphrodisiac, febrifuge, diuretic, carminative.

How we use it—

In dysentery—Half a tsp of the powder of the leaves is taken everyday to control dysentery.

In headache—Rub the oil lightly onto the temples to ward off headaches.

In vomiting—Add a few drops of the oil to water/milk and drink for nausea and vomiting to subside.

In heavy periods—Take a glass of the decoction of the bark twice a day to control heavy menstrual bleeding.

In cavities in teeth—A piece of cotton soaked in the oil held in between teeth helps keep infection away.

In wheezing—Boil pieces of cinnamon, liquorice and palm candy in 3 cups of water and reduce to a cup. Take an ounce of this decoction thrice a day.

In shooting pain in abdomen—Take a paste of pieces of cinnamon bark with saunph seeds to avoid indigestion and relieve abdominal pain.

In pyorrhoea—To arrest foul odour emitting from the mouth, chew a piece of cinnamon bark thrice a day or hold a concentrated decoction of cinnamon in the mouth for 5 minutes after every meal.

Modern Studies- Anti fungal activity of cinnamon was clinically proven in patients of oral candidiasis in a study in New York. Cinnamon is an important ingredient of a toothpaste found clinically effective in fighting dental disorders in a study at Udaipur. In sex—To make sexual rejuvenation, take 3gm cinnamon with warm milk daily at night before sleep. It will increase the sperm count and also promote sexual stimulation.