Conjuction of Moon-Mars and Moon-Mercury in Horoscope online at Astroshastra
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Conjuction of Moon-Mars and Moon-Mercury

Moon-Mars: Wealthy, brave, winner in combat, dealer of women, wines and earthenware, adept in metal craft, suffering from blood disorders, hostile to mother.


1. According to the Saravali:

(a) Lagna: Aggressive, suffers from blood and bile disorders.

(b) Fourth house: Quarrelsome, poor, bereft of home com�forts and mental peace.

(c) Seventh house: Talkative, desires others' wealth and possessions, resorts to falsehood.

(d) Tenth house: Valorous, blessed with vehicles and material possessions.

(e) Ninth house: Hostile to mother, bereft of peace, of injured body, wealthy.

2. The Moon-Mars combination is known as the Chandra- Mangala yoga which is supposed to be conducive to wealth and possessions. The means to acquire such possessions are not necessarily those prescribed.

3. Additional features from the Manasagari: Moon-Mars combi�nation leads to red eyes, blood disorders, reddish complexion.


Pleasant looks, sweet-tongued, engaged in virtuous deeds, pious, blessed, a poet, kind-hearted, and deeply attached to his wife.


1. According to the Saravali:

(a) Lagna: Comfortable, wise, strong, fortunate, clever, good in looks, very talkative.

(b) Fourth house: Blessed with friends, children, comforts, fame and fortune.

(c) Seventh house: Illustrious, equivalent to a king, good looking, a poet.

(d) Tenth house: Wealthy, haughty, famous, a minister, suffers in old age. (e) Ninth house: Learned in scriptures, bereft of peace, famous, very talkative.

2. Additional features from the Manasagari: Moon-Mercury combination is characterised by lack of comforts, harsh tongue, ugly looks, a wanderer. These results are at variance with the general indications given by several other authors. As a rule, a conjunction between two natural benefics is productive of good results.