Tips and warnings while performing spells
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Tips & Warnings while performing spells

Tips & Warnings

  • Always check the color correspondence with the intent of your spell workings. It is best if you have as much power invested in the spell as possible. It only makes sense that the color and day of the week is taken into consideration when planning your candle ritual.

  • Never use a spell of any kind to bring harm to another. This is the fastest way to not only keep your spell from working for you, but to bring harmful or bad things on to yourself. There should never be harmful intent in any spell casting, candle spells or others.

  • Use the utility knife to carve some indication of the candle's purpose in the side of the candle. The purpose could be money, luck, a person's name or initials, or just symbols that represent these things, like dollar signs or a clover. This step depends on your beliefs and the purpose for which you will be using the candle, such as money, luck, love or another goal. This step is also optional, depending on your use for the candle.

  • Hold the candle over the bowl or candle holder by the wick end and use your other hand to spread olive oil over the candle. Concentrate on the candle's purpose as you work. Your intent will determine which direction you move your fingers with the oil, what pattern your hands move in and which part of the candle you start from. For example, spells to bring money mean you start from the bottom of the candle and work up. Spells to take away bad luck mean you move from the top to the bottom.

  • Dress the candle from the bottom up if you wish to bring something to you, like money or luck. Work the oil from the bottom end of the candle upward towards you and the wick of the candle. Do this while concentrating on the candle's purpose.

  • Dress the candle from the top down if you are wishing to have something gone from your life, like bad luck or a certain person. Work the oil from the wick end down, toward the floor and the bottom of the candle. Concentrate on what the candle's purpose is, and make sure if it is a person you are trying to banish from your life, that you do not wish harm to come to him, but only that he will leave your life.

  • Continue spreading the olive oil until the candle is completely covered. The candle doesn't have to be sopping with oil, just covered in it. Make sure to get oil in the carvings in the candle. And be sure to do all of this over the bowl or candle holder to catch the excess and avoid flammable spills of oil around the burning area.

  • Place the candle in the bowl or holder with the excess oil. Then use any other materials the spell calls for to complete the ritual for which the candle was intended.