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20. 03. 2019
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Jupiter Yantra/Guru Yantra

Jupiter Yantra/Guru Yantra is to appease the planet Jupiter/ Brihaspati. When Jupiter is malefic, the use of this yantra is jupiter very benefic and favourable. For those who are suffereing from piles, jaundice this yantra is recommended. Jupiter is a planet of expansion. It is also called Deva Guru. Jupiter is considered to be a teacher who removes the ignorance and darkness and offers wisdom by throwing light. It represents the "Sattvaguna" of the Hindus. It rules over man's worldly possessions and fortunes and hence is called the Giver or Ruler of money.

It is the lord of finance and children. It governs education, happiness, health, love and respect towards elders and preceptors, good morals and conduct, wealth, respect, reputation and charity etc.

Made of : Copper (Gold Plated), Silver Pendant
Sizes available : 6X6 , 8X8
Packet contains : Gold plated copper yantra , Roli , Mouli.

It is embossed on Copper plate and is 24 caret Gold plated. It is to be kept on rising moon Thursday in your Puja Ghar. It negate the malefic effects of planet Jupiter and bestows power, rank and authority. It is best for profession and business. Those having Guru Chandal Yoga , a malefic yoga in their horoscope shall perform puja to this yantra or wear the yantra around their neck to negate the malefic effect of the yoga.

Symptoms of Malefic Jupiter

Problems related to throat are regular
Loss of hair
Get influenced with rumors
Left studies without any important reason
Lost gold
Loss in education business
No favour from finance departments
Problem in back, spinal cord, lever

Benefits of Brihaspati Yantra

1. It is best for Students as it improves memory and analytic Qualities.
2. Those having malefic Jupiter in horoscope shall keep it with them.

Mantra for Jupiter Yantra

" Om Graam Greem Grom Sa Gurve Namah"

Brihaspati Yantra (5" X 4")
INR:2076   USD:34.03
Brihaspati Yantra
INR:1500   USD:24.59

Sizes in Gold Plated Copper Yantra
brihaspati yantra INR:4054   USD:66.46
size:6" X 5"

How and Where to Place Brihaspati/ Jupiter Yantra in your Home/Ofice

1. It can be placed in home temple or your almirah. It can also be placed in your office drawer.

2. It should be placed with respect and place it where you can see it daily.

3. The person who is to perform puja on Brihaspati/ Jupiter Yantra should take a bath early on Monday morning, should wear clean clothes and sit on a Aasan and keep with him Pooja Samagri, GangaJal and the Brihaspati/ Jupiter Yantra, which should be kept on a wooden piece before him.

4. One should keep hankercheif, towel etc on the head and apply Tilak on his forehead with Chandan or Sindoor.

5. Pooja be started with three Achamans reciting each time:- "Om Keshvaya Namah", "Om Madhvaya Namah", "Om Narayanaay Namah”.

6. Pay respect to Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu and to one's preceptor. Then do Sankalp i.e. utter in one's mind the purpose for which

the Brihaspati/ Jupiter yantra is being placed.

7. Now sprinkal Panchamrit and GangaJal on Brihaspati/ Jupiter Yantra. Dry with clean cloth; worship it with Tilak, rice and Dhoop. For Yantra Pendants, put a thread or gold / silver chain and wear it around neck .

8. Recite specific mantra for the Brihaspati/ Jupiter Yantra 108 time.

9. Daily receite the Mantra only and you do not have to repeat the procedure daily.

10. For any queries and information , you may mail us at consult@astroshastra.com

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