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26. 04. 2019
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Zodiac Mantras / Janam Rashi Mantras


For Aries | Mesh Rashi

Om Dhim Shrim Laxmi narayana Namah|

Om Vishnave Namah|

For Taurus

Om Gopalay uttardvajaya namah |

Om Vasudevaye Namah |

For Gemini

Om Klim Krishnai namah |

Om Keshavaye Namah|

For Cancer

Om Hrim Hringarbhaya Avyaktrupine Namah|

Om Radhakrishnaye Namah|

For leo

Om Klim Brahamane Jagadadharaya namah|

Om Hariharaya Balmukushdaya Namah|

For Virgo

Om Pirn Pitambaraya namah|

Om Hrim Pitambaraye Parmatmane Namah|

For Libra

Om Tatavniranjanaya tarak ramaya namah

Om Narayanaya Namah|

For Scorpio

Om Narayana Suryasinghaya namah

Om Narayanaya Namah|

For Sagitarius

Om Shrim Devkrishanaya Udarjaya namah

Om Hrim Shrim Krim Dharmi Dharaye Namah|

For Capricorn

Om Shrim Vatsalaya namah

Om Shrilvatsalaya Namah|

For Aquarius

Om Shri Upendraya acchutaya namah|

Om Shrim Upendraye Achyutaya Namah|

For Pisces

Om Klim uddhritaya uddharine namah|

Om Urim Rathanga Chakrah Namah|

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