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Planet Mercury in the Horoscope


It represents uncles, it is a dualist planet. So it is convertible and variable, dualist, neutral. It will prove benefic when conjoined, aspected etc. by benefic and when conjoined, aspected or afflicted by malefics, it acts as a malefic planet.

This signifies senses, intelligence, educations, analytical, scholar, research, short travels and journey, logic, wisdom, steadfast and reliable, steady growth in all undertakings, general success, liberal, good judgement, enterprising, virility, childhood, courage, ingenuity, refinement, artistic taste, cheerful temperament, clever, shrewd, reserve, prudence, judicious, fortunate tendencies, occult science, versatile, good mathematician, intuitive power, moody, talkative, orator, speech, good memory and methodical approach, careful, writing and editing.

When it is afflicted, it denotes cleverness, cunningness, mischievous, anonymous, petitions writer, liar, gambler, conceit, perverted, eccentric, unprincipled, boastful, a bad accountant and bad in calculations, slander, legal and religious troubles, poor judgement, many contention, not sincere, untruthful, deception and mischief monger, poor ability, muddle headed, inaccurate and clumsy.

It is lord of Wednesday, direction South West, rules Virgo and Gemini (own houses) exalted in Virgo 15°, mool trikona in Virgo 16° to 20°, debilitated in Pisces 15 degrees, friend of Sun and Venus, neutral to Moon, and enemies to Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. It is dualist planet and female.

It denotes emerald, metals are silver and gold, it governs Ashlesha, Jyeshhta and Rewati constellations and dasa period is 17 years. Colours denoted are azure, blue, dove and spotted mixture.

Body parts represented by Mercury are abdomen, tongue, lungs, bowels, biles, nervous centre, mouth, hair, brain, muscular tissue, skin, arms and mouth.

Diseases indicated are mental diseases, nervous break down, excessive sweating, impotency, vertigo, deafness, sensitiveness, vocal organs, eyes, stammering, asthma, bronchitis, neuralgia, palpitation, worms, nasal disorder, highly strung nerves and laucoderma