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20. 02. 2019
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Mars and the effect of the Mars in twelve houses as per Lal Kitab

Exalted - Tenth House

Debilitated - Fourth House

Significator House - Third House

Auspicious House - 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12

Inauspicious House - 4, 8

Colour - Red, Sanguine

Friend - Sun, Moon, Jupiter

Enemy - Mercury, Ketu

Day - Tuesday

Disease - Blood defects

Self-declared Son - Sun + Mercury (Mars benefic) Sun + Saturn (Mars malefic)

Mars is considered as the significator planet of strength and war. Mars is related with Shri Hanuman. Hence the affliction of Mars is controlled by the devotion and dedication to this god only.

The person, whose horoscope has Mars as main planet, will have narrow waist, bile dominance, audacious courage. He will be illustrious, kind but spiteful and very unpredictable in coitus. Among gods, Mars holds the position of commander- in-chief. It is a male planet, predominantly fire element, kshatriya planet and is the ruler of south direction.

This planet gives auspicious as well as inauspicious results, both in extreme. When it gives auspicious result, it will be extremely favourable and when it gives inauspicious result, it will be extremely unfavourable. The anxiety of human mind comes under Mars. According to Lal Kitab, Mars has been defined in two parts, known as Mars (benefic) and Mars (malefic).

How do Mars (benefic) and Mars (malefic) happen?

Mars (benefic) that is Mars will be favourable if -

Saturn-Rahu or Saturn-Ketu are sitting in one house.

Two enemy planets are sitting in one house.

Moon or Venus is present in one of the houses 3, 4, 8.

Moon-Mars, Venus-Mars, Moon-Venus, Moon-Mars- Venus are present in 3, 4, or 8th house.

Moon is in the centre (1, 4, 7,10).

Sun is in the sixth house.

Sun, Jupiter, or Saturn is in 3, 4, 8, 9.

The friends of Mars are helping it.

. Mars becomes benefic in the above circumstances. Mars (malefic) that is Mars will be unfavourable if-

If the friends of Mars are not helping Mars.

Sun + Saturn, Venus + Mercury, or Venus is placed in the ninth house.

Only Sun is placed in 6, 7, 10, 12.

Rahu is in fifth or ninth house.

Ketu is in third or sixth house.

Mars is placed with Mercury, Ketu.

Sun is sitting in the seventh house with Venus.

Sun is sitting with Saturn in the tenth house.

Sun is sitting with Mercury in the twelfth house.

Sun is placed with Mars in the first or eighth house.

If Moon and Jupiter are placed in 3, 4, 8, they will not help Mars.

If Mars, Mercury, or Ketu is sitting alone in any of the house 3, 4, 8.

The sign of Mars (malefic) - The person will have thick and long lips, tall stature; he will be evil-minded and notorious.

Mars in ascendant - (Mangali native): Native will be brave, quick, rover, sharp natured, and proud like lion. He will have firm body, good health and long life. The male natives will most certainly have brothers. If the native is eldest, he will die after death of his brothers. He will get favour from relatives of his age. If Mars is inauspicious in this house, the person will be ugly, sick, liar and adulterous. He will become destitute. The native will be ruined due to evil practice of complaining, freebie and belligerence. He will be afflicted with the disease of head, eye, tooth and abdominal dysfunction. Obstacles will await on the way to success of every task. There is possibility of physical trouble to his wife. Further, there is possibility of him not having any progeny.

Remedial Measures: Take benefit with the help of the objects of Sun and Moon. The remedy of Venus for the seventh house will be beneficial and the remedy of Jupiter for ascendant and the house of profit will be useful.

Mars in the second house: The person will be truthful and will go up against evil beings. He will earn money overseas. He will uphold responsibility as son and elder brother. He will become prosperous by helping brothers. He will be proficient in the art of debating. He will have good relations with in-laws and he will get prosperity all of a sudden. Progeny and prosperity will grow with spouse's support. His own wealth will grow as long as he will follow others.

The person will be illiterate, imprudent, pitiless, poor and ruthless if Mars will be debilitated in this house. There will be defect in eye or speech. He will not use the money earned by himself. He will stand to oppose every issue. Though he will save a lot yet his wealth will be wasted in theft, litigation, or in compliance of some penalty and eventually he will become debt-ridden. He will serve people of lower caste. He will not keep good relations with kins, wife and sons.

Remedial Measures: Float rewari and batasha in the water. Wealth will grow on helping brothers and friends.

Mars in the third house (significator house): The person will be renowned. He will be brave, illustrious, happy and affluent. He will progress day-by-day if he maintains modesty. He will earn money and become rich by his own hardship and labour. The native's residence will teem with wealth, gems and ornaments. Native will be efficient and will command blessings of government. If the native will have several brothers, they will make the family prosperous. He will oppose injustice and will stifle wicked people. The in-laws of the native will be rich too.

The person will be overdramatic and will not take his promise sincerely. His wife will be lustful. The suspicion of her characterlessness will keep boiling in his mind. The pleasure of home will not be in his fate. He will be inauspicious for brothers. He will fight with brothers in regard to the division of property. The condition of his son will also not be satisfactory.

Remedial Measures: Keep tusk of elephant and not its toys in your house.

Mars in the fourth house - (Native will be mangali) (debilitated): The native will be true and simple by heart and will engage himself in taking care of his family. He will have the ability to face danger. He will receive honour from the rich people of the society and the state government. He will receive the treasure buried underground. Having sweet relation with sister-in-law (bhabhi i.e. the wife of the elder brother) will be beneficial.

The mind of the person will go awry if Mars is inauspicious in this house. He will not remain tolerant. Physically weak, he will have excess of bile. Destitution will shadow the family after the birth of the native. The native will be ill-fated for the life of his mother, mother- in-law and wife. He will not be satisfied with friends, brothers, relatives, mother and sisters. Fight will often break out because of his fiery nature. He will engage in the slavery of unworthy- people. He will be excessively lustful. He will be attracted to other women. He will boast his wrong habits to others. He will have many enemies, but if he decides to exercise enmity he will destroy the opponent by root.

Mother will die during his childhood if Mercury or Moon is in the sixth house.

There will be obstacle in having progeny if evil planets are sitting in the ninth house.

He will be poor and destitute if Mercury is in the twelfth house.

Remedial Measures: Engage in the service of widow women. Float rewari in water. Wear ring made by mixing gold, silver and copper, the three metals. Float into water rice washed in milk for 7 Tuesdays.

Mars in the fifth house: The person will be valiant, courageous, fond of travelling, learned, lustful and rich. The native will be sharp-witted, efficient in arguments and forthright. He will speak less and leave deep impression on others. He will travel abroad. He will person. His digestion system will be sound. The person will become lawyer or doctor by his good conjunction. Some person of the family will become doctor even otherwise. He will earn fame in the society as a judicious person. The elder brother of the native will progress in life after birth of his child. He will have a persistent interest in sorcery. Auspicious influence will give five times favourable effect while inauspicious influence will give five times unfavourable effect.

The native will be poor, sonless, pitiless, ungrateful and complaining if Mars is inauspicious in this house. He will seldom get good assignment. He will be afflicted with stomach diseases and cough. He will not get peace in life due to infinite desires. He will not get joy of friend, wife and son. Progeny will be terminated due to abortions. He will be punished by way of government penalties. Generally the unfavorable effect will befall him during the night.

Remedial Measures: Keep a pot full of water at the head post while sleeping in the night and pour the water on plant, trees and sacred spots in the morning.

Mars in the sixth house: The native will enjoy well-built and handsome body. He will have shrewd and sharp mind, admire knowledge, and have religious nature. Hunger and lust will both be intense. He will be chieftain of the community. He will earn popularity in his life. Though his properties may be destroyed several times yet he will earn it again. The person will be quarrelsome, excessively lecherous, and greedy for women. He will have relation with many other women. He will be ill-fated for maternal uncle and aunt.

Remedial Measures: Donate milk and silver to maids. Do not adorn children with gold. Treat Saturn.

Mars in the seventh house - (mangalik): Native will be skilled in the art of kama (sex). He will make frequent foreign tours. He will be intelligent, resolute, fond of battle and fond of justice. He will have particular interest in mathematics and he will be competent in it too. He will be successful in the profession of police, surgeon and wood. These people will not get trapped in midway. Either they will succeed completely and will be rich or they will fail completely and will be poor. They will offer courage and help to others too. Their authority will expand with age. The person will neither have younger brother nor will he have younger brother-in-law. Wife will be aggressive, the one with firm breasts, and giving pleasure.

The person will become wicked, characterless and obstinate if Mars is debilitated in this house. Progress will always be hampered. He will always suffer from skin, blood and abdominal infection. He will lose even his safe capital in the litigations. The unique inauspicious effect of Mars will be related with wife. The coital pleasure will remain at a low. Wife will hot minded, weak bodied and will have less progeny, if she remains alive.

Remedial measures: Offer red clothes to sister and paternal aunt (bua). Keep a solid ball of silver with yourself. Raise Saturn by its treatment.

Mars in eighth house: the native will be accustomed to lead simple life and perform hard work. He will be judicious, a good evaluator of gems and will be prominent among the people of his category. He will have few progenies and generally, will not have younger brother. He will have disease-free body and long life. There will be prosperity and affluence in the house.

The auspicious effect of the other planets will be hindered if Mars will be inauspicious in this house. Normally conditions will not remain in his favour. His desires will never fulfil. He will babble uselessly. He will speak ill about others; he will be pitiless and poor. He will suffer from serious ailments. He will always be prepared to fight. His mother will die during his childhood if Mercury was in sixth house.

Remedial Measures: Offer to dogs sweet bread cooked on one side only. Wear ring of three metals. Wear a chain or necklace of silver around neck. Sit on the skin of deer. Float rewari and batasa in water.

Mars in the ninth house: The native will earn a lot of money through his luck. He will be sharp-witted, brilliant, gentle, interested in education and judicious. He will have self-respect and ego in him up to the brim. He will be rich, affluent, prosperous, popular and valiant. He will not get benefit of his labour but he will profit from his luck. His fortune will rise after foreign tour and he will marry there too. Having cordial relations with his sister-in-law (bhabhi) will be fruitful He will be very able administrator and will not let any opportunity of making money pass.

The person will be shameless, sinful, impotent, cruel violent, liar and cunning if Mars will be inauspicious in this house. He will wander uselessly, harm others for being very selfish. Generally the native will not have elder brother or elder brother-in-law. The life of his father too will be short.

Remedial Measures: Always keep a red cloth with you. Offer vermilion to Hanuman ji every Tuesday. Wear ruby.

Mars in the tenth house: The person will be valiant, illustrious, well-built, brave, disciplined and arrogant. He will be popular among women. He will brighten the name of his family by his own earning. He will be revered in the society. He will become influential, and illustrious despite being born in ordinary family. He will have knowledge of army, police, surgeon and weapons. He will become owner of land and property and receive honour. He will be inclined towards religion. He with often visit abroad. He will have sons most certainly. The life of his elder brother can be said to be the foundation of his fortune.

The person will become poor, evil and cruel if Mars is debilitated in this house. He will make relation with people of lower stature. His mind will work as that of thief and burglar. His financial position will deteriorate as soon as he sells off the gold of his house. His sons will not be of good nature and he will not have luck to have a house.

He will have only one eye if Sun is in the fourth house and Moon is in the fifth house.

He will have no progeny if Sun is in the sixth house. He will visit jail if Saturn is in 4.

Remedial Measures: Revere and worship Hanuman ji. Eat sweet during meals.

Mars in the eleventh house: The native will be virtuous, powerful, valiant, rich, gentle, healthy and truthful. He will command respect, honour and high position in the government department. E\en though the person might be ugly, he will receive honour in society due to his financial strength. He will have many sons but they will live in trouble. The native will be adept in the art of sex. He will profit in the business of pet animals if he starts with his own capital. This native will become engineer and doctor. His parents will become prosperous when he attains 13 years of age.

The native will be of unstable mind and fiery if Mars is inauspicious in this house. He will suffer from stomach disease. He will face loss due to incident of theft or fire. The family will have to sell off its land and property after the birth of the native. He will suffer from son's affliction.

. Remedial Measures: Offer vermilion to Hanuman ji. Keep two coloured (black and white) dog, if possible.

Mars in the twelfth house (mangali): The person will possess bold voice, joviality and handsome body. He will travel abroad several times. He will be a frank orator, detached and admirer of freedom. The person will become famous in the 26th year of his age. He will be expert in getting along with even enemies. He will form an organization with some purpose. His good time will start after birth of the first progeny.

The person will be arrogant, on the wrong path, antagonistic, penniless, and fierce. He will afflict his family members with harsh speech. His body will be injured several times. His life will be full of sorrow and dependence. He will face blame of stealing. It will be troublesome for his wife. It will also be troublesome for uncle and phupha.

Remedial Measures: Keep distributing sweet among friends. Distribute the prasad of laddoo among people after visiting Hanuman temple. Do not keep useless weapon in the house. Float jaggery in the water for consecutive twelve days.

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