shani sadesatti kaalsarp dosha Manglik Dosha Pitra Dosha Kemdrum Yoga

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A planet in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu has some special significance in relation to the things notified by the nodes. The native's position will deteriorate with age, if Rahu occupies the first half and Ketu the second half of the natal chart. And the native will prosper, if it is vice versa. The intensity of effects, however, will be subjected to certain modifications caused by the powers of the other planets on them.

Sages also believe that the Sun and the Moon are eclipsed by them, in short, the apparent Solar and Lunar eclipses on Earth. In short the spirit and the mind of the living beings on Earth, irrespective of which species it belonged to, is influenced by them. The nodes have a greater influence on the native's liberation or re-birth. They within two degrees of the Ascendant, give an unusual type of personality and a very distinctive appearance.

Rahu has the combined influence of Venus and Jupit When the native starts learning with attainment of added skills under the influence of Jupiter or Venus, as the case may be, he begins to orient with vocational guidance under the influence o Mars or Saturn, in getting a suitable job, depending upon his family /educational background. Rahu is exalted in Gemini, the ruler in Virgo, harmony in Libra, fallen in Sagittarius, detrimen tal and in disharmony in Aries.

Ketu has the influence of Mars conjoint Saturn. When th native learns the disciplinary influence that the Saturn/Mar connotation exerts over his Ketu, he will be meeting with his destiny. Ketu is exalted in Sagittarius, the ruler in Pisces, ii harmony with Aries, fallen in Gemini, detrimental in Virgo, disharmony with Libra. A well-positioned Rahu or Ketu with beneficial connections/ aspects would raise the native to dizzy heights in his career. No other planet can be compared to the nodes as the afflicted nodes strike the native with AIDS, Cancer or Leprosy, make him crazy or chase him upto the mountainous forests or deep down the oceans, or to a place of unknown origin.

Hindu astrologers believe both the nodes are malefics. Rahu indicates mundane prosperity whereas Ketu motivates the spiritual vibrations to emancipate the native. They are also indicators of Raja-yoga depending upon the permutation and combination of planets in the native's chart. Whether a native is going through difficulties, miseries or happy and joyous days is only manifested by the role of the nodes.Ketu rules the asterisms Aswini (Aries), Makha (Leo) and Moola (Sagittarius) corresponding to Mars (courage), the Sun (soul) and Jupiter (wisdom) respectively with regard to their lordships.

Consequently, Ketu in Aries (and Scorpio), Leo and Saggitarius (and Pisces) should nomally be expected to give good results, unless other factors come into account. In other signs and asterisms, Ketu might yield good results, or if the sign or asterism in which Ketu is the Ascendant Lord or Yogakarakam, excellent results could be predicted. It will be noticed that when Ketu is not in one of the friendly signs, the house it occupies should preferably be an Upachaya house.

If a native has a Leo Ascendant and Gemini the Moon Ascendant, with Ketu in Taurus in the asterism of the Sun (Kritika), Ketu conjoins Mars and Venus in the 10th house from Ascendant and 12th house from the Moon Ascendant, but the Mars-Venus conjunction as Lords of 9th and 10th house does not confer Raja-yoga, because Mars as Lord of the 9th house is malefic and Venus as lord of the 3rd house is inauspicious. Moreover, Ketu does not do as well in 10th house as Rahu lacks positional strength.

Another native has a Cancer Ascendant and Libra, the Moon Ascendant and Ketu in Leo in the 11th house from the Moon Ascendant and in the Sun's asterism (Uttaraphalguni). The Sun as lord of the second house is good for the native with Cancer Ascendant. Although, here it is placed in the 12th house from the Ascendant, but in the asterism of Yogakaraka Mars, yet debilitated in Libra in the Navamsa had remarkable achievements in Ketu's major-period, Venus sub-period in Ketu's major-period, lupiter sub-period and in Venus major-period, Venus is well placed in the 9th house from the Moon ascendant , in the asterism of Jupiter and in the 10th house from the Moon. Jupiter, exalted, in the Ascendant aspects the 9th (luck, dharma), the 5th (government) and the 2nd house from the Moon ascendant, which makes him a good orator.

Another notable personality had Ketu in Taurus in the Sun's asterism (Krittika) in the 7th house from the Scorpio Ascendanl and third from Pisces the Moon Ascendant. This native waj running the Sun's major-period and Mercury's sub-period. Both the Sun and Mercury were in the 2nd house from Ascendan and in Ketu's asterism. Ketu was placed in the 7th house fron Ascendant in the Sun's asterism. This was an un-usual exchange between the 2nd and 7th houses, leading to the violent end du< to the malefic influence of Ketu.

Another native had a Taurus Ascendant and Gemini the Moon Ascendant. He had Ketu in the 8th house from Ascendan 7th house from the Moon Ascendant in the Sun's asterisn (Uttarashadha) in association with Mars, lord of the 7th hous< from Ascendant, the Moon in the 2nd house from the Ascendan with Rahu. His wife and he met with the tragic end, in an ai crash far from home. He was running Ketu's major-period, the Moon's sub period, was in the asterism of Rahu in the asterism of Jupiter, malefic one for both Ascendants and Jupiter was in the secom house from the Moon Ascendant. With a Virgo Ascendan1 Mercury in the 10th house from the Ascendant and Ketu in th eleventh in the asterism of Mercury, the native could hardly b discouraged from his path of marked success. Mercury as th lord of the 1st and 10th houses bestows Yoga for the house wit Virgo Ascendant. Another distinguished native has Leo Ascendant an Gemini the Moon Ascendant. He barely got elected to a hig public office in Mercury's major period, Rahu's sub-periot